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Munster and especially Huberty (100% of future growth!?) are crazy. So, China is populous. And so, China has a good number of affluent people. Munster and Huberty (like almost everyone else who has had only passing exposure to China) have not looked at the number of people who can actually afford an iPhone. Even with a Billion people I doubt Apple will expand in the mainland to more than 20 stores total in 8 to 10 cities. Not a small market, by any means, but greater...
Originally Posted by DougEEE The issue facing Google is getting their Android customers to actually buy apps. Their offering may sound good on the surface but if no one is buying then they are just wasting money following Apple around copying their business model.Clearly, island hermit, you are as confused as the "analysts" who created the report that you cite. The biggest of their many idiocies is the one you are apparently zeroing in on. When they show this...
I guess Apple needs those special "mobile application processors" to light up all those "subpixels."[Yes, I'm aware of the concept of subpixel rendering. I just think tech nomenclature tends to be ridiculous.]
While a team effort is necessary, so is a leader and visionary. One person has to make certain decsions and set goals and directions. Someone has to tell Johnny Ive, "No. go this way." Product designers are like engineers. They need constraints. Unlike engineers, they don't know it. The same for other facets of the enterprise. They won't find another SJ, but they will find a leader.
I'd agree on Tim Cook. Although very capable, his present position is a perfect for him, and he probably knows it, which is also extremely rare and valuable. The fact that he has stepped in a few times already shows how capable he is. But I don't think his interest is in being a permanent CEO.The instinct for products, technology, design, strategy, and user needs that SJ has is far more rare. I would say there are definitely NOT "plenty of people coming out of the startup...
First, Grampa Spammy, you should always start with fresh scratch. . . .
Me too. Voted last month. Surprisingly, unlike in all previous stock voting for Apple, I actually voted exactly as the board recommended on all proposals. Surprised me, although I don't exactly feel like a corporate stooge.
Yeah! 5% of the smartphone market is scary. It's like CF bulbs, newspapers, or Kleenex. I see them everywhere! Ubiquity is actually a dangerous conspiracy.
Poor AssDad, So many collapsed posts, yet no replies. He must be on everyone's ignore list.
A fricking paperboy gets more than 30%, why shouldn't Apple? Tempest in a teapot!
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