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Time's take on Amazon: http://t.co/qjWovuivcv
Amazon has the best interest of the consumer at heart. But they act the role of the monopolist. Not too different from what Walmart does when they demand the lowest price in order to carry a product. There are two differences however. Walmart has effective competitors. Walmart doesn't give the impression that they want to be the only supplier.
It isn't the ads. It's the fact that I can navigate to a page in Safari or another app, start reading the content, only to be magically transported to the App Store and a particular app's page. It's particularly disconcerting if the App Store asks for my password for some reason.
Frankly, I'm tired of apps and sites on safari that automatically switch over to the App Store to display an app ad. That ability seems, to me, be a potential source for mischief. I want control over where my phone navigates. I don't want a third party site switching me anywhere without my prior agreement. I will applaud when Apple fixes this.
Reality has little meaning when trumped by perception.
Lack of institutional investors is a good thing and a bad thing. On the good side, it removes most of the big-drop volatility that institutional transactions can bring. On the bad side, it means that there is also less up-side pressure on the stock. For the record: it's a very lucky individual that can out-guess institutional movement.
I think I'm glad I'm old and will die in the not too distant future Ads on every surface you look at? The thought is enough to make one throw up.
I'll take reports that Google's innovation etc. make them the top brand (anywhere) more seriously when Google actually produces useful products that people buy instead of developing new ways to pry into our lives in new and intrusive ways and using smoke and mirrors to debut future products as if they already exist.
Without patent protection, the little guy's intellectual property and rights would not be protected from anyone. They would be eaten alive by everyone.As it is, the scofflaws of the world, such as Samsung (judging by their actions as described in a Vanity Fair article linked in another thread and their action vis a vis Dyson) don't give a damn about your rights.There is one way and only one way to stop them—prevent sales of consumer products until they can show they will...
Do you even understand what "fair use" is? If so, please explain how it applied.
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