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That's great!  . . .      . . .  But it's not exactly brain surgery!  (which apparently you've had—humorectomy!)
Which one is Stelligent?  
  Of course not! But unlike brain scientists, brain surgeons are up front about it—they all admit that they're "practicing."
"Brain science" is actually ranked slightly lower than either "rocket science" or "brain surgery" (you don't even have to have a master's degree to do "brain science!")
"Rocket surgery" is several orders more technically complex (in the metaphor world) than either "brain surgery" or rocket science."
  Perhaps you didn't really look? I see male genitalia in this image from issue #4 (linked in article above [with it's "Warning: links to illustrated sexual content"]) https://twitter.com/mattfraction/status/321718975543246848/photo/1
  Read the article. It's a bout only censoring mildly explicit material that is gay but not similar straight material. I actually downloaded the free first issue of 'Saga' when it came out. Based on that, it seems quite well done and tasteful to me. Apple has always had this problem. They need to get out of the censorship business and simply enable people to choose for themselves and their children. It's not fricking rocket surgery!
  Get a transparent case.
  Yeah, in addition I'd like a bit more battery time (and responsiveness on the iP touches, please.)
  I actually like some of the brown and light bronze(?) colors Canon has used on (some) their Elph point and shoot cameras. Not Zune brown though! 
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