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How is this news? You are better than this...
What BS. I'm sure Apple has a prototype being developed in every size and shape, and that almost every possible vendor "knows" what Apple is going to do. If AppleInsider continues accepting "news" from unnamed sources, they'll lose me. What a waste of bandwidth.
You get a large *share* of my interest when you write! Great article again DED! I agree, nobody will catch on...
Colors are "off" a bit and the overall display is not as bright (same settings). I am comparing it to my new iPad Air and my older iPad 3. Also vs the 5s. I'll take it to a retail store on Sunday... Anyone else notice this? I hope it's just mine.
AppleInsider, thanks for seeing beyond the gold and other color phones and reporting on the depth of technology and innovation that is Apple. With 64bit A7 and with battery saving M7 Apple is laying a solid foundation for the future.
AppleTv Hardware & Software + Monetary System + Advertising Delivery/iAd = The Distribution system to the home user that Steve hinted about before he passed. Extremely targeted ad/links that you choose to watch. Then that watching earns credits towards offsetting the cost of the content you choose to watch and the throughput data costs that deliver the content to you. Maybe the hardware costs too! Its the "digital age's" version of original commercial TV. Let the...
Pulled already!!!!
These are the first Apple Ads that I don't like. I hope they are short lived. Go AAPL!
Regarding the 17" model - Apple will prob just do what it ALWAYS does, not upgrade it but keep the current model in stock and avail for years.
I have always thought of the iPod Touch as a "mini iPad". Couldn't Apple position it that way? If small size is what the consumer wants, a repositioned iPod Touch might actually be "better".   I believe that iPads should be available in any size (range) that a consumer might desire. Of course, developers/development must be kept in mind so as not to cause a mess. So, 4 inch, 7 inch, 10 inch - why not. Maybe even less portable 13, 15, and larger. We all use screens...
New Posts  All Forums: