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 I find it most informative and revealing to invert everything before the "but" and doubt everything after it.
I would imagine that the firsst step toward getting decent battery life is not to use android SW & HW.
Ridiculous! Your stuck In an antiquated view of what this product must beAnother poster mentioned charging the "watch" every 2 days while showering. Also ridiculous! No wearable tech will be successful if it has to be taken off to charge every 2 days. Likewise if it can be worn in the shower it's a non-starter. These are "fails." Interchangeable cosmetic bands are irrelevant by comparison.
 Not really.Apple has what few others (and definitely not the Android set) have—great, unique, and highly usable technology.Products that work and look like Apple's transcend mere fashion, and always have.
It works via Bluetooth. I imagine you could integrate it in with your system if you wanted to.Especially with a "sick expensive" one like yours.
 You mean like with your smoke alarm?
 Perhaps, but zero tolerance in schools is way over done, mainly because many of the administrators are narrow-minded bureaucrats.Nothing destroys creativity like imposing an institutional "death penalty" on kids for being curious, intelligent, and daring.Apple is essentially made up of people who were the kind of kids who would have done this sort of thing.
 He'd have to explain to me how that would work . . . 
 Maybe you're thinking of Potassium? It reacts violently in water. You want to keep Phosphurus away from oxygen.
 It's not the big part with the cables that's the problem. It's that last bit from the tower to the cell phone — no cable!
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