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Imagine that a confident executive from Facebook. How surprising. I wonder when people will start to figure out that Facebook is a leach of a spam platform and that the internet itself has been one big "social media" platform since its inception decades ago? I wonder when the'lly figure out that the whole "social media" thing could all be a public utility where the users control their own information? Hmmm . . .
Yes! Being mindful and actually experiencing the simple joys of human experience in our own lives is just too boring. If we can just stay a bit more in touch with the musical tastes of friends and celebrities, our lives will finally become more meaningful and bearable.
Agreed. Apple has a great habit of doing a ton of work very efficiently with a minimum of people. They don't just throw personnel at a problem. Unfortunately, the flip side is that their frugal ethos tends to make them wait too long to staff up projects that urgently need attention. Hire some more people for Pete's sake! The whole pro app market and it's accompanying prestige and synergy is nothing to toy with.
Hey Mr. Self-righteous, read the last line of the first post. (the line under the sig.)
I don't think it's so much cajones as it is ignorance of the iAd value proposition, or more likely, a desire for any kind of media attention and some appearance of relevance for Yahoo. Undoubtedly, some advertisers/agencies will avoid iAd. But it has already shown that it is incredibly valuable to many of the most important clients (half the market overnight?!!) and it will not be going away, ever. As SJ might say to her, "What have you created?"
You're too funny! The words "clueless" "self-rightious" and "immature" immediately come to mind (feel free to tack on "first class" to any of them.)
Actually, no. Disabled or not, you still have a Ping Profile. And as far as not being tied to FaceBook—It appears not to be now, but initially it appeared very much so. When I checked it out, it had a "find friends through Facebook" feature, as is discussed in a more recent AI article. In any case, my gripe is largely with the whole state of the "Social Media' concept, as it now stands. Not so much just with Ping or with Apple. There has to be a more satisfactory way to...
I signed up to take a look at it, decided it was too tied to FaceBook (hate it,) and too damn crappy/spammy (waste of time.) Unfortunately I then discovered I couldn't "un-sign up" (at least I haven't figured out how to get completely unencumbered yet.) Although I feel confident my privacy is secure (unlike with FB or MS et al.) It looks fine and all but basically it's another fricking FaceBook/MySpace spam machine that I don't care to be involved with. Very Un-Apple...
Why should anyone lose even an hour of work?Only a very conventional, noncreative person has never experienced losing track of time in the creative process. Such a person wouldn't need to press command+S at all. Who would find value in their work?
Yeah . . . sure they are—like they're a music distribution company. What percentage of their revenue do you think Apple will get from ads? Probably about the same as they get from music, which is very little. What percentage of Google's revenue do you think comes from ads? (hint pretty much all of it.)
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