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That "Chinese guy"? You mean, Brian X. Chen?And that "internet site"? You mean, Wired?I guess that makes me that "Welsh guy" and Apple insider Forums that "bulletin board!"
Last time I checked it out, AAPL will probably need to top $301 per share to surpass MSFT. Looking at today and yesterday it will happen soon, but what's wrong with AI? Who knew they were innumerate?
Ironic you say that as some speculate that the A4 is a Power Architecture chip running ARM in emulation and that they are preparing to move all the mobile hardware back to Power because of efficiencies in power use (fitting nicely with their purchase of PA Semi.) Here's an interesting article:http://www.technomicon.com/iPad_Saga_-_Week_11.html
I can think of nothing better than if Google tried to buy ARM! It would throw GOOG into further disarray, waste their money, screw up the other mobile device vendors, and bring them legal troubles. Meanwhile Apple has no plans to buy ARM anyway.
Nope. Apple derives great value from the far larger ecosystem that their computers provide. Not to mention the fact that the OS for those mobile devices is a subset of OS X. Their desktop profits will continue to grow nicely, even if the mobile device profits grow faster.
Who pays for the bandwidth to receive these ads? Does viewing an ad go against the user's data quota? Its probably negligible but its the principal of the thing. Its a bit like having to put up with commercials on cable when your already paying for the cable. (Remember when cable came out the rational for the giving the cable companies a monopoly was that there would be no commercials and the there would be lots of public access opportunities, community service stuff,...
Well maybe you and Solipsism are right. Apple does seem to be changing the economics of technology in many areas. I suppose SW development is another one. It just seems very unfortunate that the tradition of openness of the Mac for hobbyists, and small devs is not as strong as it once was. On the other hand Xcode is free and it used to be that to develop for the Mac you had to pay about a hundred bucks a year to keep your Metrowerks software up to date. Six of one 1/2...
So true! Its funny how people are so blind to the subtleties of Apple. Essentially these are the same people who saw no difference between the Mac OS and Windows when it was first introduced. Just not the same thing. In the case of this update it may be a bit *more* subtle, but again, iPhone OS 4.0 and Android are clearly not the same. Not for users, not for developers, not for the user experience.
They didn't spell it out. I guess it works the same way as on Android (since "its been standard on Android for a long time.")
I'm psyched about theJust what photographers have been clamoring for. Woohoo! (not)
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