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Really?"Berkshire Hathaway Inc." owns subsidiaries and is a holding company.Doesn't that count?Are Target Corp. and Apple Inc. also 'not companies?"
As I understand it, its not on *sales* over $200k, but on *all* (long term) capital gains for individuals with over $200k *income* (over $250 for couples.) And its a *proposal,*(unconnected to health care) not a *fact,* as you imply. Get the facts right before you spout off as if you know something.
I'm sure it will work out that way for some, but publishers provide other valuable services besides just taking a cut (ie editing, understanding readers and the market, good publishers work like an agent.) But as you say, publishing is in for some big changes.
I don't claim to know for sure, but I think its safe to assume anything that leaves from, or arrives at your modem is pretty efficiently compressed already. And JPEGS etc. are already about as compressed as they can be without further loss. I would assume a compressed image of a web page would be more verbose than a compressed file of the HTML that describes that page. So I'm wondering where the gain is. Is it just in making a choppier versions of web pages?
Well sure, I agree. But since when did apple settle with just that?Apple is always their own best competitorWhile its still early days for the iPhone, I see them perusing the phone market in a way similar to how they have gone after the music player market where they have choices from $60 for a Shuffle to $400 for an iPod Touch (not including the iPhone or iPad.) Eventually they will have a better set of product and service choices for the iPhone too.
I'm unclear what is being compressed. From the article it seems they are rendering the page elsewhere and sending it as a single page image (presumably adding buttons at links.) I'm surprised this makes it smaller or faster than the HTML itself. What am I missing? BTW, did anyone else notice in the demo video, the progress bars all seem to indicate that Opera is still rendering/downloading when they press the next link. What does this mean? Are they "cheating" in the demo?
I'm not talking about free iPhones or even the comoditization of the iPhone, but rather increasing revenue and profit by making it attractive to more people. Some folks would say Macs are too expensive, but when you really look at them carefully, they only cost a bit more than, or are on par with similar PC hardware. This is also the case with the iPhone (hardware/software,) but not with the more expensive part of owning an iPhone (service.) Obviously this has to do with...
At the risk that you will again respond without reflection:Your logic is the heart of the problem. The UK is the size of Iowa and Illinois and has about 60M people. China has about 20 times the population in an area 40 times larger. Further, contrary to what some people think, Apple products are not targeted at a small group of the most wealthy people - those folks with the golden bathtubs which you have pointed us to. So "number of millionaires" is not a good metric for...
The iPhone has done well in the US. But I'm sure it would do better if the TCO were lower. Its not exactly an iPod level of adoption. Let's face it many many more people would prefer to use an iPhone but can't see paying the relatively steep monthly fees. Hopefully the iPad deal will lead the way to more reasonable rates soon.
Again population, education, and technology are not the issues. Wealth and preference are more important. And while China is getting wealthier, that wealth is concentrated in few hands. I do not see the iPhone at full freight or with its expensive contract as a middle class staple in China even if it is otherwise attractive.The whole time I lived in China, I never saw anybody living in a trailer (or trawler, if that's what you meant, although I did know some Hakkas that...
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