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Indeed. Quality is not about who assembles the product. It's much more about how it's been designed and the standards and quality assurance execution and enforcement all along the way.
You are clueless Apple already historically has been able to take most of the available profits with a small share of the market. They've done this in laptops, music players, phones, and now they'll do it with tablets too. Let the Dells, Lenovos, and HTC's fight over Apple's leftovers.
Yeah! I don't regret anything I did when I was 20. Right.
Perhaps you have just awoken from a deep sleep?measured by revenue Apple is only the 110th "largest" company in the world.But guess what? By market capitalization they are the second most valuable company in the world.They are also one of the most profitable large companies in the world.Seems to me that Apple is already the "largest electronic company ever" (whatever that means to you.)
It's so funny. It seems like not long after I put people like you on my ignore list, your posts disappear anyway. Maybe you are all the same person?
If they add no value I guess no business would see any value in having a presence on the platform. They would be fine with simply having a presence in the browser. And when did Flash become essential for viewing video on an app? I guess I missed that. I never noticed Flash was so important to the process (maybe because I don't use it?)
At least you looked to see what he really said. But your interpretation is still iffy. Although he might have meant that Jobs could soon die, he also might have meant that jobs is in his fifties, has nearly achieved his goals at Apple, has a history of creating small companies that grow and revolutionize whole sectors, etc. And so, he may find a new project to pursue, may retire, may want to enjoy his family more, . . . The possibilities abound (or quite possibly, Lo may...
Why do you (and others) say this? (I assume when you say "iTunes" and "revenue" you actually mean "the iTunes Music Store?") I get content from all over the place from and I use the iTunes player exclusively. Oddly enough, I have yet to buy any content from the iTunes Music Store (except as gifts.) The only "non-open" aspect of iTunes is on DRMed content, which apple can neither control nor "open up" (this is a condition of the publishers.)
A "Linux" web browser? What's that? Does that mean Safari is now a "Unix and Windows web browser?" While I would agree that Linux is successful in it way, your reasoning is bizarre.
Actually your grasp of the facts is where the ignorance rests.The woman you refer to had to have several surgeries just to recuperate from the severe third degree burns she suffered. The reason she won a large award (although it was reduced by an "activist judge" as "excessive," so it didn't even cover her medical expenses) was for punitive damages. Many people (scores, hundreds) had been burned in exactly the same way she was (cheap, flimsy cups not made safe for hot...
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