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People hardly trust FB with random trivia. Who's going to trust them with money? Somebody, I imagine, but not me.
Not quite as well. I'll stick with Apple's suite of apps and take a miss on MS's subscription model.But it would be nice if Apple brought the iOS apps into better synch with the OS X apps. I hate it when I'm told, "Some features will not be supported on iOS . . ."For that matter, it would be nice if Numbers (of any version) was useful for more than just low level stuff. It chokes on anything more complex than the most elementary stuff. I like the ideas Apple has brought to...
I guess you mean the "private companies" that didn't exist until NASA groomed them along. What private company is it that was offering to get people in orbit again? I forget. Oh yeah, there weren't any.This isn't political, I'm just pointing out for you that "thuh guvament" drove development of the Internet.As far as our last 2 wars: did you miss out on the fact that they were the most privatized in our history? Did you forget about KBR, Blackwater/Xi, and all the other...
 I'll agree with you here.Why is it so hard for folks to see that real Net Neutrality and common carrier rules is the way to go?We've been through all of this several times already with the telegraph and telephone about a century ago. We used the principles we learned in setting up the internet a few decades ago. Why do we keep letting our communications slip away?
 So now Apple is wandering down the road of Crapplications. How very quaint and Microsoft.OK, we can hide the crap, great. Let's all do a slow clap.But where are the obvious useful things that could and should be there, but aren't?I consider my AppleTV (gen 3) "rather lame," and that's gennerous.
LOL  :-)
Yeah, right. Stock isn't real money.If you agree, just give me $12B in FB stock. I'm sure FB stockholders won't mind either.
 It's most likely a render done by an undergrad student. It's what is often referred to as "design porn" or "air design."It's a visual concept produced by laying some rearranged iOS screen shots and a little illustrator work onto a simple shape that's well lit in an idealized setting, and then rendering it.You see it as plausible because it looks photorealistic.I'm unimpressed by "photorealism" and focus on design, so to me it looks inexplicit and unrealistic.
New Posts  All Forums: