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It may be possible for you to do that. If you kept a backup/restore copy of your iPhone in iTunes, you can restore to that copy if you want, as far as I know.
Ugly is an opinion. Your opinion is apparently not shared by everyone. I like the look for the most part. I'll survive the rest. Why? Because I like the new OS functionality much better.
There are things I like and don't like about iOS 7. That was true of iOS 6 as well.I'm chiming in for a couple of reasons. I find the white background and text easy to read. If you don't, have you tried any of the following:— Inverting screen colors;— Using a different color background in apps (iBook) that provide it;— Varying screen brightness;— Changing text size;— Enbolding text using Settings?There are a couple of things about iOS 7 that I cannot stand, compared to iOS...
If you apply common sense... It's X% OF THOSE SURVEYED and REPRESENTATIVE OF THOSE WHO MATCH THE SURVEY CRITERIA. If you read statistical analyses and don't think in those terms, you are misleading yourself.
Of course, data charges may apply on your phone if you aren't on wifi. Video runs up the usage quickly.
No. Apple was created to sell products. Now that it is a public corporation, its job is to sell products. They have a fiduciary interest to investors. That is correct. But, it's job is to sell products. That is the reason people invest ... Because they do a good job selling products to consumers profitably.If you want to argue further, I would suggest we end up arguing whether the chicken or egg came first. It is a semantics issue at that point. And, in a public company,...
Funeral for Apple on Monday. Samsung executives will delivery eulogy to their paid PR shills in time for delivery at Monday's services. American press to follow in lockstep. Meanwhile, consumers, ignoring Samsung lies, pronounce Apple brand alive and well by buying Apple products in record numbers. /sarcasm
There is a thing called "ethical behavior." Apparently, certain key Samsung people do not have it. Knowing that the information was "attorney only" should have keyed every employee seeing it that they should not be seeing it and that they should not use it — even though they saw it.Further, while we don't know it for fact, apparently no one in Samsung thought to get the material taken down to minimize the breach of confidentiality. Or, if they did, others made a deliberate...
And down is up and east is west and wet dogs don't smell bad.
Wrong and your response is what is wrong with investors today.
New Posts  All Forums: