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 ThePixelDoc has helped me out on this. I realize the big problem is their lack of support for iOS. But they do themselves no favors anywhere else either. They apparently assume they don't have to make their player work properly anywhere and they definitely pay no attention to functioning with lower bandwidth connections. It would be so simple for them to make things usable.[OTOH, If Vimeo doesn't get spanked by users, what will make them support things better?] OK, I've...
Yup, I'd love to see stuff in full res. That's the major issue for me. It seems there is no way to have it fill the buffer.You are correct on the iOS problem. I will no longer click on anything Vimeo when I'm using iOS.RE the UI/UX: Indeed, why even have a timeline, controls, or buffer indicator if nothing actually responds or even works?Anyway, not your fault. Thanks for the tips. I'll give them a try. Wish me luck (and no burst aneurysms!)
 Perhaps so. But the fact that it might be clicked on wrong would tend to be an indicator of a severe problem. ;-)Admittedly, I don't have the greatest bandwidth. But if Vimeo can't gracefully traverse that deficit (as other video hosts seem to do,) it's pretty f'in useless. 
Why ND filters? Someone else said it perfumes poorly in low light, so your two views seem possibly somewhat contradictory. Or is this just to target a lower f stop for DOF control.Just curious (not a cinema guy.)
Good God, Vimeo sucks! AI, stop using Vimeo to post video. It just doesn't work reliably, which reflects poorly on AI. Most annoying how Vimeo is such a POS, when I really want to see something, I've essentially given up clicking on any Vimeo link—otherwise I'll end up blowing an artery in my brain or something.
Since when isn't it tax deductible?If you itemize deductions, you can sure list accounting and other fees as expenses.
 Those musy be some fancy presentations. What's your value add? (or do you just have a strict "money to burn only" clientele policy.)
That's almost like saying you'd use Preview instead of Aperture. They both do things with pictures, but one's not a replacement for the other.Pixelmator is an image editor (ala Photoshop) not a non-destructive image processor, organizer, and archiver like Aperture or Lightroom. I hate it when Apple does this to us users. We pay extra for pro software that's going to be built out really great (honest.) The buildout never comes, we hold out hope, then they leave us stranded...
More interesting is what they imagined for the distend future that is now here. A good idea of what people 50 years ago imagined for the future would be Star Trek (I think it was produced in the mid to late 60's.) Talking computers, computers that understand speech, hand held computers and communicators, hand held scientific sensors, a database of general knowledge available online, medical scanners, FTL travel, and teleportation.I'd say we've done amazingly well....
My original post stands. I think it acknowledges his faults without ridiculously over-focusing on them. It's clear from any account of Steve that he could be a real ass (especially when he was younger) but also that he moderated as he got older. It's equally clear though that throughout his life he appreciated the contributions of others—even as he made great demands of them. If that's so incredibly unbelievable to you, you probably are incapable of subjective thought on...
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