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Yes indeed. It's a bit of a scam. It's annoying to me that all the things she can do, I have to explicitly tell her what I want her to do and what to do it to with all the details etc. It's really a disappoint that Siri cannot function to transparently execute my will. But hey, I think google is working on a new version of Android that will be a transparent instantiation of my will and it will be out in the next month or two¡
Which is exactly what he said. What did you see when you read,". . . once again it appears Apple is going to main stream a technology. . . . ?"What do you think "bringing a technology to the mainstream" means?[writing in reference to:]Originally Posted by boeyc15 "IMO, once again it appears Apple is going to main stream a technology. A lot of the pieces are out there, just needed someone to bring them together. Just the beginning folks... IMO"
Apple never gives specific information by country in Asia (they only reveal parial information in earnings calls and at special events.) They always group Asia/Pacific together in official documents. Heres a bit from last year's Form 10-K "Asia-Pacific Net sales in Asia-Pacific increased $5.1 billion or 160% during 2010 compared to 2009. The significant growth in Asia-Pacific net sales was due mainly to increased iPhone revenue, which was primarily attributable to country...
No, it makes perfect sense. What you state is the *intent* of the tax holiday. But the previous tax holiday did not have that effect. What I suggest would allow companies like Apple to bring their money home at a discount (no tax on anything going for dividends,) put money in the hands od shareholders where which would allow for reinvestment as they see fit. Making investors happy with dividends is a benefit to the company thats essentially free, taking the sting off...
Why tax inefficient? It's a tax holiday. Anything they pay in dividends would not be taxed. It would allow Apple to repatriate cash that would otherwise be taxed at around 30%, distribute it to the owners, stimulate the US economy instead of just being used, as many companies did last time, to move more jobs out of the US, and the money would still be taxed as dividends. As a shareholder I don't mind paying taxes (of course most of my portfolio is tax sheltered.) Apple...
Nobody said it was they leading market. It is the third largest market expected to become the second largest market. But why is that surprising? Over 1.3 billion people and including Taiwan, and Hong Kong. I imagine the "greater China" market includes more people than the US, Europe, Canada and Australia combined.
Yes! And bigger *is* better, as is obvious to anyone.
I'd be all for a tax holiday for US Companies to repatriate stranded assets . . . But only if: 1.) they are legally based in the US (not the Caymans, etc.) 2.) they have paid some minimum percentage of their revenues as taxes over the last 5 years and 3.) only on money that they will then pay to stockholders in dividends. (This would probably be of no use to Google.)
Where are the numbers that break down where the sales are? Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao are included in "Greater China." Nonetheless the market in China has grown amazingly.
Asymmetric risk. What do you think will happen when when other folks offer an equivalent product? Will this enterprise, no matter how good it is, still be worth 4 Billion?
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