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No. I did not miss it. Did you miss the point where I said "if"?
Given that the markets have only just opened, and given that it is a blog news report, it may take a while for markets to react. If regulators here and elsewhere do go after Samsung, and can prove the assertion of lying to investors and regulators, the company may well wish that they had never seen an iPhone.But, given the criminal legal history of one exec at Samsung, they may feel bullet proof. (http://www.nytimes.com/2009/12/30/business/global/30samsung.html?_r=0)....
Arguing thatArguing an average or an estimate is wrong using a number that, itself, is inexact and comes from a different data set when there are no exact numbers known from an independent source?
Sorry. I don't think they are quite the same. Thanks for the apology.
I don't take offense at being told there is an error when it is done politely. Obviously, you have failed to note your first couple of posts failed to clearly frame the problem.
Telling some what they did or did not do (e.g., "You really should read the article I linked.") and the instructing them on what to do is insulting."You're not thinking clearly." Is personal and insulting.
As I have subsequently pointed out, it's a lower bound (see edit to my previous post). I understand that part of your confusion.Your response is still not adequate for the insult levels either.
You really need to go back and read my entire post and NOT post out of context.I'm go into quote the entire original post. I will bold the crucial contextual part that you are ignoring."It's estimated that there were 1.2 billion (smart phones) users of mobile apps at the end of 2012 (1). It's also estimated that the annual growth rate is 29% (1). That suggests that there are approximately 1.548 billion phones at the end of 2013.It is also estimated that the average...
I did not say there were 26 app infections per user. I stated that again the second time. I said it was a fractional number per user.But, since you are hung up on the number 26, let me clarify it once and for all.The number 26 is the total average number of app installations per smartphone user having downloaded apps. That is 26 downloaded apps per phone, only a few of which, on average are infected.Got it? 26 apps per phone and less that .3 infected per the average user.I...
If the average user has 26 apps, then one way of measuring the rate of infection across a user base is to divide by the number of infected apps. Nowhere do I assume all 26 apps were harmful. Just the opposite—only a fractional app for each user for purposes of averaging.Nowhere did I presume to say that I was addressing only Android installations. I simply applied the quoted infection rate across the entire user base. Doing so only marginally increases the incidence of...
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