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 Guess what? I don't own any of them (and I don't think they qualify as successful products anyway.)[PS athletes often sweat profusely and perform in the rain. Some even swim!? Just because Microsoft et al are too stupid to understand this doesn't mean Apple needs to be!] That's an incredibly shortsighted and unimaginative assertion. It's amazing to me that any serious reader of this website would pose it. Sometime after you are proven wrong, I'll consider buying one [but...
1.) Amazon never intended to use drones (other than for publicity—mission accomplished.) 2.) 55 pounds and 100 mph? Are you fricking kidding me? 5 lbs, maybe OK, but If I see a 55lb drone going 100 mph over my home, I will be purchasing a shotgun.
When they put in the MAGLEV he can park in the handicap spot at 1 Infinite Loop and have his office at Campus 2!
Not at all. There's no reason this wouldn't be done, as it is already done with iPhone accessories. Apple is much less likely to do it though, as they tend to like "all-in-ones" and they don't like to make accessories for small, fractionated parts of the user base. The second tech allows though, any sensor that makes sense and works will be included in their product.RE waterproof—IMO Apple's watch thing will never be successful in the broad market until it is waterproof...
Apple has scrapped a number of things they have investigated only for them to appear later, when technology or engineering caught up with their vision. It's called "the design process," people.  What's astonishing is that so many companies seem unable todo this (hence, what's known as "a poor design process.")
 I've been extremely disappointed that plans do not call for a MAGLEV train being built to connect the two campuses.I'd settle for an Epcot style monorail but . . . 
Cook, Ives, or the like will have to stay back at 1 Infinite.Who else would have both the pull and nostalgic sense to abuse a certain handicapped parking spot in the manner to which it has become accustomed?
 My guess:It's not really personal information so there's no compelling reason for it to be confidential. Apple isn't a person (even if it is a corporation). It's not as if it's likely information on the vehicle will endanger anyone's privacy.  i.e. This isn't a wife-beater tracking down his estranged spouse. So in this case the sunshine principal seems appropriate. Publicly collected information should be publicly accessible (as long as it isn't personal.)
 Of course it's legitimate. If Trump and others didn't provide the casinos how else could enough drug money get laundered? If not for the casinos the vacancy rate would have to be closer to 95%!  ;-)
 Unlikely they will ever need to lease out any of this building. When it's finished, they still plan to use 1 Infinite Loop.If worse ever came to worse, they could always lease out part of 1 Infinite Loop, if they cared to (after all, both buildings are essentially bought outright [I'm sure they have done whatever makes best sense financially, tax-wise, etc., even though they can essentially pay for the buildings outright.])
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