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You plainly are hysterical when you say, "it's the most horrible and inadequate excuse for a mapping app I have ever seen." (or you've only used two apps!) But I would admit it has some big problems, and problems that they seem glacially slow to correct. Most annoying. I have made repeated corrections since Maps came out that they have just fricking ignored. Nonexistent streets and businesses. It's pathetic!Now WRT your example, I entered the far more explicit search term,...
Now we all know your drunk. The opposite is the case. Telecom is far more regulated in Europe, which is probably why it's cheaper there. The telecoms are required to offer services under clearly specified terms or they aren't permitted to do business at all.
Clearly you don't have even the vaguest idea of what net neutrality is. If you did, you'd know that it has nothing to do with "freeloading" and everything to do with honesty and transparency in selling internet service. People (and companies) simply want companies to live up to their contracts for providing access at agreed upon bandwidth regardless of the content. If you still haven't comprehended this, I'm afraid there is no hope for you.(s) Report to the death panels...
I usually dislike everything you post, but you made me laugh this time.
Accountability to lobbyists, you mean.
It seems (correctly) that there's little else to say after viewing your post.
The OS isn't "free." We paid for it when we bought a Mac. Just because you label the OS "free" doesn't mean we will just settle for what we get if it's not what we wanted or expected when we bought it. It's also not an excuse for Apple to orphan the system they sold us. Apple's is a different value proposition from what is customary but some of us have expectations based on 35+ years worth of experience as loyal Apple customers.  Apple customer expectations are very high,...
I'd hardly call Mountain Lion or Mavericks obsolete. The only thing making them so is Apple's rather arbitrary policy. I don't think apple has ever left a previously fully supported OS in a crippled state like this before. Not even fixing back 1 rev (they've usually done at least 2) is very un-Apple like.Then there's the fact that Jony Ive doesn't know his elbow from a tea kettle in the interface design world. Hard to blame anyone for digging in their heels.
I certainly hope they reconsider their position on this.
$30k is what the profiteering "tough on crime" folks see—money spent by (or for the more mercenary, to be made from) the government. But so much more than that is lost. People in jail lose their jobs, no income—no taxes paid, their families often end up on welfare, small businesses are lost, etc. Putting nonviolent arrestees and convicts in jail is a double whammy in terms of public and personal costs. It's also hard for them to make any restitution. It's bad business all...
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