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Oh really? Could you share those $100K+ truck driver postings you always see with us?
Nobody is "self-made." As arrogant as Steve jobs could often be, I never heard of him claiming to be "self-made." I imagine he would have found The notion silly. Whenever he spoke of his success he cited the influence of others, from his parents, to his colleagues, to helpful stalwarts of silicon Valley. He pursued his vision, but he clearly appreciated all the help he got along the way.
I knew you were odd, but never realized you were deranged.Folks should keep in mind that the "unregulated internet' we have had so far, has delivered to us some of the crappiest, lowest bandwidth, most expensive internet access in the developed world. Meanwhile it's been very profitable for the telcos. No wonder they hate so much even the slightest regulation.Deregulation: What would a pro football game look like if we got rid of the referees?
 I don't get it.Unless I'm woefully behind the times, DRAM isn't on "the chip." So the DRAM supplier and the Chip supplier can easily be two different folks.No? [sorry I'm too tired to go throughout all the comments to discover what's what exactly, especially since it seems like a "non-story." I assume this is just a slip up by the staff writer just not knowing enough to word it more carefully?If I'm totally wrong, feel free to tell me what a fool I am.]
 Yeah .  . .It still is.Or more to the point, it's very often rude and annoying.So be mindful when people behind you are trying to actually see the live event that you are watching on your iPad. Otherwise hold on tight or it might get accidentally knocked out of you hands and onto the pavement.      
Not if the value of the employees lies primarily in their knowledge of their present employer's IP. A good measure of this is "can they command a similar salary from some other company in the space other than Apple?" or "Does Apple show interest in other candidates that have similar expertise but no knowledge of the IP in question?"OTOH though, a non-compete clause can't be used simply to keep an employee from going to another company. The competing interests obviously...
My point was that the last self proclaimed disruption of personal transportation (the Segway) disappointed since it really didn't effect anyone. So I guess you agree with me that the Japanese disruptions were not really all the innovative then. Accident Avoidance is one of the few fairly good innovations in the automotive space in the last 40 years. But you will notice that it hasn't really been at all disruptive. It's simply new technology bolted on to the existing...
Your argument is cogent and convincing and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.  /s
Wow! You're only wrong on 1.) 2.) and 3.)But the rest of what I've quoted you on is correct. 1.) Most of our warships  are non-nuclear fueled. Only US subs (some 71 odd) and aircraft carriers (10) are nuclear powered. That's 81 vessels.2.) Although our navy started using nuclear power plants 60 years ago, nuclear plants have been used to a varying extent ever since (we are presently well below peak usage in terms of number of vessels) but at no time in the pst 60 years has...
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