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This will come to nothing. There's no "there" there!
So tell me, why do developers need multi-platform options to display video? What's the reason for that again?
It reads like one of his keynote presentations¬óclear, sensible, and convincing.
Nothing will come of it.HP is no more capable of making this work than Palm was. Palm was barely able to put together a touch based OS and HP is even less so (that's why they bought Palm!) Worse, neither company understands user experience in the least.I'd say its a billion dollars wasted.
I guess you missed her in all bells and whistles. Images of TBEP appeared throughout, but Fergie got the most, including several seconds of prominent video time.
That's what I've notice too. The cream always rises! (Time to update your profile, I guess.)
The problem with splitting is that it makes options more affordable allowing an already volatile stock to be manipulated even more. On the other hand, if options were more affordable perhaps I would buy some to hedge and make my Apple stock less volatile for myself! Anyway, I think this is one of the reason SJ is against splits, he's tired of the stock getting manipulated by speculators.
That "Chinese guy"? You mean, Brian X. Chen?And that "internet site"? You mean, Wired?I guess that makes me that "Welsh guy" and Apple insider Forums that "bulletin board!"
Last time I checked it out, AAPL will probably need to top $301 per share to surpass MSFT. Looking at today and yesterday it will happen soon, but what's wrong with AI? Who knew they were innumerate?
Ironic you say that as some speculate that the A4 is a Power Architecture chip running ARM in emulation and that they are preparing to move all the mobile hardware back to Power because of efficiencies in power use (fitting nicely with their purchase of PA Semi.) Here's an interesting article:http://www.technomicon.com/iPad_Saga_-_Week_11.html
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