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I guess that's why they filed the patent. And, no, I don't think this concept is necessarily limited to skeuomorphic design. And, even if it has skeuomorphic design elements, that does not limit the overall design. After all, it's design has to have some relevancy to and be recognizable by people's perceptual realities. If not, if it strays too far from the recognizable, or it makes too many choices about how it is to be used (by us), it then becomes unusable.
I wonder if this GUI will be used in future, new devices that Apple does not currently market but has in development. It would seem that a multi-core device using the A-8 or similar chip, larger touch screen, providing a more-desktop feel while maintaining portability could be a possibility with such a GUI.
Proud to be a wall-hugger because that means I am using my phone. A lot. A whole lot. As for quick charging... It fully charges in an hour or less. Samsung would be ecstatic if their users could use their phones as much as Apple's phones are used.
So, if you use your phone, you can't save your battery. If you save your battery, you can't use your phone. Personally, I would rather use mine. And, I do. Constantly. Ten house of use per day, if I drain the battery. Give me a charger. Samsung user report longer battery life why? Because they use them only as phones and for nothing else. Inn short, they don't use them heavily. One of these days, Samsung is going to irritate Apple just enough. Just enough that they will...
Amazon has little cost and almost no risk invested in the E-books they sell. Most of their 30% will go to profit.Meanwhile, Hatchett spends money on author development, editing, book and cover design, preparation for a variety of e-book formats other than Amazons, for administrative cost. Very little of that 30% will go to profit, if there is any.The amount for the author is probably insufficient at low sales volumes and ok at moderate volumes.What Amazon proposes is not...
It does not matter what damages the court offers up if Samsung refuses to pay up. The only remedy that Microsoft will have if Samsung does not comply is seizure of Samsung property. This could include product shipments at their point of entry. The US government could set sanctions but that does not pay Microsoft back.
A court decision determining that Samsung must pay royalties as defined by contract and court decision will have little impact on Samsung if they still refuse to pay. The only action that will ensure that Samsun complies is for US and EU to sanction Samsung by allowing the seizure and sale of Samsung property. An important ban would be the second choice. Unfortunately, it does nothing to compensate Microsoft or any other company harmed by Samsung's illegal actions.
The US admitted it's error. Even earlier Russian regimes admitted their actions with regard to shooting down a Korean Air flight. Under Putin, Russia admits nothing. Instead, they blame everyone else.
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