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 Apple isn't going to bring what the car companies want. The car companies could hire anyone to do that.Apple will bring what they do best — what users don't know they want yet — something that can evolve.I don't think the problem is Apple's arrogance, it may well be the auto industry's yearning for built in differentiation. The car and the personal device don't have to merge (as auto designers seem to think.) They just need to work well together. You are right openness is...
 This is certainly true. Apple's willingness to cannibalize and displace their own best products is the biggest factor about Apple that "forces change." This is not a technology or business skill which is why tech and business people have such a hard time seeing it, muchness appreciating or understanding it.
 Of course that's simply impossible for "Android" since it's not been around long enough (and it's neither a computer nor a company--talk about apples and oranges!). But forgetting that, it's just not the same. Perhaps one could say that they have been "forcing the world to settle" or "forcing the world to comply." Apple, in innovating and embracing new technologies and innovations,  has been forcing the industry to follow Apple's lead, or risk irrelevance and failure. The...
 I do get a kick out of this image—the mighty Mac Pro digitally placed against an other worldly, stormy sky, back drop . . . . . . with the photographer's pedestrian, bay area, apartment reflected on the shiny, anodized surface of the MacPro.Fantasy and reality all in one simple photo.
Um, why not 16b for all Macs? 16b has been around for a long time now. Even good old free iPhoto has done 16b and RAW for a while now, even on older Macs with tiny single GPUs. I guess this should remind me why I almost never use Pixelmator since I bought it.
My gripes with Apple TV have more to do with feature decisions than with anything else: • Why have the inventors of quicktime abandoned it's central usability innovation? ATV seems to ignore bandwidth limitations and only stream at full quality, even if the connection can't support it. I'm sure they want the best possible experience for users (high quality images) but ignoring basic usability at lower bandwidths is stupid. Let users ramp up to full quality as they are...
 Yes, at least to some extent. Settings -> General -> Bluetooth mentions pairing a keyboard, which I have done before, and I'm pretty sure I've paired a mouse or trackpad before. I've always assumed the remote is done via bluetooth, but I really don't know. I've also assumed that the iOS Remote app works via WiFI, but again, it could use Bluetooth instead. I'm not certain.
"Widely" reported? . . .  or, more likely, "wildly" reported.
" . . . Phil Schiller plugs security report . . . " Tweeting a URL is hardly a "plug." Much less "talking trash," "cocky," or "a hatchet job." It's pretty quietly confident though!
Thanks. Very helpful.
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