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Yeah, The bump at the bottom was probably created to make the Samsung look "different enough." The back is the only really strongly differentiated part though. Notice that the word "Apple" and the Apple logo don't even appear anywhere on the front of the phone, even in the UI. The Samsung phone, on the other hand has the Samsung name (which is their logo/trademark) prominently displayed. Also the word Samsung appears repeatedly in the UI. They're so unsure that their phone...
They're valid wherever they're registered. Apple is doing a lot of business in China. No doubt they have registered patents in China too, although I'm unfamiliar with Chinese patent law and don't even know if they have something akin to design patents. They do have trademark protections that work similarly, though.
Indeed, I'd say this is an open and shut case. Of course the patents will hold up. These are design patents on easily documented design elements (akin to trade dress and trademarks.) It may take time and it well may not go all the way through the courts, but Samsung will capitulate and pay a settlement.
Yes, very general.Look particularly at:The overall shapeThe radius of the edgesThe basic proportions and curvesThe overal colorThe design of speaker openingthe number size and placement of iconsThe colors use in the interface.Heck, look at how the product is displayed on a reflective white seamless background.If that isn't enough, this one detail is worthy of notice:Look at the placement of the phone icon (lower left corner.)And while you're there, notice the color and...
I imagine Samsung (like Google RE: GoogleMaps) has killed their golden goose (revenues from manufacturing the A5.) Fortunately for them Apple has no alternative sources for flash RAM and multitouch screens.History shows that Steve remembers treachery and always punishes it.
Wow. Too funny. When people exhibit such inability to perceive reality and make judgments and distinctions between those perceptions, there really is nothing to say, nowhere to go.
I agree. It should probably have a proper name and Wikipedia entry. Perhaps it should be called something like, "The 'Actaully . . . ' Principle" since so many grammar correction posts start with, "Actually . . ." and always contain a typo?
Me too. As I imagine ELIZA, she's changed with the times. Now she's a hip AI grandma who does analysis on the go via her iPhone.
It would have been nice if they included support for more of the GPU's they used in their machines produced around the time they originally built in OpenCL. When it was announced I thought it would only be a matter of months and I would get a speed boost from my GeForce 8600 equipped MBP. Still waiting. It shouldn't have been all that hard for them to do.
New Posts  All Forums: