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When I want to know what next big thing will happen in technology, the first person I think to ask is a "Wall Street analyst" . . . someone like Kathy Huberty perhaps? . . . NO!
The terms are not disclosed. I assume it had to be a good chunk of cash, since they will now have to work at Facebook, on Facebook dreck for the next x years. What a nightmare.
It is interesting, but I would take those BOMs with a large dose of salt. Apple gets their materials cheaper than anybody else, has a huge scaling advantage, and has very few returns.Also that calculation (MSRP - BOM) has little relation to actual "net profit."
And what do you think they have stolen? Were there valid patents Involved? Or do you just mean that somebody tried to make something but it was a flop, and then Apple came along and innovated HW, SW, interface, form factor, function, engineering, (all with patent protection) used innovative pricing, and marketing and kicked the first company's ass? That kind of stealing?
That's great for you. But obviously, if that's the case, you were badly mislead into buying more camera than you needed when you got the Nikon in the first place. The iPhone, which is one of the best camera phones out there, is far outclassed by any of even the cheapest DSLR cameras. BTW although the camera in my iPod touch is crap and useless for stills, even in bright light, it does take surprisingly good video.
That's nice, but of course the camera phone can't stand up to a good $200-300 point and shoot. It's a physical impossibility.Although the reviewer might take exception with me, PCWorld is not where I would go to get information on camera quality comparisons (let's just say I don't go to my plumber for an opinion on my digestive system.) In any case, of course it's true that it's good enough for most people in most situations (just as instamatics and analog and digital...
Of course the original store was the company store at 1 infinite loop which opened about about 15 years before the others.
The ease and immediacy of digital has actually revived my interest in analog photography. Large format photography has for me become the imaging equivalent of the slow food movement. When you really want to enjoy something great, get out the LF camera and tripod. Digital is great, cheap, cool, etc. and I'll never turn my nose up at it. But the incredible quality of a big lens, with movements, and projecting it onto a large format film? even $20,000 of digital equipment...
While the best camera is the one you actually have with you, which is usually a cell phone or iPod, (as opposed to the bigger, better, nicer one that you left at home, in the hotel, in the car, in the backpack, etc.,) neither will ever replace the functionality of a dedicated camera. Cell phones take great pictures . . . for cell phones. If you want anything more than the crappiest of snapshots to post on FB, a dedicated camera (even a point and shoot) is a must. If you...
Making what money you can by selling your patents isn't trolling. In fact, if they are a declining company, like Nortel, they have an obligation to their stockholders to get what they can for their stranded assets rather than let them go to waste. This fad of dismissing the rights of innovators to profit from their intellectual property, either from using their patents to protect their work, taking royalties for the use of their work, or outright selling or purchasing of...
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