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I thought Minis couldn't support 8 Gigs till the mid 2010 model.In any case, 8 gigs to run that app is ridiculous. They need to tune the code up a bit!
Exactly my point.Pretty much every nontrivial OS update is followed soon after by a patch of some kind. Just doesn't seem like a story, much less a "rumor."
I am.Almost the exact same story as you— IPt 4G, less than a month, etc.I haven't noticed the jerky graphics (but now that you mention it I guess I have occasionally, hmm) but mostly notice the pixelated static appearing in the numbers boxes for the unlock code when I wake it up.I've heard some kind of hard reboot and restore should fix it but have been too busy (and not enough annoyed) to do any research or figure out how to do it (I feel lucky to have found the manual,...
This strikes me as a, "The Earth Continues Rotating" or "Sky Is Blue" kind of story. Just seems very predictable and unsurprising that Apple would decide issue an update soon after releasing a new version of iOS. Slow news day, I suppose.
It's about time. I've felt like an idiot paying $99 for the last few years just to get the syncing capability. It should have be much cheaper all along. I do wish they'd do more for us long loyal customers though.
I have to admit that I always get a good laugh when people miss obvious sarcasm. I try to make my sarcasm obvious, but am amused when it's missed. I hate when it causes an unending chain reaction of sarcasm and/or self-righteous indignation though.
LOLyes it was. but . . .70s and 80's yes. But again, it was more a matter of leadership resistance than engineering. They tried to solve the CAFE issue with lobbying and campaign donations rather than allowing the designers and engineers to use their creativity. American cars had caught up by the 90s, but the damage was done. [BTW I'm driving a 96 Saturn with over 200k miles on it and people always think it's only a 4 or 5 years old (if they have no style sense.) Pretty...
Not really. Car manufacturing is far more than design and engineering.They produced high quality, highly profitable vehicles that people (stupidly) wanted (SUVs.) The real problems were with marketing, finance, management, etc. The single biggest problem was the unsustainable defined benefit obligations they entered into with the UAW (not a science, tech, or design issue.) Now that they are unencumbered their true profitability is unleashed. [adding– The financial...
I just ignored it. Why bother to respond to someone who can't even read carefully? Plus, thinking the best of people, sarcasm is often easily missed.
Did you know that until about a year ago, an american was the head of design (for 17 years) of BMW? They bought an american design firm outright to take over their car design. Many of the big Japanese car firms also have bought or use american design studios as well. The US is also still the center of automotive engineering. The proverbial low quality of science training in american schools may be true for people who don't go into technical fields, but we still produce...
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