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Sounds like you're talking out your ass.I have never seen IPX7 certification characterized in the way you claim here.Share with us your documentation of these "facts" you are proclaiming about IPX7 certified electronics and repeated swimming with them. It sounds fascinating, especially the "standard baths."
 It's not inclusive. They are different tests. To get a rating certification you just have to pass the test you you want the certification for. IPX7 rating is theoretically more protective than IPX6, but not necessarily. Also if you read the IPX6 spec carefully you will see that the water jets are shot from 3 meters away. The effect at the object is much less than the spec might suggest (the standard for the jet are for near the nozzle of the jet, not at the...
Like pretty much every luxury item and certainly other gold watches.
Good luck with that. Honestly, it might be fine a few times (certification requires it pass only one test.)But if you really do plan to wear it in the shower every day, you might want to wait for reassurance and a better spec from Apple.
Thought I heard that somewhere too (so I'm disappointed with IPX7). Obviously they are not advertising that as what is acceptable though.In any case, if his gets wet and stops working, they just hand him a new one. We will not get that kind of customer service. :-)
Nope!IPX7 means immersed 1 meter under water (motionless) for up to 30 minutes.The action of swimming (moving the watch) is a much greater water resistance strain. If the watch is moved around, forget about 30 minutes and think more like 1 or 2 minutes. A shower stream hitting the watch directly on a vulnerable spot would be even more risky.
 Better question is "who might accidentally wear their watch in the shower?" Answer, almost anyone.The watch has "Sport" in the name.Swimming is a common sport, isn't it?Seems reasonable one might want to wear a watch while working out—running, swimming, etc.
"This means that a session in the shower, getting caught in the rain, or washing your hands will not cause damage, but prolonged exposure %u2014 such as swimming %u2014 would be harmful." Nope. Would definitely be taking a huge risk of damage to wear an IPX7 watch in the shower.
question for those who might know: *** BTW, I've been hating HD TV lately. Seems everything is shot at Hyperfocal settings. It's very distracting and seems like horrible practice to me. what's the deal? Is there some reason for this? Seems like a tragic esthetic choice. Is it forced on DPs by HD crazy producers, or is it ignorance among some DPs who don't target a cinematic aperture? Is this the new esthetic of TV cinematography?****   [It makes everything look like a...
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