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Just run the optical out to your home theater system.Did you expect any TV to replace a home theater system? If so, why?
It's a big player, but very unappealing, for very many reasons, to very many people.
I'm sure they'd be reluctant to step into this but they have a way of shaking things up. The last mile is indeed the big problem and it's highly protected by entrenched interests. Data can move all the way across the country on cheap fiber optic, but getting it that last mile to you is the bottleneck. That's why I say "with the right technology." I keep thinking Apple must be looking for patents that will allow them to disrupt this cable and telco logjam — maybe some...
This is why the concepts of net neutrality and the Internet provider as common carrier are so important. The US, where the internet was first created (I think) has the crappiest and most expensive internet service in the world (thanks to big business, telcos, and the cable companies.)[This is why I also think, with the right technology, Apple will eventually get involved, in some way, in the ISP business. To keep folks honest, if nothing else.]
It may be a one function device for you, but most people here would laugh at the notion. You sound a bit like Steve Balmer commenting on the iPhone. In any case, in getting my ATV hooked up I spent almost as much on cables etc. as I did for the ATV (I got a refurbished ATV ($85) and had to do a little finagling to make full use of my surround sound system and DVD player) HDMI switch with remote, 4 optical cables, 4 HDMI cables, and an optical switch.With 6 remotes, and 5...
They do actually. But the NetFlix deal is sweet and hard to beat. That "blows Netflix away" quote in the article is another giveaway that this rumor is probably made up. But I'm sure Apple will expand into this space further in some way.
Some of these negatives are very similar to what people thought about MP3 Players (now known as iPods) and cell phones (now known as iPhones [or smart phones— a redefined category.]) Apple could approach TV in a similar way. In answer to your points: 1. Apple could redefine the product, add value competitors cannot reproduce, take the high end lucrative market, and slowly inch down. 2. Apple always targets the small lucrative segment first and lets the competitors fight...
Or right into the Mac, or Time Capsule, or Airport extreme. Really it's about exploiting the OS, the network, and the ecosystem.OS X has all this power and scalability potential with technologies like Open GL and CL, GCD, etc. I want to see it in action and in use. Exploiting all parts of the whole ecosystem, not just a stand alone piece of it.
Good points. It needs to hit a price point that will make it an option for most enthusiastic Apple customers though.
This is a constant argument all over the internet, especially slashdot. But I come down on the side that gets stuck on that "comparable" thing. When the hardware is actually "comparable" Apple HW is competitive (particularly in laptops.) The Mac Pros and Mac Mini tend to be more expensive, but there really isn't a lot of similar hardware to compare it to. Just don't buy RAM from Apple.
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