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That's a ridiculous assertion!It really depends on the quality of the FM signal/reception versus the bitrate of the internet stream. There are plenty of low bitrate streams out there that sound terrible.
You mean the Richard Lindzen that is called "unprofessional" and "irresponsible" for his climate views by his MIT colleagues? (and almost everyone else in the scientific community.)
Just not a factor. I'm sure if your at the edge of reception you might notice a problem, but hey, at the edge of cell reception you can't even get a stream, so . . . 
Yes.Not as good as a CD, but way better than a low bit rate stream. (Everything is relative.)
 Funny, as many have pointed out, it seems no problem at all with the radio equipped iPods, even the Nanos.
 And how is that really relevant, since DAB is also broadcast radio and can't be picked up on an iPhone either? When you say, "Millions of consumers have switched off their radios in favor of music and commentary streamed over the internet." you misstate things. People haven't "switched off their radios," they are just getting their radio where they can. If they could tune into FM on their phones on the go, I'm sure they would (just as nearly everyone does while in the...
Nobody with a brain will see a 1% increase as surprising in light of Apple's impressive growth. If anything it's surprising it's only risen 1%.With all the proactive measures Apple has taken recently, I'd be surprised if their carbon footprint goes up next year, even with the inevitable sales growth they will experience. 
The administrative tasks I describe don't exactly amount to "creative control," nor are they, "just writing a check."
You describe an angel or backer. A producer and even co-producer has a creative, logistic, and oversight responsibility as well as a financial one. Probably does things very similar to some of his administrative tasks when he was at Apple. [But it depends. As in film, producers might do anything from lawyering , insurance, publicity, contracts, etc. and cash.]
Tried multiple time to post with a screenshot only to have The AI app f it up and toss my post, so now I'll do a short all text version.Forstall - bad with people.Forstall - too into skuemorphism.But, Forstall was thrown under busForstall 2-3X > Jony Ive WRT IX/UX.Proof? The many design cul de sacs now present in iOS.
New Posts  All Forums: