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In essence, Gray Code is "digital" however it's generated
Sounds like divination from the blue.The changing dynamic pressure of a Jacuzzi jet presents stresses that that are different from a static ones. If you doubt that I suggest you place your anus in in a still area of the Jacuzzi and then in front of a jet. Report your findings back. Was it the same thing? Was static pressure a greater stress of your "seals?"
Sound pretty picky (and speculative) to me.When old gen mice went from electrical to optical sensors a decade and a half ago not much changed in the hardware or the theoretical principles that made them work. Nobody whined, "This is a digital mouse. Those others are electro-mechanical." Nobody even noticed until later, when the ball was taken out and optical sensors were used directly on the mousing surface.If you want picky, we can use your logic to say the "digital...
AI should probably try to make their iOS app usable before branching out into these broader areas of poor usability.
This is the lamest series of exchanges [Gtr take note :-) ] There is no doubt he's correct about the use of very similar digital crowns more than 15 years ago. The idea is an old one. I remember it on an $18k all digital high end watch one of my deign profs had. The apple watch hardware is 15 years better, but essentially the same. What it controls is far different and very much improved (the older watch just told the time etc.)
I'm not that familiar with it's specific functions so I'm sure others can explain better and should feel free to add, but it strikes me that it's far more than a second screen or extension of the iPhone. It's really an extension of the whole Apple ecosystem much in the way the iPad is more than a second screen/ extension of the iPhone or Mac. The form factor pushes it to a different nicheā€”it's always there and able to alert/inform you and very subtly, which is very new and...
I'll buy that.The hardware isn't new (although it is improved,) but what it does definitely is both new and improved.
Thanks for having such a high opinion of AI readers. /s
Oh brother!So you have some unrelated axe to grind.You sound just as ridiculous as daveinpublic when talks about stowing critical thinking.
Maybe they kept it smaller to make it durable. The bigger it is the more torque can be applied by bumps etc. to bend the shaft. the opto-electrical target has to stay in good alighnment.
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