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Yup. What a moronic tool he is! It's even conceivable Apple might do better in Japan as people will need to replace broken or lost electronics. And even people who have lost much may well seek the compact and mobile comfort and connection an iPad or iPhone could provide them. In any case, I just hope folks can make it safely through the next week or so, as this seems to be a critical time when delivery of supplies and help will greatly lag the need for them.
Contrary to common wisdom, glass is actually an excellent structural material. I see no reason a properly constructed "glass cube" Apple store would not have survived the quake, so long as nothing falling from another building struck it.
I suppose that's why it's called a "bill of materials" rather than a "list of total costs and expenses" or some such.
They don't share that information with all manufacturers and and they don't share it very far in advance, but they definitely do share it with some.
(Not sure I'm parsing your meaning so sorry if I'm repeating what you mean.) Glass, steel or aluminum, the part would be optimized for the material and application. So weight would not be significantly different. Glass was a (poor/silly/risky/over-bold?) design choice in the first place. The increased brittleness was a poor tradeoff for scratch resistance and bulk (IMO.)
Of course the flight attendants make sure they go to Preferences and set them on "Airplane Mode."
It is, but it's the same because it's him. That's how he thinks and talks about design. It's pretty typical in the design community.Nope. He's a great designer. I'm sure he's picked a great team that is also extremely talented. All design is a collaborative activity. A lack of collaborative, team management, and strategic/planning skills are what prevent most otherwise talented designers from ever becoming great, and Ive has them all in spades.
I'm as big an Apple fan as anyone and found his spoof well done and hilarious. I had a good loud laugh and I was alone, which is a good measure of funny for me. I immediately watched it again and laughed again (but as always, keep your expectations low for best effect.) What amazes me is the surprising number of humorless commentators comedy critique poseurs here on AI. For Pete's sake, it's a spoof and Conan is a comedian. Get a life!
Nope. The cases and accessories, are designed in the US (or the "west") and the minimum necessary specs are shared with the designers so that quality accessories are ready on release day.The leaks mostly come out of China at the machining and manufacturing facilities from lower level employees.
No surprise. Captbilly has made my wall of shame with a single post (blocked.) Perhaps s/he is the sock puppet responsible for many of the other 30 or so UserNames on that list (99% of whom never post again by the time I block them.)
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