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 Of course it's legitimate. If Trump and others didn't provide the casinos how else could enough drug money get laundered? If not for the casinos the vacancy rate would have to be closer to 95%!  ;-)
 Unlikely they will ever need to lease out any of this building. When it's finished, they still plan to use 1 Infinite Loop.If worse ever came to worse, they could always lease out part of 1 Infinite Loop, if they cared to (after all, both buildings are essentially bought outright [I'm sure they have done whatever makes best sense financially, tax-wise, etc., even though they can essentially pay for the buildings outright.])
 (although I don't agree with the implosion idea,) obviously you are one who "can't stop" at a logical place.Where did you get the idea that "skyscrapers" are so sustainable anyway? Palo Alto is hardly a Location that merits "building up." Skyscrapers are not terribly efficient or sustainable in themselves. The design is made expedient in the face of incredibly high land prices in some very few areas of the world.This building is a far better solution for it's setting...
Maybe what they have in common is that they're all over the place!
 This is one of the most plausible posts I've seen on this subject!(and one of the funniest.)
This covers it.The story is bogus-- some tiny kernel of truth wrapped in wild speculation.The funniest thing is reading all the excited moronic posts of people who think Apples going to release minivan--speculating on margins, product strategy, and so on. The hopeful ignorance of thoughtless Apple exuberance springs eternal.
 I'm a lossless guy too.Years ago I encoded music at the standard settings for iTunes and was dissatisfied. I just kept increasing the bit rate until I arrived at the Apple Lossless setting and I've never looked back.It didn't even take top rated headphones and speakers. I can easily tell the difference (double blind) with my 30+ year old B&W DM-10's or on my equally vintage SenheiserHD420's. These are good quality equipment, much nicer than similarly priced stuff today...
Alaska, Hawaii, Kansas, Mississippi, and Montana. Education and population density?   Looks like a typical big over-reach by "researchers" who need to report something to the boss.
 Indeed. He must be a traitor and a rat because he revealed that our government was spying on all of us, subverting the constitution, and lying about it. You are too kind calling him a traitor and rat. I contend he is a "dangerous element." We will not be safe until we have greater national security and can ensure the government has the unfettered capability of covertly monitoring every one of us, as in the way China or Russia aspires. Thank God for the NSA's good...
 What, did you think you were reading a scientific journal or something? This is a tech rumor website.He's not "citing himself." He's providing links to his (and others) previous articles that explain events in greater detail.He's often an egotistical ass, but I don't think his linked articles exemplify this. In any case, researchers often cite their own work in scientific papers. Often they are the leading authorities on the subject or they are building on previous work...
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