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 Nice!  : )Similar situation with me and my nieces.Change does take time.Like you (I imagine,) I just don't see any reason sensible change should take a whole generation or more to occur.
Apple is pretty darn diverse. It's been part of the organizational DNA from way back. Board members are not as influential at a company as most people think. They're selected mostly for their ability to wield external influence. This is why they tend to be similar to other bigwigs (but Apple has often had women on the board or in high positions.)   On the other hand, some of the comments here are shockingly out of touch. Also the tech world, in general, is dominantly...
Yes we are.Your observation is "impactful!"
 Isn't it magical how in all but the most ineptly written sentences, the pretentious, redundant, business speak phrase, "going forward," can be removed—resulting in a far more direct and clear communication?I guess because eliminating it is so magical, nobody believes they can do it . . . going forward.
And BTW, buying back stock is in the interest of shareholders as increase the value of all remaining shares. But it has to be part of an overall company strategy—as I'm sure it has been all along. Such a buyback effects outstanding employee options, taxes liability, dividends, stock price, liquid funds, etc. etc.
 Only in your crack fueled dreams!Much as I dislike Icahn, "taking the company private" isn't really possible for Apple (certainly not without a few hundred billion in outside money to pay off shareholders handsomely.)
Yeah Philboogie, It's OK for light stuff. What bothers me though is that I can't take a template from OS X over to my iDevice and enter data into it (in the field) and then bring it back to the Mac for heavy use. Many formulas, features, formatting etc. are not supported and can't be saved back to the cloud (or to the device) without tossing those unsupported features.   For example: I bought the apps thinking I could make a simple cost analysis tool in Numbers that I...
Design porn of the highest order (which is not a compliment.) Some idiots (galleries?) will pay too much for them, I'm sure. Goal achieved. At least it's for charity, nominally anyway.
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