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You can't patent an idea. If Apple's implementation is unique, their work will stand.
Congratulations AI. It appears you are now able to foresee the future. "...Google on Thursday previewed..." in a story bylined with a Wednesday date stamp. Well done AI. Well done.
If you compare the transitions from iconic corporate leaders/founders to that of their successors, the Tim Cook is being given short shrift.Yes, Tim Cook has done a remarkable job of growing Apple while doing no harm. Despite what naysayers would have you believe, Tim Cook has done a good job.If that were not the case, the NYT and others would be pointing out examples of other companies that have improved in transition from an iconic leader.In fact, given the vitriol that...
I guess you've never tried to prove a negative.
It's Google. Isn't that sufficient explanation?If not, they are an information aggregator. If I process all my online purchase payments through them, they will have a more complete picture of my purchasing activities than I am willing to provide. It's bad enough as it is with my bank, credit card company having much of that but at least they don't use that info "for my benefit."Further why do they need that information? I am also providing the same information to the...
Absolutely agree. Google would be the last place I would want credi card info.
Time's take on Amazon: http://t.co/qjWovuivcv
Amazon has the best interest of the consumer at heart. But they act the role of the monopolist. Not too different from what Walmart does when they demand the lowest price in order to carry a product. There are two differences however. Walmart has effective competitors. Walmart doesn't give the impression that they want to be the only supplier.
It isn't the ads. It's the fact that I can navigate to a page in Safari or another app, start reading the content, only to be magically transported to the App Store and a particular app's page. It's particularly disconcerting if the App Store asks for my password for some reason.
New Posts  All Forums: