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Ha ha!At first I thought that you meant the comment was immature.The fact that I didn't even think about how long ago that PSA was just demonstrates how old I am![Admittedly, my initial barely conscious thought on reading your comment was "I was a kid when I last saw that PSA." but it didn't register for a bit.]
Sorry, it's obvious if you've seen a tool up close before.The picture is of the concave side of the tool (mold) which is why the image of an iPhone has been superimposed on it (as if the phone [just the back, in reality] is sitting in the tool, freshly molded. The holes in the mating surface around the edges are probably indexing holes where bosses on the mating tool engage to align and lock the tool.The holes inside the depression puzzle me with their profusion and lack...
 That would make customers leave, and AAPL shareholders squirm. The phone needs to work reliably anywhere, after all.
 Choose BitCoin for our children's future! /s
 So now Apple is designing their own, suitable chips, which is exactly my point.Or as the saying goes:"If 'ifs' and 'buts' were soup and nuts, we'd all have a wonderful Christmas."
 Perhaps this also provides additional insight as to why Apple doesn't use Intel chips for iOS device CPUs?If Apple can't get what it wants, it goes elsewhere. If Apple can't get it elsewhere, it makes it. 
O.K. My guess is that its a tool for making the second shot of a double shot molding of a soft plastic, protective case for some mobile device [which is not necessarily  an iPhone.] The person who took the picture is just some worker in asia trying to make an extra buck selling a photo of a "secret iPhone manufacturing tool" I'm no expert on injection molding tools, but what I see as tip-offs are: • 1-up tool [low volume production] • The plethora of holes [for part...
People hardly trust FB with random trivia. Who's going to trust them with money? Somebody, I imagine, but not me.
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