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 Where's Dr. Millmoss?He should be here to post about how wrong Scott is about what co-producing entails and that all he should be doing as co-producer is writing checks and keeping his mouth shut.   ;-)
I like thividend. I do purchase. I really don't other folks hysterical responses to them.
Well hey, there you go. That's very helpful.Itbe even more helpful if they included a maximum circumf open (for the bracelet and Milanese band, or any other bands that don't separate) so one could know if it would go over the hand.I fig was info available, but like I said, I'm not really in the market.[Looking at the chart and thinking about it, the large band (onwatch) adjusts at least 40mm larger than the small band this means it must be at least 75mm longer in total. Th...
Well here you go!https://www.google.com/search?q=%22rectangular+watch%22+oversize&lr=&safe=i;hl=en&as_qdr=all&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei= ;ved=0CEQQsAQ&biw=2551&bih=1280#safe=images&hl=en&as_qdr=all&tbm=isch&q=rectangul+watch+oversize
Happend to be in my local Apple St yesterday and was a if Io do thtry on thing, so I did. I was pleasantly surprised. The watc are very nice and beautiful ( I assumed.) A few surp • I couldn't get the MilaLoop over my hand and onto my wrist—it was the smaller watch and they didn't have theme to try. I fin type bra rather confining and uncomforso disappointed. • Short-lived disappoi—the bracelet was actually prrtable. • The sport watch is amazilighter than the SS watch. I...
Well, hell has frozen over. But more than a few years late.   Thanks, Cpsro, for raising the bar on clever first posts! :-)
It doesn't look outdated. It looks retro. As in it's referencing of classic forms from the past. Classic design never goes out of style. As an example, the design of the Kitchenaide mixer was done in 1937 (if I remember correctly.) There has never been any reason to change the basic design of it. It still looks fresh and is still widely imitated. If Apple is smart, they will not bother to redesign the Apple watch as much as they do the  phone. It would just be gilding the...
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