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This is no big news. It will be nice for people to have a choice of different reader SW. Only the most open ones will survive and of those, usability, economy, and selection will determine who leads. PS I've never (not) seen so much blocked content on a single thread before (and I only have two people blocked!) Its nice the ignore feature works so well at de-cluttering things.
If its on a hard drive, it might as well just be in volatile memory (that is, magnetic media is no backup.) Backing up over the internet can be rather onerous and iffy. "The cloud" will be "very sorry"TM if they lose your data. I never feel at ease until I get a project or valued content safely backed up or archived on optical media. And when I do the archive, it as easy to do two of them as it is to do one.
I would tend to agree.
Yeah, I get it. While likely there is more to it than simple slavish devotion to offering just one phone standard, I think they would definitely prefer just one if possible. You will see no Motorola/Nokia/BB style product shotgunning from Apple.I frankly was amazed they went through with producing a no WiFi phone for CU!
solipsism, I see your arguments (strengths and faults,) but you seem unable to see any but your own. I'm well aware of economic trends in China having lived and worked there for a few years. Despite what you might think, the Chinese middle class is not nealy as large nor as wealthy as you imagine. Also, Apple will sell products at a premium, not a loss or even a modest profit, even in China (yes, with over a billion people.) You, in fact brought up Verizon as being so...
1) So you say, but then where's your proof that they will scale? 2) I realize the travel thing is a small factor, but: You do know the "rate and likelihood that a chinese citizen" can afford to buy an iPhone? (it may well coincide with the few wealthy chinese who incidentally are much more likely to travel to Hong Kong, Europe, or the US (or *aspire* to do so.)) I assure you Americans who regularly travel abroad with their cell phones don't choose Verizon for their...
Yeah, everyone thinks that. Maybe Motorola or Nokia will capitalize on this horrific mistake Apple is making. Apple's wake is littered with the unprofitable remains of product lines or even whole companies who thought Apple was missing "important potential profits." If restraint weren't subtle and elusive everyone would have it.
Again, you miss the point that sheer numbers of subscribers don't necessarily scale to iPhone customers. Potential iPhone customers will go to the iPhone carrier. Potential iPhone customers are likely to want iPhones that work anywhere. Just as potential iPhone customers are likely to want Wifi (how'd that work out?) And again, look at the growth trend, not the current size, China Mobile is losing market fast to the little guys.
Perhaps you haven't noticed, but Apple has pretty much always only made a few of anything. A few products-- iPod, iPhones, computers software, services. A few lines -- Apple TV, Mac Mini, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, Mac Servers A few SKUs in in each line -- entry, mid, advanced, pro One OS (with slightly modified for Server, iPhone, iPod) A small number of shared component families, etc. This is not just an esthetic or a marketing strategy (although its that too) its a...
Exactly, that was what I was alluding to when I mentioned the "command economy" approach. The nimble guys will always have the advantage over the BDI (big dumb incumbent.)
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