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The fact that no one "wants the product" does not suddenly make illegal behavior legal.
Possibly. But, predatory pricing is one indicator of monopolistic behavior.
Gee. And here I thought dumping (deliberately selling product below cost to undercut the competition) was illegal. Silly me. I'm glad the Justice Department sued Apple to protect us and authors in book pricing. I hope they sue Spple for its obviously high prices which are anticompetitive too! /s
Dismal financial report. I wonder, though, did they take a write-off operating income to reflect recent litigation awards to Apple?
You have to ask yourself these questions if you are a merchant:1. For Walmart (and CVS, RiteAid and similar), is their primary customer base sophisticated enough to use CurrentC and do they pay by credit card, debit card, or cash primarily? (I shop Walmart maybe once per year).The downside to their move is a lot of people pay by credit, particularly at Christmas, in order to stretch their purchasing power. Being pushed into a mold of using a debit card or equivalent will...
There is another benefit to ApplePay. Every swipe of your actual credit card appears as a notification on your phone (if set appropriately). This will help reduce fraud further by allowing detection of cloned credit cards. Also works with iTunes purchases. May do so with other online purchasing. That is far more secure than an exposed debit card or bank account. You have instant feedback.
Why not. Each phone is so insecure....like low hanging fruit. You know hackers are just salivating.
Of course not. Everything hosted on the Cloud is secure. He said so./snortIf you build it, hackers will come.
I don't use a debit card because I don't want to expose my bank account to unwanted or erroneous transactions. Having a history of a) collecting personal data, b) not being able to protect that data and c) forcing me to allow direct access to my account is a guarantee that I will never cease to use my credit card or, now that it's here, ApplePay. If I am not allowed to do either, I will go to other retailers. My money will not shop at stores that prevent me from paying...
Microsoft will probably offer this benefit soon, labeling it "Windows to the Future."
New Posts  All Forums: