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Isn't your other dog jealous that it isn't pictured too? J/k
The standard clock app always displays the current time, down to the second.
it is an ordinal number. You do know what that is. Don't you?
If 10.10 were a number being used in a mathematical operation, you would be correct. Unfortunately, for you, that isn't the case.
Windows 9… so bad they were afraid to release it? Seriously, running a hybrid OS is not the best thing to do. No one will be happy. Again.
Good for you that it works for you. There are other solutions on other platforms that work equally well for others. Some even avoid cloud storage where data can be lost, compromised or even unavailable when they Internet is down.By the way, will your solution allow you to swipe a customer's credit card to pay for a sale? There are solutions that integrate that function on your awake device while providing all the backend processing you want.
Bigger volume and thinner margin means greater risk. One should point out that, of the android phones, only Samsung turns a profit — most likely because of its cheap phones and non-phone operations, not its smartphone products.
duh! You have missed the point entirely.
That also. But, try scrolling through the tiny photos in date order as well. The old camera roll matrix photos were easier to see.
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