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[Looks to be pretty darn high resolution cog. The text says it has a dedicated processor, which probably accounts for the the buttery performance.]
And in previous gen mice[the kind with balls! ;-) ]
Hardware wise, it's basically a 1 axis mouse. Software wise, they've clearly done a lot of work to optimize how it works. I imagine every wearable will be following Apple, now that they've blazed the trail. Now we'll hear about how the apple watch really got all it's ideas from the Moto360 and the FitBit etc.I wonder how much they'll be able to protect it (seeing as many particulars of their iPhone work has been copied ad nausium.)
While I wish everything on my person was water proof, I assure you waterproofing electronics (especially highly compact and usable consumer electronics) is nowhere near as easy as you might think.
One of my original degrees is geology, so I couldn't miss it.
Yeah, it never fails.But I wasn't chiding him over a typo, but nudging him about using a word with a meaning exactly opposite of what he thought. That usage is a tapestry [sic.] of justice but now the point is mute [sic.] and now we should probably take different tact [sic.]  :-)
IPX7 doesn't include operating the watch underwater, just a static submersion for 30 minutes. So I'd say th review wasn't totally meaningless. While not, "totally meaningless," it's also not super informative either though. For instance the watch wasn't disassembled and checked for water damage after the test, so all that can be said is that the watch functioned  with no obvious water damage after the test.BTW I'm impressed with the performance of the watch (as I expected...
 I like your UN.On my geology 101 (or equivalent) final I was asked to define "coprolite."I got full credit and a smilie face for my answer,"An ancient species feces."
Like Bender, I suppose, they occasionally need to "leak coolant."[@mesomrphicman, didn't see your post. Ah yes, it was Fry not Bender.]
Sorry, this is totally ridiculous. What's more, Apple doesn't hold themselves up to this standard. I'm certain Keynote, Pages, and Numbers iOS Apps all openly advertise their interoperability with and support for Microsoft applications and file types on their listings and in metadata.   Example: Keynote. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/keynote/id361285480?mt=8&ls=1   "• Access and edit your presentations from a Mac or PC browser"  [competitor browser]  . . .  •...
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