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Seems to me he's 50/50.Of course he's just passing on what his sources tell him, like any other Apple "rumor expert." I will say his sources seem more likely to have tips based on some actual nugget of intellegence rather than shear speculation. It does makes his stuff more interesting even if it isn't statistically reliable. He's making a more serious effort than others.
Which is to say, he's right half the time and wrong the other half (or the same as random chance.)
Exactly. Because one of the first casualties of iOS7 was legibility. You'd think JI would know better. He has to have at least a little presbyopia setting in by now! The second casualty is usability. So many basic precepts of usability and interaction design (long championed by Apple and based on rock solid cognitive research, testing, and long experience) have been tossed aside in iOS 7 that it's startling. Basic aspects of the interface have become secret esoteric...
Actually, he is f-ing them up. But he's got cheerleaders like you to make him feel good. Every designer needs someone to limit them and set boundaries. Jony and his crew are running feral through the interface design wild lands. An area in which he has very little expertise (and it shows.) He needs to stick with HW, where his talents obviously are.But It's not surprising at all you like his interaction design.
Exactly.I suppose they don't have anyone there to reign in the overexcited ID folks and get them to stop with the ridiculous "air design" projects, and get on with solving real design problems. Hmmm, kind of sounds like Apple these days, now that Steve is gone and Jony's permitted to run amok f-ing up the iOS and OS X user interfaces . . . (can someone please stop him.)
 So what then? After all, iPhones aren't manufactured in the US.The relatively weaker Canadian dollar buys less of everything no? Haven't PCs and Android phones gone up for you too?Canadians have to buy something—you can't call your Mom or update your FB status with a slab of canadian bacon or a jug of maple syrup, after all. ;-)
If you look at what was here before, you's see it was mostly parking lots. At 12,000 employees, I imagine this site is on par or better, in terms of density, with the original buildings and with Infinite Loop. It's just better designed and designed with the surroundings taken into account. Contrary to your impression, this isn't a huge waste of space, more likely you've hardly ever seen architecture use space properly before. WRT you worry about cost and waste, Oscar Wilde...
Cement work is the big factor. It's slow work that, as is often said, "has to be done three times." 1.) excavation, form building, and placement of reinforcing, 2.) actual pouring and curing, and 3.) removal of forms and further curing.The framing is more exacting than for a house, but on the other hand the parts custom made and ready to assemble. So the framing and fitting goes relatively quickly. A job like this is one huge logistics project!
I'm not an expert, but I believe mobile cranes are more flexible, cheaper, and easier to set up, especially on a site like this where the building is relatively low and spread out. In the city, there is often no room to put a mobile crane, while a tower crane can be built inside an elevator shaft, can reach all areas of the site, and can be used for the duration of construction. Obviously it's the best choice in such a case. This said, I have found Europeans to be...
I'm sure Apple has been working on making intelligent algorithms that anticipate all sorts of things you haven't even though of yet, let alone the really obvious things that have occurred to everyone as they contemplate their navels.
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