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Or you could be forced into plea deal by a federal prosecutor out to make his bones, as is so often done. Suddenly a minor drug crime is transformed into a racketeering conspiracy and you will become a felon unless you bring in a bigger fish (never mind if they are really involved.) I have a friend who is a public defender and he sees it all. Lots of "bad" people go to jail, but lots of innocent people do too. The legal system is rife with perverse incentives from elected...
I'd actually be surprised if they didn't.
Remembering the US embassy in the USSR (19 Tchaikovsky Street.) and previously, "The Thing" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Thing_(listening_device)#Use_in_espionage
Nobody will get Apples chip business for iOS devices, just the fabbing business. Now that Apple has developed the A series of chips, they have been able to demonstrate what they can do when they are free to differentiate themselves from the pack. Apple is in the enviable position of having the best chips, with unique, non-reproducable capabilities and nobody else can follow them. They will continue down this strategic path for the foreseeable future.
Well, I'd say your engineering degree counts nearly as much as having "majored in physics."I still don't agree with you though, in that I see no great value in running the test at a more rapid constant rate of increase in force. Nothing is really happening in the early elastic deformation stages of the test so going quickly there is fine. Clearly the test is seeking a maximum non-dynamic load for failure and slowing the rate of deflection near the end optimizes for this.As...
 I'm assuming you were not a physics major . . . [The phone deflects (bends) the most at the lowest pressure. At some point, the rate of deflection decreases greatly and the tinniest bit of movement from the ram requires a comparatively large change in force. Because of this, and to detect irreversible strain (permanent bending,) the ram speed is slowed way down as the test progresses and it's movement is controlled very carefully so accurate force measurements can be...
While I might not choose to call the bible "made up horse shit," I would certainly call it an "authored work of art."What "honest investigation" would lead me to believe otherwise? It was "authored" (in essence, "made up,") no? Or are you implying it is "the word of God," and that we should take your word on this?
I think I know why profits are a problem . . .
"Screw the haters?!"She is the hater.
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