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Google Wallet might have been around "for years", but it doesn't mean anything if adoptation doesn't exist.  Even Google admits this: http://www.fiercewireless.com/story/google-acknowledges-slow-wallet-adoption-promises-stick-it/2014-04-11 In about a month or so... millions of people in the US will be using Apple Pay.  I don't think you can say the same with Google Wallet.  Being first isn't always best... doing it right is. 
16GB would be perfect as a GPS (trail or road) paired with a Bad Elf GPS Pro.  It's something I've actually been thinking about doing.
Prime example is the native Camera App on the iPhone 5 is not the same as the one on iPhones 5S.  I know, because I miss some of the features with my iP5.  From Apple's website:  "The faster, more powerful A7 chip in iPhone 5s includes a new image signal processor (ISP). Because it’s designed by Apple, the ISP is integrated with the iSight hardware and camera software, delivering faster photo capture and up to 2x faster autofocus.  The ISP and faster sensor also make burst...
Goal Zero has bigger versions with more capacity.  I personally have the Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit, not much bigger, but a lot more capable.  I've used mine to recharge my iPhone (and others) in a week long camp where there was no electricity.  Worked great.    While true that the Switch 8 seems small, it's good in a pinch or having it in an emergency grab bag. 
Right.  So when you get off the highway, that should of been red flag #1. Then when you enter a national park should of been red flag #2.  When road turns into a dirt path and then sand, should of been red flag #3.     I always have extra food and water in my car and I live in a major metropolitan area.  And I always have a road atlas (paper) in the car.  And I check where I'm going first.  So I would notice that major road leads to my destination and I shouldn't be...
But they also had a working models at announcement.  Hardware was done... it was the software that was being fine tuned. 
Shouldn't the photographer be suing the stock photo house?  If the image was truly a "layout only" or "comp" image, then the res is not high enough and has a watermark on it (as others here have stated). I use stock images on a daily basis. They all have watermarks on them and are low-res.... until I purchase the higher quality for actual print use.  So the photographer should have issue with the stock house for providing a hi-res version of it to Apple. Unless Apple did...
For all those complaining about the lack of streetview without going to the web version, try the free APP called Live Street View (or the $0.99 version).  I have not tried it or used it, but I know it exists. 
Cool.  What time (on 9/14) did you originally pre-order?
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