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I would expect an ipad mini (or large 3G ipod touch) to have a fair bit of media noise. The imac update and macbook 13" Retina would be less of a sensation so perhaps before the 25th to get Apple attention then ipad mini on a near date to pull attention.  Just holding out for a new imac so keen to get it before xmas.   Dobby
I need a new imac and happy not to have to pay extra $1500-$2000 just for a retina display. I could get a 13" macbook proc as well as the imac which would be perfect.   Dobby
I'm after a new ipod touch for the kids, iphone and imac so it would be great to get them before xmas.
Could be anywhere between Aug and Xmas. Probably with an updated imac and spin off on ipad. Holding off on buying a new phone just because of this dammit. Need a new imac as well. Bring it on...
I wonder if they will bring out a imac/tv hybrid? 42" imac would be great to combine as a tv.
But we do want a smaller tower. The mini is too restrictive and the pro is too expensive. The imac is nice but if I wanted a laptop CPU/GPU I would by a laptop. I want to be able to choose a proper graphics card or two even. I also want to be able to swap the hard drive.if I need to. Couldn't Apple do a headless macmidi or something that was between the min and the pro. bottom end of the pro CPU, 2 drives max (but with option of dvd if needed) and perhaps a slot for...
Stop dizzing Microsoft. This is an awesome product just like the Zune! You should be quaking (as thats 1990's tech as well)!
They have a woman who can control a mechanical arm via thought so shouldn't a few finger clicks and wrist shakes be easier to put straight to the computer?     http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/05/120516140002.htm
Love the new look, nice and modern.   the "screw things up like 9to5 did" might be a reference to the upgrade back in 2001 I think where we lost our post counts.     Dobby.
I don't see a 'lost remote' feature. Now that would be useful. The amount of time my wife or kids forget where they put the remote is ridiculous and even worse its not even grounds for divorce if they do!
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