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Perhaps with the right incentives they'd allow Apple (if not Nvidia) do it? If not, as the A4 demonstrates, OSX recompiles to other chips quite nicely. Are there some reasonable alternatives to Intel CPU designs for an Apple SoC?
Don't you think they would, with their now very successful experience with the A4, design their own SoC with intel Nvidia guts for these babies? Isn't that the logical thing to do to really get these guys to blaze while sipping electrons? That's how they'll really differentiate themselves from the also rans (and increase their profit margins.)
Yeah, they should be more upgradable like a MacPro, but small and instant on like an iPhone. I wonder why they din't make them like that!
It does.I suppose he means it doesn't support HighestDef (1080p) and obviously can't write BlueRay disks.Some folks are never satisfied.[ed. Whoops, I only have V7. Didn't know the latest versions could do 1080p. Anyway, even more disproves the OP's complaint.]
Don't know if this is legit or not (I would tend to think not) but I doubt Apple would make the CDMA phone l look much different from from the GSM phone. What would be the point?
Adobe is pretty expensive and not what Steve is talking about. But it might be nice to get Adobe and then either take the good bits and sell off the bulk or take most of it and sell off the creft. Creative Suite could go to Filemaker, lots of juicy patents, postscript, etc. Why kill Flash if you can sell it on (along with a bunch of other stuff.)
I still think, deep down, Steve still wants to get rid of the "orifices." Not that he wants to go into the mobile carrier business as it now exists, but if technology and opportunity line up, he'd love to re-imagine it from the ground up. In his heart of hearts, he want to control the whole widget from fiber network backbone to servers in the cloud to wireless transmitters/receivers to device to software to integrated services to retail etc. How disruptive would Apple be...
Dr. Millmoss, I think you are talking about pre-IPO placements which are not options but stocks discounted from the IPO price. They are paid for up front and do require that the stock not be sold within a certain lock-in period after the IPO. Pre-IPO options very similar to what zoetmb is describing except they are the offered to employees before the company goes public so the strike price is equal to the IPO price (unless the company pulls a revers split which devalues...
I assume you are referring to this: " . . . once they have the options, they can sell them for cash at any time without having to exercise them." Option agreements vary and in the last few years they have become more restrictive. But my point was that you can't lose money on them. Even underwater options can have some value in the future (you don't have to exercise them when they vest.) In your case you left the company, so of course you had to sell them. Options are an...
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