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Maybe ADLib stand for "Application Development" Library? As in rich web applications, that is.
Who's "Steve Schmidt?"PS Disturbingly candid photos at your web site (www.googletouchedmehinappropriately.com)
Why? if they can see a clear image of it, what would be the point? And BTW, no TSA person has requested I turn on my laptop since 2002.
Um . . . SEARCH?I think that is the point for many people.Especially since its pretty much ready to go and just needs to be enabled and optimized a bit.
No disagreement from me, but I wouldn't include natural structures and phenomena (DNA) in the category of engineering.
Not only that, but if you only paint one side of a panel, its much more likely to warp with changes in humidity and temperature because of differential swelling (learned that from experience.) Similarly, attention to detail in product design (yes, even/especially on the inside) engenders quality beyond esthetics or surface appearance.
Really, "there for aesthetics alone." Funny. I've never heard or read that from Apple or iFixit (its unclear who you are quoting.) I see many expressions of both symmetry and aesthetics that are readily apparent in the iPad. But as a product designer I see nothing that is "there for aesthetics alone." I suspect this is a bit of "creative reporting."
Really?"Berkshire Hathaway Inc." owns subsidiaries and is a holding company.Doesn't that count?Are Target Corp. and Apple Inc. also 'not companies?"
As I understand it, its not on *sales* over $200k, but on *all* (long term) capital gains for individuals with over $200k *income* (over $250 for couples.) And its a *proposal,*(unconnected to health care) not a *fact,* as you imply. Get the facts right before you spout off as if you know something.
I'm sure it will work out that way for some, but publishers provide other valuable services besides just taking a cut (ie editing, understanding readers and the market, good publishers work like an agent.) But as you say, publishing is in for some big changes.
New Posts  All Forums: