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Perhaps it's the extreme side view of the photo, but looks more stripped down than I remember. As if many of the styling details have been removed. Timeless!It really does look like it was modeled after a bar of soap. Everything classically beautiful is very simple.[The roadster always looked way better than the coupe.]
I would imagine that the crown is too small to get a meaningful fingerprint sample. when you only look at a tiny area of the finger, they look pretty similar. The iPhone/iPad buttons allow a significant portion of the center of the finger (the most unique part) to be sampled. The crown would sample only a fraction of that area.
Yikes! There's nothing wrong with the mid-west. I hope you're joking and don't feel that way about the American heartland. It may tend to be conservative, but it's pretty "live and let live" here. There are plenty of friendly, educated, open-minded folks in the midwest (Obama's from Chicago, you know.) And there are LBGT people everywhere. Although I'm sure it's difficult when people are young, medium sized mid-western towns are more loving than big cities toward people...
Bible thumpers love the old testament—It's got verses on all sides of everything!For a more contemporary and Christic view, I'd suggest Mathew 7. It gets right to the point.
 I can't say I'd admire anyone because of a tattoo, any more than I would think poorly of them, or call them vandals (they can, after all do as they wish with their own body.) Some people have good taste, others don't. Some tattoos are carefully designed statements, imbued with meaning, some aren't. Seems like a pretty personal and private thing, unless one makes a big deal of it.
Nice! What is that? Reminds me of an Audi TT roadster, but retro looking.
At about 1/3 the revenue of Google, it is indeed relatively small. When/if it gets up to $50 billion in revenue do you seriously think it will still have a 50% growth rate? Or will it be different from every other company and have unsustainable growth because you love FaceBook so much? You don't think the shine will ever wear off for advertisers and users alike as they begin to see all the shite FaceBook is doing with their data? Etc.
"Corn or worse," as I said. Expired Hostess baked goods, wrapper and all, stale candy, you name it , if it's cheap, has calories, and will fatten the cows, the finishing lots will feed it to them."Finishing" is all about adding fat and reducing muscle tone (toughness.)I agree, buying meat that's raised with a care seems a good choice to me.
It's easy to grow when your small.Any savvy person realizes that 50% growth is very unlikely to be sustained for long.
Cows in the US eat grass too, for most of their lives. But as you probably know, they are finished on corn (and worse.) Anything to fatten them up.
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