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Uhm . . . No!You have gotten your facts wrong. As anyone can tell you, it was the Chicago Tribune. So clearly we can believe nothing else you say ever again, right?http://www.google.com/images?hl=en&a...ed=0CCkQsAQwAAAnd while I have not read the NYT article that is the source of these "media sucks" rants, I'm certain they didn't "just make stuff up" (although their source might have.) While the state of news gathering and reporting has declined alarmingly, I would not...
That's a Louis Sullivan quote, actually. And as a modern day Bauhausler, I can assure you that many Bauhaus product designs were more like the hockey puck mouse and less like what we would consider functional design.
This is a great example of the ignorance of even somewhat savvy (presumably) people as to what is going on. MacBearDan (no offense to him,) like many people, seems to think that the problem is "worse" now because with the "fix" his signal display is more sensitive on the high end (where signal strength doesn't really matter) whereas before it was "better" when it when it was more sensitive on the low end, where that increased sensitivity had some value. Guess what? It...
Agreed.The item is clearly a display.You can see the RGB Pixels with ease. The pixel architecture is similar to the one used on many of the more recent displays, including the one the IP4.Not sure how Chilli gets paid to "work in electronic industry."Universal remote seems like an interesting thought.
I wonder how a remote would be able to use a TV as a Display without onboard graphics capability on the TV? If they could figure out how to do that why not have my mac use my HD TV as a display without cables or inputs!
Will this be a boon for Apple (I think yes, as they are into a more free and open web) or a bane (an eventual Flash-like trojan?) I figure anything is better than Flash but will this essentially encourage development of web apps that are un Apple-like in their interface and quality rather than native high quality iOS apps? I admit I'm unclear on how SC interacts with web and OS. They say they are using a combination of web (SC) and dedicated Cocoa Touch code. How does...
I believe so. But the legal shackles have been removed, so I would expect the next iPhone released in the PRC will be a "normal" one.I don't think there is as huge a market for Apple products in China as everyone seems to think. Not for a while anyway. Apple products are just too high end for all but the most affluent Chinese. I see them hitting a few big cities hard (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc.) There are plenty of affluent people in those locations to support...
I don't think Liu Chuanzhi really understands Apple and how they think about products and markets. That's OK though. Hardly any of Apple's competitors do. Soon enough he'll come to see that Apple's drinking Lenovo's milkshake, but just easiest to get and most profitable part of it.
Yes. What is ironic is that they think they understand the meaning of the word "ironic" when in fact, the don't.
Because Sprint's "4G" is really Mobile WiMAx which is 3.9G.
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