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They aren't complaining about apps that use geolocation. They are complaining about system level service that enable capabilities such as "Find My Phone." And, that is easy to turn off in settings. Really simple.
So, if it's a problem, they can turn bro-location services off.
Then they would still have to negotiate with Amazon. I'm sure that will go well. Amazon will tell them what they will get—take it or leave it. And, if their is a guild, I'm sure that Amazon will be scared into toeing the line.
Publishers add value. They edit and often improve books. They reduce the publishing risk and/or enhance the return for authors. They advertise and give new authors a voice they may not otherwise get. As long as they add value, they need to be in the mix.
Here's something to chew on... Just because a deal is good for one party (in this case the consumer according to Amazon) (aside: it's nice to know that Amazon isn't in the least bit concerned with it's short- and long-term profit picture! Snort!), that does not mean that it's good for everyone else (authors and publishers in this case). History had shown, time and again, that suppliers that cannot get a fair return on their investment of time and money will go...
Yes and no. Those are design features that have to do with look and feel. Streaming is a function that can be implemented in multiple ways, each with a different appearance. But, your point is well taken none-the-less.
You can't patent an idea. If Apple's implementation is unique, their work will stand.
Congratulations AI. It appears you are now able to foresee the future. "...Google on Thursday previewed..." in a story bylined with a Wednesday date stamp. Well done AI. Well done.
If you compare the transitions from iconic corporate leaders/founders to that of their successors, the Tim Cook is being given short shrift.Yes, Tim Cook has done a remarkable job of growing Apple while doing no harm. Despite what naysayers would have you believe, Tim Cook has done a good job.If that were not the case, the NYT and others would be pointing out examples of other companies that have improved in transition from an iconic leader.In fact, given the vitriol that...
New Posts  All Forums: