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Besides claiming sales that are yet to be proven, does anyone really consider the Fire a "tablet computer?" It seem more like a "reader +" to me.
Not really. At least not this part: "If the 'varieties' of companies spent as much time whining as they do marketing their goods and/or services, they'd do a whole lot more to improve their bottom line(s). "
Same thing. It may have a local effect, but I doubt it would change the amount of sales tax the state will collect. It is likely a zero sum game.
To save time, we'll all assume you know nothing.When private parties make one sided deals, it's their business. When a state agency makes a one sided deal (with the state's money) it's everyone's business. Just because the MTA *says* they'll make 4x as much doesn't mean that assumption is correct.Dreams of national socialism dressed up as benign capitalism, such as you seem to enjoy, always sounds good on paper, but when the rubber hits the road, Americans always prefer...
Do you really think the presence of that store will increase the overall amount of Apple swag that will be sold and taxed in the state of New York? Or will it just increase the proportion sold at retail as opposed to wholesale by Apple?
I understood that the IBM Thinkpad had a beefy cast zinc/magnesium alloy frame (beefy to make it tougher.) Many of the components, and especially the delicate ones like drives, were mounted to the frame with rubber isolators to prevent shock damage. The frame had especially tough knobby corners to take a beating. The skin varied quite a bit, some plastic, some stamped or alloy panels, some of an alloy including zinc magnesium and titanium. They were sturdy and even...
Well, since an optical zoom is impossible in a thin phone, I think you'll have to forgive Apple. Florescent light is horrible for any camera. Most cameras just attempt to adjust to the dominant light source, but this can screw colors up badly. I think Apple has decided to take a least radical approach and let you adjust the color temp as you prefer. A RAW format would make me happiest, but them it wouldn't really be a point and shoot. Apple should probably just have a mode...
That's not a bug, it's a smart feature. Anyone with any sensitivity to image creation generally will only use a flash as a last resort. Natural light and a steady hand are two components most lacking in run of the mill photos. Those two key factors would serve as excellent foundation stones as one works to become a good photographer.
I guess it depends on one's opinion, but I would say the iphone has by far the best camera of any smart phone.
Americans in particular and the west in general do produce too much pollution. But it's silly to just blame Americans. Most of the world's pollution comes from emerging economies and their share of pollution is growing fast. Pollution from American nuclear power plants? You probably need to get better informed. And ask the Tibetans about Chinese pollution. Among other things, China has turned parts of pristine Tibet into a filthy nuclear waste dumping ground.
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