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 "despite his sexual orientation""personal choices""personal agenda"etc., etc.Pushed just a bit further your post would read as hilarious satire. But presently, it just reads as bigotry.
 Yeah, sure. Umm, just off the top of my head,"Taking LSD was a profound experience, one of the most important things in my life." — Steve Jobs That said, I see no more reason to be proud of being gay than of being left handed. But then it has been quite a while since left handed people have been treated as badly as have gay people.
OK, now for something really important. That's one hell of a great looking cat. He is more than worthy of his own feature story!
 This approaches a much better solution to "patent trolling" than requiring patent holders to be "practicing entities."
 There's this thing called humor . . .
 CYACover Your Apps!
Oh for crying out loud, "non-practicing entity?" Just say, "patent owner." It doesn't matter if they make anything. What matters is whether the patent is sound, and if it is, who owns it. That's what makes patents valuable. If that were not so, there would be no sense in having patents and nobody could profit from their innovative work.
I have to laugh as I hear all these posters waxing poetic about what a quality product Bose makes. I consider pretty much everything Bose has ever made to be greatly overpriced junk (Beats — even more so.) I suppose it's a result of greatly reduced sensitivity to audio fidelity brought on by the rise of small digital music players using poor compression (and also the associated ubiquitous irreversible hearing loss.)
New Posts  All Forums: