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All interesting points and probably valid. I was simply pointing out to those that seem to gleefully anticipate an Apple comeuppance, that suing Apple for infringing on a patent that Google gives away would be more than normally difficult.
Even if Google obtains a patent for Windowshade, their difficulty comes in showing damages. The question would/must evolve into what monetary damages did Google suffer. That will be super difficult for Google in as much as they don't sell Android and drive no revenue from the software. And, they can't give/sell it (the patent) to Samsung to litigate because that would put every other phone vendor at risk.As for Swipe to Lock: Samsung's own internal documents about Swipe...
Whether they matched or exceeded the bar set by Apple, Apple will still need to go above and beyond with significant innovation if they want to be perceived as the innovative leader they have been. They cannot sit on their laurels.
I think that the ability to play games is a bit more significant than the "etc." you assign it to. There are others as well that, if Apple does not have planned or tries to slap together at the last minute, will leave ATV falling short.
Fortunately for consumers, and raising the bar for Apple, the recent introductions of FireTV and Cortana — both with innovative features — will make introductions of new features in existing products and new product introductions in June a critical time in Apple history. Failure to meet the bar of expectation will be disastrous for the stock and leave Apple looking leaderless and far less innovative in the public eye. Technical improvements to existing products, a lá last...
Their legal argument will fail. All Apple needs to do is show the exorbitant pricing Samsung wants for use of patent technology owned by Samsung. Juries don't like liars. And, they don't like people that talk out if both sides if their mouths — and Samsung has many mouths.
Samsung needs to step up to the plate. They need to copy ...uh... invent new computers and request they be added to the video.
Hahahaha I like Office, but not well enough to pay $120 a year, less a day (which is what it is if they renew 24 hours before the end date). Thanks for almost nothing Microsoft.
Reaping the results of unethical practice from the seeds of unethical practice they have sowed. IOW if they can scoff at ethics, others will too, by example.
It amazes me that newspapers and similar content providers think they can charge nearly the same or a higher price for electronic editions than print editions. Even when they add a few (meaning minimal) content additions, they expect the public to see that as justification for the premium. They don't want the public to think about how expensive paper, printing and delivery really is or what a large proportion of the total cost printing really is. And, for many, the...
New Posts  All Forums: