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If the back door is only accessible via physical access, just how does that enable a hacker?
Of course privacy is legal. I'm not upside down. Allowing access facilitates the forensic activity. One does not have a right to privacy if a court deems that their private information is accessible for examination.Access affects only those who are targeted by a court order. Not everyone.
how are you giving up your lawful right to privacy? What the DA is asking for and to which I agree is the right to access the information via a court order. Are you anticipating law enforcement coming to your door every week or so to check your phone? Or, that it will be read as you pass a check point? The first isn't practical (but would go a long way to solving unemployment). The second is easily solved. Turn your phone off. Of course, if they read every phone, there is...
Fine, let them. But, why should we make it easier for them? As for the dumb petty criminals, we are making it easier for them too.
There is a huge difference between what this DA is asking for and what hackers and the NSA (or the KGB used to) do everyday. Invasion of user privacy takes four forms: A. Direct or passive remote monitoring or intercept of user information and data — much like hackers do. Or, the NSA. B. Active, targeted observation — e.g., wire taps (which are legal when authorized by a court), surveillance drones, wireless transmitters. C. Active reading of phone or computer data via...
Another point, when you allow 3rd party vendors access to your data systems, including payment systems, it is a disaster in the making. http://www.knoxnews.com/knoxville/food-and-dining/8-colorado-stores-among-216-nationwide-affected-by-jimmy-johns-data-breach CurrentC just amplifies the risk. It is one stop shopping for the would be thief and has potentially thousands of entry points (one for each participant and many times more for those where any 3rd party has access...
Sorry, but when I priced it, that access fee was charged whether you own your phone or not.
"Eye roll"
Dumping can be done by foreign companies in this country as well. It is not uniquely American. It is usually done when an industry is heavily subsidized by a government—the foreign steel industry being a notable example. Note, the discussion below, while indicating international behavior, does not limit it to that.http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dumping_(pricing_policy)At any rate, definitional squabbles aside, Amazon's pricing policies could be considered indicative of...
I have no proof of a lot of things...such as your existence. Still, I'm entitled to have an opinion.And, even if a prosecutor brings a case, that in itself is not proof either.So, what's your point?
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