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  I don't know where you've been living, but iPhone footage appears on broadcast TV all the time. Many reporters use or are issued iPhones to capture video on the fly. A funny thing happens when a video platform shrinks to the price and size of an iPhone. Suddenly you don't have to spend $5-50k for a camera. The camera doesn't need to be huge and heavy. The camera is cheap enough that it doesn't have to be carried in a box, in a truck, with a crew. You can give one to...
So true.It's never/always too early. If one waited too long it wouldn't really be Schadenfreude. And for the object of the Schadenfreude, it's always too early.
If this is true, Apple has become Google or FaceBook. $3B wasted on crappy, phony (no pun intended,) least common denominator branding bull 5h12. I'll need to reconsider my long term holdings of Apple stock.
Do you think your thoughts on the subject are "effectful" or "influenceful?
The dictionary has everything in it, including trite, overused phrases, even common incorrect usages. Did you really think bad "business speak" would be omitted? Pehaps you don't appreciate subtlty and elegance in written EnglishI've heard that pigs will eat anything placed in front of them. Is that your argument in a nutshell?
"Impactful?" Please skip the marketing speak, "going forward."
 I don't know anyone who would say open source = security (If anyone does I've got some free open source software I can give them!) But open source does equate to transparency, which it seems (counterintuitively enough) is a prerequisite to verifiable security. Clearly Apple thinks so.
 You confused "has a moral obligation to" with "is incentivized by.""Morals" and "motives" are often confused  by individuals in the absence of a moral compass, and by organizations in the absence of moral leadership.BTW, it's a myth that corporations have a fiduciary responsibility to act illegally (or even legally) to maximize shareholder profit.
 Why "in business?"Ethics don't matter in anything . . . if they don't matter to you.One can choose to be unethical in any situation—with friends, wife, family. It's all about the consequences and how you view them.Do you really believe one can be a moral person while ignoring morals in the work place?
 Like iPhones, you mean?
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