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Steves back, no news about a tablet. thats how i see it. Tablet at best some time next year, IF it actually exists, but NO WHERE have i read what the killer app for it IS, you know the ONE thing it does better than anything else on the market?? aint there.I guess its the fanboy in my wants "something more" when SL gets its "last" demo however (he said hedging his bets ) IF THERE IS A TABLET and with all the back and forth about it being full OSX or iPhone OS X "pro" and...
aahh, the Thot Plickens!
which is pretty much like what some of the stuff you come out with I don't buy it, at least not until we see some "fake" pics, you know the ones that have been right for how many years now, but the crazies still shout "FAAAKE!" like the are the godz of photoshop
for years we have been told the world is shrinking, at last we might get proof!
and we have a winner!!!!11!! :d:d:d
skittlebrau79 brilliant post! love how it offests the brain drain the forum has had recently THANK YOU.for a moment there I thought you were saying that like it was a bad thing! RE all the cries of "where will all the money go?" the artical states "over ten years" whats the cost of running the building and paying employees for ten years, oh yeah and ONE MORE THING do you think Apple will upgrade the servers at least ONCE during the ten years? how much will THAT cost? Love...
If it doesn't I think there will be angry posts on this and other sites, AFTER the stunned silence. I would have sworn I'd have my quad iMac by now. As to predictions, NO Tablet device, not even a peep about it ZERO NOTHING ZILTCH ZIPPO -- tumbleweed -- "big stuff on SL really secret stuff we couldn't manage to implement in Leopard so we held it back, and now with GC etc. we can bring you xxx " I've no Idea what that IS exactly, unless its Rez Indy or ZFS. I have no...
welcome to the boards wireless n in the iPhones/Touch will mean the potential for ALL the devices on your network to run at 5Ghz getting you out of the busy 2.4 band, that may or may not help individuals, it won't effect me though. what it WILL bring to the iPhone/Tough though is increased RANGE which means a user can use skype at the far end of the garden so the husband/wife can't hear...... ...... then Apple will get named in a divorce case.... just you wait!
I have over 600 films encoded in SD 1300 plus TV shows films work out around 1.2 GBs each dependant on length, 1hr 45 min 25 min TV shows vary as well. my own experience for travelling is that TV shows are the way to go, because there isn't that long commitment you have to make for a movie (I prefer my content in one "sitting") but it all works out around the same data rate though. 32GB is what I've been waiting on, but THAT ALONE won't get me to shift to a new iPhone (the...
Sorry, I hadn't read through the thread, just posted in a hurry as I was trying to get out the door at the time I really don't understand the thinking behind the crazy amounts the telcos have traditionally charged for wireless data EXCEPT FOR GREED. I guess I'm not motivated by greed being treated fairly, as you say, would attract custom AND loyalty, isn't that what the telcos want? oh well.
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