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Actually 30% is less than normal retail channels. Especially when you consider the associated costs and services that Apple assumes (purchase records and tracking, returns and customer service, re-downloads, upgrades, etc.) Most software you would buy in a store is marked up as much as 60-100% (or more) over what they paid wholesale (which is a 37-50%(+) cut) and they do pretty much nothing else (especially not returns or customer service.) This is true for typical small...
It's incredible how ignorant some of these anti-collective bargaining posts are. While some unions have abused their power, those incidents do not even begin to compare to the abuses carried out by management every day. Thank God for the efforts of unions, OSHA, the standard 40 hour work week, equal pay for equal work, and all the many other benefits these morons take for granted. Even so, with the decline in unions, on average, American workers have fewer training...
Actually, very un-Apple-like in many ways.The oddest thing to me is combining "Thunder" and "bolt." I guess this is the Norse influence over us or something. Anyway, I think in terms of bolts of lightning and claps of thunder, lightening being the electrical phenomenon occurring in bolts, and thunder being the associated sound. Referring to a "thunderbolt" is akin to believing the of noise of a gun as what is dangerous rather than the bullet speeding out of its barrel.
Holy crap, those are ugly.
Kodak has tons of digital imaging and optics IP and even now retains some decent engineering talent. The company leadership was very ineffective at exploiting it, but the researchers were highly productive none the less. Think of Kodak as a Xerox PARC of analog and digital imaging.
The sky is falling again!? Why is there always such hysteria over nothing when it concerns Apple products?
"Cloud Computing" and utilizing "the cloud" on a stand alone computer are two very different things. Just pointing that out.
Video is available online (I believe this is the same event I have watched.) Folks can do their own web search. It was full of many direct Apple references as I remember.
The emoticon is appropriate, as you must be smoking hallucinogenics to think iOS and the cloud will replace OS X.
True. Although this could be done with many devices, I understand most US snipers use iPhones and an iApp for making their external ballistics calculations. Clearly not being used in the same role as is described in the article above, but mission critical none the less. I assume this is done on jailbroken or customized military iPhones for convenience.
New Posts  All Forums: