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Ads are becoming worse than intrusive. One site had three ads on the screen at the same time. They would not clear until repeated attempts were made. Then, they popped up a video ad, then another ad. Use bandwidth I pay for, wastes time and irritating.
Most likely has to do with settings on my iOS version.
Actually, it appears to be different, at least on the surface. Looking at the links in the article, they go straight to the MIT abstract. Yours links to a different organization called AppSec Labs. Probably my loss, but I don't subscribe to unknown (to me) links in order to download unknown materials either. I guess I will just never know.
How interesting. Safari refused to open your link because there were too many redirected links.
Maybe they should include a piece of paper in the package with the new phone.
Yeah... They were told there would be an attack AT SOME UNKNOWN TIME AND UNKNOWN LOCATION.If you are going to make a point, at least get your facts straight.
Why is it laughable to want to try to give all of your users the same, quality experience no matter the platform?
It makes sense to do this providing that a) the company pays for the phones and contract cost and b) that the android phones represent different brands and levels of user experience. I presume that he also has staff testing and developing in the different computer environments that Facebook targets — iPad, Surface, Android tablets, PC, Mac, Chrome and *nix. Desktop and portables included when and where there a possible distinct user experiences to be had. If not, then...
Perhaps it is "supporting" censorship but consider that, if they don't obey the laws of the countries where they operate, their ability to conduct business might be severely, and negatively, impacted. That would include both retail and supply/manufacturing in the case of China.
I should be excited why?I don't carry a computer with me. Too heavy.I do all my browsing on my phone. Less risk.I don't trust Google. Does anyone really?Why would I want to use a browser that almost certainly uses my bandwidth to transmit my browsing habits, my key strokes, etc. back to Google — or what I will refer to as "the mothership?"
New Posts  All Forums: