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Making what money you can by selling your patents isn't trolling. In fact, if they are a declining company, like Nortel, they have an obligation to their stockholders to get what they can for their stranded assets rather than let them go to waste. This fad of dismissing the rights of innovators to profit from their intellectual property, either from using their patents to protect their work, taking royalties for the use of their work, or outright selling or purchasing of...
Perhaps, but $2 Billion for that? Apple can easily negotiate any service agreements they desire on their own. They don''t seem to have had any difficulty doing it so far. Definitely doesn't sound like Apple. They never pay dear for what they can make for themselves.
No way Apple will be buying Hulu (and especially not for $2B.) What possible sense would it make? Apple could offer a similar service with little effort or money. Why pay so much for something you can do better and far cheaper and build from the ground up they way you want it?
Absurd? The fee is a definite disincentive for kindly freeware developers for iOS and OS X. As for App SPAM, the answer to that is to charge for App review, not the dev tools.
Design is done.Testing is done.QA is done concurrently all along the way.Shipping done via FedEx or UPS air by the pallet load.
You are correct, the Chinese do run their maglev, built by Siemens (a German company, ) in commercial operation at record high top speeds. Call me sour grapes, but the Shanghai line is only 20 miles long with no stops. It's a government subsidized show piece more than anything. Despite the blistering top speed, the average speed end to end is about 260 km/hr. I wasn't referring to maglevs (I was limiting trains to things with tracks and wheels.) I thinking of the Tōhoku...
World's fastest train is the Shinkansen in Japan (which is not in China.) Where did China get their very fast trains? in deals with companies that that have innovated fast trains—companies in Japan, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France. R&D expenditure does not equal "innovation" any more than manufacturing volume does. The important thing with R&D is the results it produces not the time, effort, or money spent. Apple's leading products are not "produced" by China....
Not a commie, but like most people, you're just a little over-awed by your own idea of China. What is "the current rate of innovation" in China that you refer too? Oh, the innovation being done by western companies with operations in China? Or do you think manufacturing equals innovation? The coming Chinese real estate bust? The summer Olympics? Is that what your talking about?
I'd say, "Not likely" on this.
Just what I was thingking. Also I'm not super sure, but I think the 10.0 version was called a "beta" and was free (or $20 with a discount on the first paid release.)
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