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Another point, when you allow 3rd party vendors access to your data systems, including payment systems, it is a disaster in the making. http://www.knoxnews.com/knoxville/food-and-dining/8-colorado-stores-among-216-nationwide-affected-by-jimmy-johns-data-breach CurrentC just amplifies the risk. It is one stop shopping for the would be thief and has potentially thousands of entry points (one for each participant and many times more for those where any 3rd party has access...
Sorry, but when I priced it, that access fee was charged whether you own your phone or not.
"Eye roll"
Dumping can be done by foreign companies in this country as well. It is not uniquely American. It is usually done when an industry is heavily subsidized by a government—the foreign steel industry being a notable example. Note, the discussion below, while indicating international behavior, does not limit it to that.http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dumping_(pricing_policy)At any rate, definitional squabbles aside, Amazon's pricing policies could be considered indicative of...
I have no proof of a lot of things...such as your existence. Still, I'm entitled to have an opinion.And, even if a prosecutor brings a case, that in itself is not proof either.So, what's your point?
The fact that no one "wants the product" does not suddenly make illegal behavior legal.
Possibly. But, predatory pricing is one indicator of monopolistic behavior.
Gee. And here I thought dumping (deliberately selling product below cost to undercut the competition) was illegal. Silly me. I'm glad the Justice Department sued Apple to protect us and authors in book pricing. I hope they sue Spple for its obviously high prices which are anticompetitive too! /s
Dismal financial report. I wonder, though, did they take a write-off operating income to reflect recent litigation awards to Apple?
You have to ask yourself these questions if you are a merchant:1. For Walmart (and CVS, RiteAid and similar), is their primary customer base sophisticated enough to use CurrentC and do they pay by credit card, debit card, or cash primarily? (I shop Walmart maybe once per year).The downside to their move is a lot of people pay by credit, particularly at Christmas, in order to stretch their purchasing power. Being pushed into a mold of using a debit card or equivalent will...
New Posts  All Forums: