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If you want to get technical, hardly anybody "manufactures" anything anymore, since few companies start with raw materials and produce finished products from them. But in your broader definition of manufacturing, Apple does, in fact, manufacture some things, like the MacPro, for instance. And if you use the 21st century notion of "manufacturing," Apple manufactures all of their products.
OK. I give up.How is it that this report is able to graph "actual" global shipments for Q4 2014 if they have yet to be reported?And if these global shipment numbers for Q4 2014 are already known, who needs a survey to estimate them?Our fourth grade math teachers always told us that graphs are meaningless without correct labeling."Survey says, . . . "
Ah more bluster from you.It's not surprising you couldn't make sense of my post— 1.) you don't realize you're out of your depth on this subject, 2.) your articles indicate you have some difficulty writing coherently, so possibly reading also give you some problems?My opinion is, as Steve Jobs once said, "You don't know what you're talking about."It's not a copper tub (it's a cast bronze sculptural fountain.)It's not dirty (it has an applied patina.)You calling it "folk...
 I often enjoy your articles, but when your typical curmudgeonly tone degrades into arrogance and pettiness, it only avoid being annoying or laughable when you write about something you know (at least) something about, or you at least have some valid point to make. In this case you have neither. All we can assume is that you're severely artistically challenged. And that's fine. Many people are.But please don't pretend your personal limitations in knowledge, esthetics,...
Let me know when the Guggenheim starts collecting your artwork. Maybe then I'll give your art and architecture opinions a listen.
 That tickled my funny bone!  
Flyover has been rolling out pathetically slowly. I am amazed at how few locations have been done in all this time. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_Maps#Flyover Although I like Flyover, the dismal coverage makes it kind of s vanity feature.
 Asses come in all sizes, shapes, and net worths.
$80 for the table tennis set gets me going. Not bad considering when I was a kid (in the 60's) my friend's dad bought the kids a similar Sears ping pong table set for $20.
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