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?! Maybe in the garage! Spoken with the self assurance and ignorance of an "Al Bundy."
Sadly solipsism, your whole argument is silly, nitpicking, and apologist (which seems uncharacteristic of you.) Show some discretion (as in the better part of valor.)
Libel? Don't make me laugh. What turnip truck did you just fall off of?
Well, that's one! I found this particularly rich and amusing: "Design & User Experience ..........Microsoft Expression ..........Microsoft Silverlight' Let's face it Microsoft is profitable. They make mostly crap, but they do have some desirable products. But let's not get all excited about a few good ideas. Microsoft is moribund -- maybe not a Zombie company, but definitely waning. Look at the tends. Microsoft's Net Profit and Net Profit per Sales are trending down and...
Except, of course, those are two different things, not the same thing, as you seem to imply. I know I will not be paying for any software that spams me with ads, but I would try out a free piece of software with ads knowing that I can choose to purchase it and end the ads. Apple and iPhone developers probably know this too.
Or rather, "a flash." (Frankly, both are pretty useless, although given a choice, I'll take the camera flash.) So good!
You got your two cents worth in! And I must say, I didn't even notice that line at the end of the story. But now you've mentioned it, and I've mentioned it, and we've all noticed how whiny and sour grapes you sound. Now everyone is thinking "hmm, if its "low handing fruit" why didn't Gooberzee write it? and if its "nothing to crow about" why is Gooberzee crowing about it?" Hmm?
There are complexities, but its not really that complex.A few points.• Chinese is a language.• China is a geographical area.• The island is called Taiwan.• It is formerly a province of "China."• Officially the Taiwanese government still claims to be a province of "China."• Apple Insider referred to it as a "Chinese" newspaper, not a "Mainland China" or "Free China" paper.• What is the paper called? It's called "The 'China' Times."• Is the paper published in Taiwanese? No,...
Actually, hardly any countries consider Taiwan a "separate country" (legally speaking.) Even Taiwan's greatest supporter and ally, the US, does not. This is a historical artifact resulting from former Taiwanese government claims that Taiwan and Mainland China were one country and that Taiwan was the soul legitimate representative of all Chinese people. Very few countries agreed to accept this wishful thinking. Clearly this was a strategic mistake for Taiwan, since now the...
Noirdesir,you are a serial apologist for poor user experience.First you say, just click applications to narrow the search to applications (great, its "narrowed" to over 125,000 items.)Then you say this:In case you didn't notice, Amazon is fairly easy to brows through along a number of axis. the App store is not.Quite simply, the power search doesn't work, and there is very little chunking of apps. What little chunking has been done, has been done very poorly. Also after...
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