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No. That's an illegal search. However, if the data is encrypted, he can only gain access to what I allow. An encrypted phone can't be accessed without the appropriate password. Once accessed, the data is accessible unless it, too, is encrypted.An open phone with encrypted data may be open but if you choose to do it, the data is still not accessible without the password.None of that should be accessed without permission except by court order.Of course all arguments are moot...
There is a difference between having a phone with encrypted data and an encrypted phone. I want the first. Not the second.
I have made comments that add to the discussion without belittling. Whether you think they are constructive or not is an opinion. You are entitled to your opinion. So am I. Too bad you don't offer me the same courtesy.
Insults again. You offer nothing constructive. Just personal insults.I do wonder, though, why are you so angry. Why are you so angry or insecure that you feel it necessary to attack a nameless, faceless entity on the net just because you don't like the way they think.Don't you realize that that puts you in the same boat with people who want to track everything? You are doing no better than any dictator who tries to drown out free speech with insults and fearmongering.Yes,...
if they come with a warrant to search my house, I'll open the door. Same thing with the phone
No. I said data on the phone should be accessible. There is a difference between accessible and understandable.
when you have something other than insults to offer, I'll pay attention to you.
Your planet. Yes. They collect it. They don't really want it. It is the only way to collect what they want.Really, they can get everything they need without access to a phone? No. They can't. If they could, it would not be a problem.
I'm fine with a middle ground. Why don't you offer one instead of making silly comments?
It isn't you they are after with a back door. That would/should require physical access.
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