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Ha! Good eye!And way to keep your head while all around you, others claim the sky is falling.
Not "European" but Czech. QWERTY is an English (language) thing. Every language has their own optimized keyboard layout (or two.) Although I'm sure they often have to put up with the widely used/available English language, QWERTY ones (probably shipped by default with American computers for many years.)
No. They're just trying to make people think that Apple has had their American vans teleported to Europe.New rumor: Apple working teleportation!
Exactly.The way people react you'd think they've never been young or had any fun.No wonder the AI forums are less fun and interesting than they used to be.Live a little, people!
I hope everyone reading would consider it. Obviously it is a personal non-trivial choice. But a liver donation is not like a kidney donation. A modest portion of the liver is removed and the donor's liver regenerates to replace the donated portion. So the risks are minor and a life is saved. A lot of bang for the buck.
That's a great purposeful misinterpretation of my position, but no.As I said Art is Art.A Fabergé egg is an art piece, so I wouldn't call it a "luxury item." It certainly would be luxurious to own one, but I think it falls into a different category from, say a Rolex watch, which is broadly seen as a "luxury item." It seems to me that a "luxury item," like any other product, has a certain commodity aspect to it, even if it is offered in very limited batches.This is all very...
Was a Fabergé egg made to be sold at a Charity auction?Does Apple sell one-offs (other than for charity auctions?)I'd consider any one-off (other than architecture etc.) to be a novelty or art piece, not a luxury item. Jewelry often skirts this since the stones are often unique, but unique jewelry is generally seen as art also.
Use your brain.Is it luxury just because it costs a lot or there is only one?Is a moon rock "luxury?"When My NPR station sends me a $5 cary bag because I made a $130 contribution, does it mean the bag is somehow a luxury item (or even just worth more than the same $5 bag I buy elsewhere?)
Yup! I think he's remembering a later auction price on the 20th A Mac.Apple Lisa $9,995 in 1983 (@$23K today's dollars.)Also read there was an Apple server that sold for nearly $20K (initial price) but I don't know what it was called or when it came out. Possibly this doesn't fully fit the "consumer product" qualification though.Today's topped out MacPro sells for over $20k, but so far I've been limiting myself to base prices only. Seems like a cheat to me.
It's called reality (it's great, try it!)Read what I said.Key words: *one-off*   *charity.*
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