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Take a look:http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1937 (Hint: more than that just in Europe)
What's really amazing is that Apple has 3% of the world cellphone market but is actually getting about 30% of the world cellphone profits (sorry can't remember the figure exactly, but I know its between 25% and 33%.) Apple really knows how to skim the cream and maximize profits (and all the haters keep whining about how they are so stupid, blowing it, etc.)
You must be a youngster. I have @ 50k$ in AAPL stock. Its not hard if you have an IRA bought the stock at the right time. BTW, while the leaks surprise me, I don't think they're a big deal for the stock. I imagine some heads will roll.
2 questions 1. Are you 13 years old? 2. Do you know what a "capital crime" is?
You have an odd sense of ethics. Did Apple "offshore" those jobs and what does that mean to you? Did you want to work building electronics for the wage the Chinese find reasonable? "Would it be "unethical" if only very rich people in the US (and elsewhere) could afford to buy electronics? Would it be more "ethical" to practice protectionism? Do you think more wages are generated by the work done for Apple overseas or by the work done for Apple in the US by US workers?...
"Ethical" business cannot be done in China? I was unaware of that (and I'm no big fan of the government of the PRC, although I appreciate Chinese citizens.)
True, but I don't think anybody said it was not allowed or unfair. The fact is it is a desperation move. And does it make money? Yes but probably less than half as much as for one phone (I have to admit I don't know the contractual terms.) In any case, all the money is in the contract not the hardware and the other hardware makers are getting nowhere near the revenue per handset that Apple is. In most cases they're getting less than a third of what Apple gets.
Oh come on. Who even says Apple officially contacted her? She's a comedian telling jokes. Apple would never seriously complain about a joke (although they might grumble about it.) Her apology is just a joke too. The only people who look stupid are those who take this whole thing seriously in any way whatsoever.
This will come to nothing. There's no "there" there!
So tell me, why do developers need multi-platform options to display video? What's the reason for that again?
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