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It's unlikely that it's a problem for darker skinned people as Apple surely tested for for that. Dark skin, unlike a dark tattoo, doesn't contain the heavy metals that are in tattoo ink (I'm guessing that this might be the source of the sensing problem.) Even in the case of folks with tattoos, I'm sure a simple software adjustment can be made that will solve things.
That is annoying!The 6 is my first iPhone so I had no preconceptions, but that is the first HW thing that struck me. Probably no big deal for the phone in itself, but it's a very bad design choice, knowing people are likely to use a case which is likely to make the buttons harder to press.
It's when your afraid of "the President," or of "Presbyterians," or any other words written in less than 12 point type!
What proves what?I guess you attribute the "low" %20 upgrade number as a negative indication.Perhaps you are correct in thinking some folks don't like the slightly larger 6, but that has nothing to do with these "record sales numbers."As I've pointed out %20 is is right on track. If anything the huge sales numbers will convince Apple they are on a better track with the 6 than with previous phones..
Maybe you are right …but probably not.While I too found those things ridiculous, I know I'm a fashion moron. I'm reminded of the scene in "The Devil Wears Prada" when Anne Hathaway's character giggles at a fashion choice and Meryl Streep's character exposes her ignorance of fashion history and design language. Long story short, these fashion folks look eccentric, but everything they wear is a statement and has a meaning. You and I don't speak that language.Someone in this...
I wasn't talking about reading books or web pages, just using the phone.The "improved" interface design combined with the shrinking from the retina display makes it hard for me to use a smaller phone (and read web pages too.) The big screen lets me zoom sufficiently to accommodate. But I may be considered a border case as I am over 50 and do have presbyopia (and wish Jony Ive's would kick in soon.)
 That's fun.Have Apple design folks spoken of this, or is it just a visual coincidence someone has pointed out?Does the bath cover use magnets to snap into place?
Sure, I feel the same way (and appreciate frugality.) In fact I've been a shareholder for over 20 years, but only just got an iPhone this spring. I just think the 6/6+ are Apple's new path. I don't think the screens will get smaller.Seeing as you like the 5S (a great phone) you probably don't have this problem, but I think Apple has found that the small screens are just too small for most people over about 38. With any presbyopia, a small screen is just too hard to read...
The 6+? Behemothish, yes.The 6? Not so much.If you plan to wait for a phone smaller than the 6, I think you'll be waiting for a long time.
 Actually he said "installed base," as educated, non-jargozed, competent, native speakers tend to say.[shortly after 33.03] 20% seems about right to me considering:• the 6/6+ are 1st gen, (many will wait for the slight bump of gen 2)• Apple introduces new phones twice a year now,  and• many folks (almost all in the US) get their phones with a 2 year contract with accompanying restrictions. It frankly seems likely the rate would be right around 20% and very unlikely it...
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