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By implication, IF, as IDC implies, Apple could sell more handsets by selling lower priced models, those sales have to come from...... Samsung and others, making the profit picture even bleaker for others....and Samsung. I am beginning to like... /snort.
What a great business idea — sell products at no or negative profit — for the competition. On a related note, IDC no longer needs to explain why they are doing research instead of manufacturing products. What idiocy.
I wish the makers of the board game Candy Land would smack Candy Crush with an app of their own.
since you are apparently ignorant of US law, the President cannot overturn a court verdict made by any US court. Any court.
Do that and Google's fruit will be tucked a little tighter.
While I don't support the jailbreak, they are within the rights to keep the money if there was a contractural agreement prohibiting pirated apps in Taig.
"We have the right to be compensated in an ethical way" begs the question of how ethical can it be if your exploit allows others to benefit financially from stolen (pirated) software.
The article says that students were required to purchase the HP product. Surely, if the school required the purchase, they could have gone one step further and purchased the product in bulk. They could have gotten an educational program discount from HP or from Apple were that the case. And, the cost could have been covered by a tuition or fees request. In the end, it would be less expensive that way.Yes, if blame is to be had, HP deserves it for product failure. As do the...
Absolutely agree.What LG is doing is arrogant. First, they charge you a premium price for premium features. Then they force you to accept T&C to use those T&C. They hide the opt-out feature and disable it so your set still sends information.You pay for a premium service such as Netflix and the privilege to not be bombarded by ads.And, then LG thumbs it's nose at you, and sends you targeted ads on top of the premium service even though you paid to not receive the ads.To add...
Yes, sales can increase at the same time market share goes down. But, that was not the point to be made here. Market share can also go down when you inflate total sales with numbers of unlike products.Do you seriously think that the numbers being reported can't be connected to legitimate vendors? Or, perhaps, are the legitimate vendors being hidden to cover the true identity of some of these so-called tablets.Here is, potentially, one of those white box products they...
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