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You have truly amazing friends if they are always watching the road for you. Not everyone does.As for asking for directions, either have a friend do it or pull to the roadside a parking lot, Etc. That's what I do.I've never had a problem with Siri cutting me off. Nor with recognizing what I say. Recognition rate >90%.Empirical or not, if it's poor experimental design, that makes bad science, not good.Just because the functions are there, using them comes with risk. Using...
Given some of the idiots I have seen driving, talking (period), no matter the target, is a major distraction. Having a child in the car is a major distraction. Turning around to carry on a conversation is a major distraction. Dictating a letter or report is a major distraction. Manually changing a car radio can be a greater distraction for some when compared to using a hands-free device. Simply put, everyone should try to minimize the frustrations while driving.It's...
Cleavage is an odd name for the dog. What do you call the other two?
Isn't your other dog jealous that it isn't pictured too? J/k
The standard clock app always displays the current time, down to the second.
it is an ordinal number. You do know what that is. Don't you?
If 10.10 were a number being used in a mathematical operation, you would be correct. Unfortunately, for you, that isn't the case.
Windows 9… so bad they were afraid to release it? Seriously, running a hybrid OS is not the best thing to do. No one will be happy. Again.
New Posts  All Forums: