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First, Grampa Spammy, you should always start with fresh scratch. . . .
Me too. Voted last month. Surprisingly, unlike in all previous stock voting for Apple, I actually voted exactly as the board recommended on all proposals. Surprised me, although I don't exactly feel like a corporate stooge.
Yeah! 5% of the smartphone market is scary. It's like CF bulbs, newspapers, or Kleenex. I see them everywhere! Ubiquity is actually a dangerous conspiracy.
Poor AssDad, So many collapsed posts, yet no replies. He must be on everyone's ignore list.
A fricking paperboy gets more than 30%, why shouldn't Apple? Tempest in a teapot!
And for me it's a *real* newspaper (electronic or paper) or nothing. I have no time for any kind of Murdock McNews.
English is not his first language, but he was raised in Hong Kong, got his college education at Brown University, and has been living and working in the US most of the time since he started college over 30 years ago.
Indeed. Quality is not about who assembles the product. It's much more about how it's been designed and the standards and quality assurance execution and enforcement all along the way.
You are clueless Apple already historically has been able to take most of the available profits with a small share of the market. They've done this in laptops, music players, phones, and now they'll do it with tablets too. Let the Dells, Lenovos, and HTC's fight over Apple's leftovers.
Yeah! I don't regret anything I did when I was 20. Right.
New Posts  All Forums: