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I hope everyone reading would consider it. Obviously it is a personal non-trivial choice. But a liver donation is not like a kidney donation. A modest portion of the liver is removed and the donor's liver regenerates to replace the donated portion. So the risks are minor and a life is saved. A lot of bang for the buck.
That's a great purposeful misinterpretation of my position, but no.As I said Art is Art.A Fabergé egg is an art piece, so I wouldn't call it a "luxury item." It certainly would be luxurious to own one, but I think it falls into a different category from, say a Rolex watch, which is broadly seen as a "luxury item." It seems to me that a "luxury item," like any other product, has a certain commodity aspect to it, even if it is offered in very limited batches.This is all very...
Was a Fabergé egg made to be sold at a Charity auction?Does Apple sell one-offs (other than for charity auctions?)I'd consider any one-off (other than architecture etc.) to be a novelty or art piece, not a luxury item. Jewelry often skirts this since the stones are often unique, but unique jewelry is generally seen as art also.
Use your brain.Is it luxury just because it costs a lot or there is only one?Is a moon rock "luxury?"When My NPR station sends me a $5 cary bag because I made a $130 contribution, does it mean the bag is somehow a luxury item (or even just worth more than the same $5 bag I buy elsewhere?)
Yup! I think he's remembering a later auction price on the 20th A Mac.Apple Lisa $9,995 in 1983 (@$23K today's dollars.)Also read there was an Apple server that sold for nearly $20K (initial price) but I don't know what it was called or when it came out. Possibly this doesn't fully fit the "consumer product" qualification though.Today's topped out MacPro sells for over $20k, but so far I've been limiting myself to base prices only. Seems like a cheat to me.
It's called reality (it's great, try it!)Read what I said.Key words: *one-off*   *charity.*
McDonalds is a classic B-school case study.
It's amazing. Your posts seem to alternate between the ravings of a five year-old  and an 85-year old.You may need to get out and see more of the world. ;-)Do you really think Apple would enter into a deal they didn't want?
Seems like they'd have to lie on their sales taxes as well then (and be prosecuted for tax evasion.)
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