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 Actually:  http://venturebeat.com/2015/02/18/no-you-cant-shoot-down-drones-over-your-house/ Like I said, if you can point me to the law that says you can shoot a quadcopter out of the sky, link me to it.  And the FAA on UAS - only talks about the list of flight hight, not flying over crowds and the common sense things (yes, I'm away not everyone has this).  https://www.faa.gov/uas/model_aircraft/
My bad... I should of written... "....it's illegal to shoot down a quadcopter, especially, if it's not over your own property." Can you link to me to the law that allows shooting of other people's property?  I truly want to know.  
What makes you think I'm not aware?  I recently got into the quadcopter movement.  Yes, I have read the FAA rules and become an AMA member.   I said IF IT IS NOT over someone else's property.  And shooting anything out of the sky, I believe is unlawful.  Unless you are skeet shooting at a range or hunting.  
From the articles I've read, it's illegal to shoot down a quadcopter.  Especially, if it's not over your property.  Plus, you can be fined and have to pay damages to the owner of the quadcopter. 
But that can mean it falls on innocent people.  Which is also dangerous.   There are rules regarding usage of quadcopters set by the FAA. Also, highly recommended is joining the AMA.  
Did you try going back to the store and ask if they can do anything? I've heard of situations where they will honor a price change or promo if you are within a week.     Also, a lot of times the sales people in the stores don't know when something will happen. It;s part of the "secrecy" that Apple does, incl. with their own employees. 
I personally don't really care for the promo.  And there are many people already saying how lame the promotion is this year.    However, most of us are not the demographic.  Students are... most of them are kids.  Beats is a fashion thing, they will like it.  They will listen to music, via their Mac, iPod or iPhone on headphones.  This will work for them.    And if you are older and a student/teacher or even a teenager and is not interested in the free headphones, take...
Actually it does.  I used to be with ATT.  I switched to T-Mobile.  My data plan costs reduced by $40 /month. And my international charges by $30 /month.  That's $70 /month.  And yes, I was in Canada on a monthly basis.  Not to mention my European travels this past year. 
Was having login issues.  Couldn't even use the codes Apple sent to my trusted device. And because I tried to many times, I'm locked out for the next 8 hours.  Which is fine.... I can access my mail via my iPhone, just not my work computer. 
...and to skate where the puck will be. 
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