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I'm not talking about free iPhones or even the comoditization of the iPhone, but rather increasing revenue and profit by making it attractive to more people. Some folks would say Macs are too expensive, but when you really look at them carefully, they only cost a bit more than, or are on par with similar PC hardware. This is also the case with the iPhone (hardware/software,) but not with the more expensive part of owning an iPhone (service.) Obviously this has to do with...
At the risk that you will again respond without reflection:Your logic is the heart of the problem. The UK is the size of Iowa and Illinois and has about 60M people. China has about 20 times the population in an area 40 times larger. Further, contrary to what some people think, Apple products are not targeted at a small group of the most wealthy people - those folks with the golden bathtubs which you have pointed us to. So "number of millionaires" is not a good metric for...
The iPhone has done well in the US. But I'm sure it would do better if the TCO were lower. Its not exactly an iPod level of adoption. Let's face it many many more people would prefer to use an iPhone but can't see paying the relatively steep monthly fees. Hopefully the iPad deal will lead the way to more reasonable rates soon.
Again population, education, and technology are not the issues. Wealth and preference are more important. And while China is getting wealthier, that wealth is concentrated in few hands. I do not see the iPhone at full freight or with its expensive contract as a middle class staple in China even if it is otherwise attractive.The whole time I lived in China, I never saw anybody living in a trailer (or trawler, if that's what you meant, although I did know some Hakkas that...
Again with the "Bigger is better." Are you from Texas or something? When looking for a good education, the number 1 criteria should be "How big is the campus!" Oxford? No! Harvard? No! University of Florida, Gainsville, Bingo!
Actually I would imagine that HK, Shanghai, and Beijing will get the lion's share of stores. with some other cities getting a single store. As for your other "thoughts" do you really think population is the measure of quality in a city and that "most large cities in china" will "put American cities to shame?" Does this mean that most western cities put chinese cities to shame until recently? In what way? On what scale? For what reason? Do you have some severe psychological...
This is no big news. It will be nice for people to have a choice of different reader SW. Only the most open ones will survive and of those, usability, economy, and selection will determine who leads. PS I've never (not) seen so much blocked content on a single thread before (and I only have two people blocked!) Its nice the ignore feature works so well at de-cluttering things.
If its on a hard drive, it might as well just be in volatile memory (that is, magnetic media is no backup.) Backing up over the internet can be rather onerous and iffy. "The cloud" will be "very sorry"TM if they lose your data. I never feel at ease until I get a project or valued content safely backed up or archived on optical media. And when I do the archive, it as easy to do two of them as it is to do one.
I would tend to agree.
Yeah, I get it. While likely there is more to it than simple slavish devotion to offering just one phone standard, I think they would definitely prefer just one if possible. You will see no Motorola/Nokia/BB style product shotgunning from Apple.I frankly was amazed they went through with producing a no WiFi phone for CU!
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