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Snoop? No. I don't want them snooping. Yes, once there is a way to break the encrypted password, those with court approved access would be able to read data on the phone if the data is not encrypted by another means.As for hackers... That issue makes this one that needs to be discussed and carefully considered by people who don't make knee jerk reactions.
What do I think? I think that the issue needs intelligent and unemotional discussion... Not the insults and screeds a few here have laid out. People with open minds should be able to discuss this DNS find an acceptable compromise that addresses all the issues fairly. Polarization is not a way to resolve these issues.
None of your comments to me have been constructive. They have been insulting, derogatory, arrogant and condescending. Too bad you find that inflammatory. Get over it. For the third time and last time, if you have nothing constructive to add, don't reply to me.
Different issue than the phone being discussed here.
The key to break complex passwords that lock the phone. If you use something other that a 4 digit password, it can not be broken.
Phones can't. That's correct. But passwords can't be broken hence the problem.
Uh. No. I have a perspective different from yours. Doesn't make you right, me wrong or even me right and you wrong. There is a middle ground.As for the example...one example does not a universe make.
Seems to be happening more frequently what with all the beheadings and such.
Hardly. We disagree. That makes neither of us helpless or naive.
Generally speaking...those courts are trial courts where someone is accused and bring tried for a crime. Not one where one is trying to access information before an arrest.
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