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More interesting is what they imagined for the distend future that is now here. A good idea of what people 50 years ago imagined for the future would be Star Trek (I think it was produced in the mid to late 60's.) Talking computers, computers that understand speech, hand held computers and communicators, hand held scientific sensors, a database of general knowledge available online, medical scanners, FTL travel, and teleportation.I'd say we've done amazingly well....
My original post stands. I think it acknowledges his faults without ridiculously over-focusing on them. It's clear from any account of Steve that he could be a real ass (especially when he was younger) but also that he moderated as he got older. It's equally clear though that throughout his life he appreciated the contributions of others—even as he made great demands of them. If that's so incredibly unbelievable to you, you probably are incapable of subjective thought on...
 I find "things like traction control" essential for driving in the snowy north (Minnesnowta.) Quality soft rubber snow tires make a big difference too though.I think the real question is the quality of the traction control, not whether traction control in general is a good thing. I've never felt the need to turn off my traction control (although the off button is right there if I ever change my mind.
I don't think there is a "valet option," which is something owners are calling for. Currently I think there's just an enthusiast-created warning screen you can download to display on the console screen to inform valets that you can see real time information on how the car is being driven.I think what owners really want is to put the car in a mode where the car drives like a modest conventional vehicle at a governed speed. I don't think this has been done yet (but no, I do...
Yeah, it's clear you aren't familiar with the Steve Jobs I described.
I had a feeling I'd never see anything about those theoretical job postings.
Agreed.For the many people born into a bad situation, only a very great deal of personal effort can possibly help them to improve their situation. Even then, things can go very wrong very easily, and often it does. It's worth remembering that in the greater world, having clean water to drink and a safe place to take a crap is a nearly unobtainable aspiration for many.
Not taking sides, but this seems a strange thing to say.Surely, 80-90% of people in Spain are caucasian, which I think many would call "white," whatever that really means. I think your just getting sucked into the OP's framing of his possibly limited worldview.
Oh really? Could you share those $100K+ truck driver postings you always see with us?
Nobody is "self-made." As arrogant as Steve jobs could often be, I never heard of him claiming to be "self-made." I imagine he would have found The notion silly. Whenever he spoke of his success he cited the influence of others, from his parents, to his colleagues, to helpful stalwarts of silicon Valley. He pursued his vision, but he clearly appreciated all the help he got along the way.
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