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[You might ant to look that word up.]  :-)
Yes.I am not aware he was pushing the one name thing, so I'm not sure why the article is. Not mentioning his surname makes it look like the writer thinks "Pharrell" is his surname.
 As you say, many professionals find getting screwed perfectly acceptable.It's it's not such a bother when you can simply pass the screwing on to your clients. Big dumb incumbents always want to move customers to a monthly subscription model with "features" that cause unnecessary lock-in. They think customers will not balk, but it only succeeds in a near monopoly situation.Disruptive newcomers love such a situation. The bar is so low for pleasing customers: just let them...
 Uhmmm, . . .  that looks very nice!Know of a good replacement out there for InDesign?Perhaps these folks could work on a suite — page layout, vector illustration, image editing, and image processing/curation?
It all boils down to performance within a given power budget (computing capability/watt hour.)Apple has consistently whacked the competition, not to mention the other value ads that come with Apples's custom silicon.
Cellphone with an AM radio (or maybe radio with a cellphone?):http://m.gsmarena.com/sony_ericsson_r300_radio-2228.phpProbably not much call for it as it is discontinued. But there are still many FM equipped cellphones available.[There may be an issue with the link. Just google "Sony Erikson R 300 radio"]Tiny ferrite core coils are widely available from suppliers in Asia for a pennies apiece.http://m.globalsources.com/gsol/I/AM-FM/p/sm/1091418228.htm(Not tiny enough to fit...
Well I have seen, more and more in movies and television, Apple computers used, but with the logo obscured. This tells me that they hit Apple up for placement fees and Apple refused to pay. Do you think they'll be getting more free computers from Apple? [maybe, I suppose. But Apple has probably drawn the line at paying for it, or maybe they have a nuanced strategy about what they will actually pay for.]
You are correct, . . .  for most product placements.You would have to pay people to wear many of the products out there. I'm sure Apple makes some deals with some folks for some things, but why buy the cow when the milk is free? Apple has a long history of having fantastic "product placements" that are not "placements" at all. If you are a set designer, you want a beautiful computer on the desk. You want a beautiful interface on the computer. What happens? Apple products...
Don't let Putin try one on.He'll try to walk off with (like it's a Superbowl ring!)
I believe a few have had AM tuners. And we've all seen small AM radios without a huge antenna, so I don't think it's a[n insurmountable] limiting factor. I imagine it would not achieve anything near Apple's quality standards though.
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