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I'm sure Apple has been working on making intelligent algorithms that anticipate all sorts of things you haven't even though of yet, let alone the really obvious things that have occurred to everyone as they contemplate their navels.
What an idyllic (if boring and small minded) world you must live in! Do you really think Apple leaves the best talent un-hired because they are excessively diverse?
One wacky comment offset by another.It's funny world.😃
Ahh … an IBM "Correcting Selectric," the pinnacle of mechanical typewriter technology.You Grandma has good taste.If only I had access to such a machine in college.
Apple's concern is research, not real estate development.
I have not read the patent, so I don't know what their claim is. But I doubt the claim is for using 3 chips. To me it looks like the method of splitting is different from other arrangements I've seen.My brother in law used to have a little point and shoot (I think is was made by Fuji c1999) that used a 90° turn like this with a conventional sensor. Is was a tiny camera (about like 3/4 of a deck of cards) and very low res. But it had great zoom capability. the optics were...
It's often good to remember that The universe doesn't read resumes.• Just an example that contradicts your assertion that ". . . there is always a price to pay for more glass in front of the sensor in terms of light gathering capability . . . "We use lenses rather than pinholes on cameras because there is so much to be gained by puting that glass in front of the sensor (including the ability to gather far more light.) Perhaps your assertion is too simplistic to apply...
Yeah, I was trying to decipher that too . . .
 Well, in a way . . .The Italian regulators seem to have guts in the same way mafia extortionists have brazen guts.Meanwhile . . .The US regulators need the guts of Elliot Ness going after criminal behavior rather than their current state sometimes marked by the affability of a co-conspirator. Pretty unlikely though, with legislators of both parties in the pockets of big business interests. I'm really glad that Apple hasn't chosen to throw their money and weight around in...
Looks like that settles it.Additionally, nobody signs anything for online purchases. I don't know why they think this is any different, especially with the added Touch ID factor adding biometric confirmation.
New Posts  All Forums: