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It might be fun if a slough of people pay a penalty to switch to Verizon only to discover that the Verizon network's not robust enough for the pounding iPhone users will undoubtedly deliver to it. It'll be a replay of the whining that occurred with the first iPhone update.
Indeed. I'd never subscribe to a Newscorp product, but I would definitely consider something more reputable like say, the NYT, NPR/PBS, CSM, BBC etc.
Read more carefully. He said, " . . . constructed with a rigid skin over supporting spars and ribs. This method of construction, known as semi-monocoque, has been around for nearly 100 years." He was talking about Monocoque construction, not the use of carbon fiber in Monocoque construction.
I think he's referring to high end racing yachts analogous to the Formula I racing cars. I believe America's Cup yachts all have carbon fiber incorporated in their hulls.
Amen, Brother!
Ah then, clearly you are a troll. Sorry I wasted my time and effort pointing out your blind spots before. Clearly you were already aware of them.
That site is visually appealing and simple. The Flash isn't offensive and surprise, surprise, it isn't a CPU hog either. It doesn't exactly push the envelope in terms of interaction though (thank God) and could easily be done with HTML5. But honestly, does it really add much to the "branding?" I was just there and it made no impression on me as to what it was. The interactive text was practically illegible and sideways to boot (All I remember is that it was for something...
LOL Of course you kid. Obviously a CLI is superior for many things (especially the ones that are impossible from a GUI.) And just as obviously the reverse is true. Nitty gritty server admin from a GUI is as silly as doing page layout from a CLI.
Blue sky, yes. But why not? Seems very possible if one designed optimized low power SoCs. Using optimized SoCs would mean far smaller size, heat load, and power supply requirements.
Heck the XServes were innovative, striking, and influential, but they didn't really leverage Apple's existing advantages enough, and the best parts were simply copied in a more economical way by competitors. As innovative as the X Serves were, they were rather pricy. Apple has an overarching strategy that of creating synergy through recursive simplification and reuse; product lines, components, etc. Hardware—CPUs, GPUs, Memory, cameras, displays; OS—OS X, OS X Sever, i...
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