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 I was thinking Monsanto was Swiss! But sure enough, based in St. Louis. "Roundup" herbicide is a good old American creation -- I'm saddened we have no one to blame it on but ourselves.
 Nice false 'false concern' concern!(But it's your usual pattern so I'm not overly concerned about it.)
I enjoyed the article Dan. When the section of the keynote on Metal was presented, my ears perked up and I figured there was more to it than meets  the eye. I wondered what the implications might be. Your examination helped me to see how all the parts of Apple's approach fit together. Thanks.
 Whoa! Thanks for that important piece of reporting.Please also do a followup on whether anyone is saying that extraterrestrials might, potentially be involved in some way.
I just hope Dr, Dre tunes these headphones so we can all finally heat what the music is supposed to really sound like.   /s
 Mine too.Neither is worth $3B.In either case, buy a smaller talented company with smarts for 1/50th price. Make them new millionaires (not billionaires) and help them to use their expertise with Apple's to build exactly what Apple wants and needs.
I don't buy it. And I don't think Apple did either.
 This is a great point.I have to say I get tired of always hearing X & Y about Jony Ive (no offense to him.) He's frankly very lucky to get to work at a company that gets and appreciates design. It's also a company where the head of design has access to the top of the executive suite. Most important of all, everyone at Apple gets and appreciates design. The design process isn't an after thought, it's an integral to all activities right from the start. As a designer I can...
 Me too.If I were in a position to fire anyone, that is.Seriously, there's nothing more annoying than working on a project with people who are not committed to excellence. I can take many of the initial bumps in the road that is a team project—split attention, naiveté, initial ignorance of the situation, confusion, etc. Every member of a team has their strength and weaknesses. But once we all get settled in and start on the project, everyone better be committed and making...
 The "other Steve?"Who? /s
New Posts  All Forums: