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 You mean like with your smoke alarm?
 Perhaps, but zero tolerance in schools is way over done, mainly because many of the administrators are narrow-minded bureaucrats.Nothing destroys creativity like imposing an institutional "death penalty" on kids for being curious, intelligent, and daring.Apple is essentially made up of people who were the kind of kids who would have done this sort of thing.
 He'd have to explain to me how that would work . . . 
 Maybe you're thinking of Potassium? It reacts violently in water. You want to keep Phosphurus away from oxygen.
 It's not the big part with the cables that's the problem. It's that last bit from the tower to the cell phone — no cable!
That's marvelous. "Enough" is a relative term, I suppose. An update is pretty irrelevant if one doesn't know about it.I'm on on 3.1 "Marble" which was the first big update I was notified of since I bought the software about 2 years ago (probably around 2.1.) I wonder why no other updates were pushed to me via Software Update?
That's odd. It seems to me I've had many of updates/additions to Aperture (other than performance, not much I was hoping for, like say lens correctioncapability.) But I only remember one big update and one minor one for Pixelmator in that time. Don't get me wrong. I like Pixelmator, but it doesn't seem to have been updated very much. I suppose one could say that since it takes good advantage of Apple's core software features, every Apple update gives Pixelmator a nice...
 I was thinking Monsanto was Swiss! But sure enough, based in St. Louis. "Roundup" herbicide is a good old American creation -- I'm saddened we have no one to blame it on but ourselves.
 Nice false 'false concern' concern!(But it's your usual pattern so I'm not overly concerned about it.)
I enjoyed the article Dan. When the section of the keynote on Metal was presented, my ears perked up and I figured there was more to it than meets  the eye. I wondered what the implications might be. Your examination helped me to see how all the parts of Apple's approach fit together. Thanks.
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