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Wow for once I will get a product on my iThing before anyone else in the world. Even if it is something that no one really gives a hoot about.
My sources have told me other up market retailers such as Walmart and Asda will also have the Apple Watch on display between other high end products like Evian and Nutella.   Dobby.
They could use the built in accelerometer to generate power. Would give a new meaning to 'one off the wrist'!   Dobby
Apart from the fact there is zero evidence to support what Snowdens Lawyer is saying, if the iphone was able to be accessed then how home come the FBI came out saying that Apples new encryption helps the naughty people (you know who you are!!) hide their devious plans etc without the various security agencies able to detect them. We know they can snoop the airwaves and internet etc regardless if its a smartphone or not. Of course for those of you who think the FBI said...
Tag Heuer is a keen sponsor of Sporting events. I wonder if Apple will start doing the same, you should be able to get some pretty smart info to a watch at real time speeds if it has the right apps. As an example in a sailing comp, instead of having to shout at someone to do something you can use taptic action and have some some info on the screen.   Dobby
I think the Apple Watch will be a great nice to have for use for fitness stuff. I have one of those chest heart rate monitor bands that sends a signal to watch but it would be far easier if it just had a wrist based monitor. I also don't like having to have an arm band on or waist band holder for my iphone (6plus is not convient as a gym device except to use as a weight) as its just a bit to big to be strapped to you. I also see it being useful in meetings. You can leave...
Don't see what the big deal is. TapSense already do an API for the iphone. This is just one for the watch. I don't get ad spam on my phone so why would I be worried about getting it on my watch. Saying that I would be majorly pissed off to be pestered by ad spam if I was jogging past a cafe and instead of the watch telling me how unfit I am I get some ad for a free pastry.   Dobby.
I wonder if the security is due to the iPay system? I don't care if my selfies and poor taste in music is snooped by anyone but if we start using a mobile as a payment device then it is good if my mobile is stolen that it can't be exploited (assuming I have an adequate pin etc). Will the fingerprint recognition be better than the current tech that can be bypassed using a photo of your fingerprint?   Dobby.
I think they need U2 to show that the elderly can use it even with what could be interpretted as speech impairment ;-).   Dobby,
Oh Poot, there I was thinking I had spotted a first.
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