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I'm sorry, but if you really think the automotive industry is chock full of innovation, I'd have to say that you don't know what innovation really is.While it's true the Japanese have had a disruptive effect, it's very much worth remember that it was mostly done by using a "rapid inch up" strategy, which is only looks innovative when compared to the rest of the automotive industry at the time.What we are about to witness (from someone, if not Apple) will be nothing less...
This is great !!!!! Now I can make my iOS device look as crappy as possible !!!
Of which "business perspective" do you speak? I'm sure it would be interesting to hear you elaborate on this.Do you think the automotive industry isn't subject to disruption?Did a "business perspective" indicate Apple's entry into the "phone manufacturing" business was sensible in 2007?Like any other perspective, a business perspective depends on where one chooses to look from. 
Made me laugh :-)
Actually, that's one reason I can see that companies like Tesla, and potentially Apple, can go into cars. Electric cars are many times more "solid state" than traditional cars. Transportation is an industry begging to be disrupted by solid state experts like Tesla and (even more so) Apple.
I'm not sure about "these wearables," but I can see how a good analysis of the data could provide a lot of interesting to useful insight [meaning that it might be of variable interest and usefulness. ;-) ] Pulse, respiration,  and body movement alone could be extremely useful beyond just for baseline vitals. As an example, I see super easy low hanging fruit (beyond simple training info) might around certain disorders. I think sleep apnea could be diagnosed/suspected very...
I suggest you duct tape or superglue a [waterproof] watch onto your existing pH meter. :-)
Not part of the executive team? Really? He's the senior VP of Design in a company that's very much about design and Engineering. I would call all the Senior VPs part of the so called "C suite" (I hate that term) or the "executive team." They all make executive decisions within their very important and non-overlapping areas. There are only two executives at Apple with "Chief" in their titles, the CEO and the CFO. everyone else is a Senior VP, just like Ive. Additionally...
An endless supply of pizza for the price of a shotgun. What's not to love? Actually, I just think anything more than a few pounds is an unreasonable danger to people if operating over public areas. On large tracks of private property, who cares? These regulations strike me as rather arbitrary, capricious, poorly thought out, and inconsiderate of both privacy rights and probable useful operation.
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