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If the average user has 26 apps, then one way of measuring the rate of infection across a user base is to divide by the number of infected apps. Nowhere do I assume all 26 apps were harmful. Just the opposite—only a fractional app for each user for purposes of averaging.Nowhere did I presume to say that I was addressing only Android installations. I simply applied the quoted infection rate across the entire user base. Doing so only marginally increases the incidence of...
It's estimated that there were 1.2 billion (smart phones) users of mobile apps at the end of 2012 (1). It's also estimated that the annual growth rate is 29% (1). That suggests that there are approximately 1.548 billion phones at the end of 2013.It is also estimated that the average smartphone user has downloaded and installed 26 apps (2). (Mashable suggests that number is 25.)These numbers imply that there are approximately 40.248 billion installed apps world wide. If...
Samsung argues brand impact lessens damages attributed to a feature yet pleads internally to improve it's brand impact by slavishly copying key features which it's own survey participants found important in Apple products yet missing in their own products. Yeah, par for Samsung. Talk out of both sides of the mouth. I wonder, did the lawyer move his lips?
Q: If this is such a great idea, why isn't Microsoft with its Surface and Windows 8 system capturing the market now? A: Maybe, because they don't meet what consumers want.
As a reminder to all platform owners, lest they get arrogant: these reports are based only on known malware instances.
All interesting points and probably valid. I was simply pointing out to those that seem to gleefully anticipate an Apple comeuppance, that suing Apple for infringing on a patent that Google gives away would be more than normally difficult.
Even if Google obtains a patent for Windowshade, their difficulty comes in showing damages. The question would/must evolve into what monetary damages did Google suffer. That will be super difficult for Google in as much as they don't sell Android and drive no revenue from the software. And, they can't give/sell it (the patent) to Samsung to litigate because that would put every other phone vendor at risk.As for Swipe to Lock: Samsung's own internal documents about Swipe...
Whether they matched or exceeded the bar set by Apple, Apple will still need to go above and beyond with significant innovation if they want to be perceived as the innovative leader they have been. They cannot sit on their laurels.
I think that the ability to play games is a bit more significant than the "etc." you assign it to. There are others as well that, if Apple does not have planned or tries to slap together at the last minute, will leave ATV falling short.
Fortunately for consumers, and raising the bar for Apple, the recent introductions of FireTV and Cortana — both with innovative features — will make introductions of new features in existing products and new product introductions in June a critical time in Apple history. Failure to meet the bar of expectation will be disastrous for the stock and leave Apple looking leaderless and far less innovative in the public eye. Technical improvements to existing products, a lá last...
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