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Thank you, FirstTech. Good luck to the employees.
It starts with the approach that individuals like Bill Cosby espouse. Do that, provide equal educational opportunities and encourage/enable diversity at the school level and the problem will resolve itself in one or two generations. You already see improvements but, unless the points addressed by Cosby are embraced, the likelihood of true progress is diminished greatly.
If you are talking about RIAA and it's efforts with respect to copyright, then I won't argue with you. I will suggest that other countries' have organizations with similar goals in mind. It isn't just American companies. If, however, you intended your comment as an across-the-board shot, your aim is really too broad.You comment, valid or not, has absolutely nothing to do with what I am talking about either. But, I think you know that.As for the more narrow issue you refer...
Really? More and more countries have shown interest in censoring the internet. There are those in Europe and America that want to as well. Moderation as you call it, particularly when a significant %age of the world's population would be negatively impacted is not only a slippery slope but a major concern as well. But, if you can sleep well knowing that a couple of billion people or so re being oppressed and receiving biased and incorrect education and information, then I...
Youmust have misunderstood. Why? Because some countries consider simple criticisms of their government, women's faces, pictures of women driving, dissension, criticisms of religion and other activities to be illegal activities. Silly isn't it.
That's correct. I didn't. And, that was intentional. It wasn't my aim to enter into an unregulated, free-wheeling conversation with you or anyone else. I asked what I wanted to know and got sufficient information to satisfy my curiosity. I had no need to go further in that vein or into a wider query.
Enforcing net neutrality and education efforts are not moderation activities. As to the rest: you have entered slippery slope territory and the slope is very slick.
Define what you mean by "moderation" specially with regard to the internet please.
Not going to bother to correct the misquoted inclusion of material I did not write.If I read you correctly: it is against the law to obey the law when your intent is to circumvent the ethical intent of the law even when you follow the law.That is screwed up.
In my opinion, you would be hard pressed to show that following the tax law to the letter is unethical. But, that is really not totally material to the discussion.Apple is a multinational company. They have investors in multiple jurisdictions. Their fiduciary responsibility is defined in the larger sense by the locations within which they are incorporated, the locations wherein they are headquartered for primary taxing purposes, and to a smaller extent by the locations...
New Posts  All Forums: