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Absolutely agree.What LG is doing is arrogant. First, they charge you a premium price for premium features. Then they force you to accept T&C to use those T&C. They hide the opt-out feature and disable it so your set still sends information.You pay for a premium service such as Netflix and the privilege to not be bombarded by ads.And, then LG thumbs it's nose at you, and sends you targeted ads on top of the premium service even though you paid to not receive the ads.To add...
Yes, sales can increase at the same time market share goes down. But, that was not the point to be made here. Market share can also go down when you inflate total sales with numbers of unlike products.Do you seriously think that the numbers being reported can't be connected to legitimate vendors? Or, perhaps, are the legitimate vendors being hidden to cover the true identity of some of these so-called tablets.Here is, potentially, one of those white box products they...
Principle in use: Tell a lie often enough and people will believe it.
It's autocorrect's failure to indicate I hit a "b" and a "c" instead of the space bare (If you read between the letters it's either a fancy chocolate delight or "to lose once".
Case "closed for lack of evidence" is a prosecutor's weaseling way of saying we accused an innocent party. Hopefully, that is the case again. My impression of Italian prosecutors, based on a couple of recent cases receiving international attention is that they don't like tobloseconce they have decided some one is guilty. And, they will keep charging their target with crimes until the court's see it that way.
Once again, Apple makes it to the top spot in the rankings, as analysts predict it's impending demise. /snark
Yes. You can under appropriate circumstances. But, generally speaking GAAP does not require capitalization of such costs.
Not exactly. If you were liquidating Apple, then it would most certainly have value.The fact that cash is on Apple's balance sheet is a big factor in judging its viability as an investment asset. But, it is of no more value as an asset than a desk or building or any other asset of equal value.What Apple is expected to do with the cash has greater value than the cash itself.But, as stated elsewhere, future earnings are an indicator of future value. Present earnings are an...
Stock prices are a function of earnings per share. If revenue goes up and the number of outstanding shares is unchanged, the stock price will rise. If earnings remain the same and the number of shares goes down, then the price per share will increase.At least, that is the simplified view for many investors. Not all. The formula also involves a multiplier applied to earnings per share. That multiplier reflects market and economic expectations as well as investor...
New Posts  All Forums: