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Heck the XServes were innovative, striking, and influential, but they didn't really leverage Apple's existing advantages enough, and the best parts were simply copied in a more economical way by competitors. As innovative as the X Serves were, they were rather pricy. Apple has an overarching strategy that of creating synergy through recursive simplification and reuse; product lines, components, etc. Hardware—CPUs, GPUs, Memory, cameras, displays; OS—OS X, OS X Sever, i...
Yup. Exactly my first thought. But honestly, some people post such patent stupidity, it seems a wast of time to respond. Kudos to you though for bringing some reason to the uninformed.
So which one of the scores of Android devices has single-handedly edged out the iPad in developer interest?
You sound so smug and silly. All the second hand account says is that Jobs "was mad" and that he "raged" at Balmer. It doesn't say "out of control," "inappropriate," or "narcissistic." In fact Microsoft must have decided he had a point since they decided to do a deal with him. Your view of the hearsay account says more about your own view ofJobs than it does about Jobs' behavior. Your confidence in your grasp of the event belies a, dare I say, narcissistic world view.
A few weeks ago a report from AI indicated that Excel 2011 would not support pivot tables in the Mac version, which was an astonishing deal breaker for me.Glad to see that this has proven false, but wondering how such a specific and vital detail could be reported so incorrectly the first time around.[In checking back I see it was actually AI quoting a review by Mossberg. He has not impressed me (positively, that is.)]http://www.appleinsider.com/articles..._mac_2011.html
Yeah, right. And they could do that with every other "essential" POS third party software and plugin too, right? Your notion is ridiculous!
There is a kernel of truth in that (your basic logic, not your conclusion.)Software Update would be the best way to keep things up to date.They are simply acting on their belief that Flash is not really an essential part of the OS infrastructure.
Time and technology have presented a better value proposition for SSDs. I agree with solipsism, its time has come.
Perhaps with the right incentives they'd allow Apple (if not Nvidia) do it? If not, as the A4 demonstrates, OSX recompiles to other chips quite nicely. Are there some reasonable alternatives to Intel CPU designs for an Apple SoC?
Don't you think they would, with their now very successful experience with the A4, design their own SoC with intel Nvidia guts for these babies? Isn't that the logical thing to do to really get these guys to blaze while sipping electrons? That's how they'll really differentiate themselves from the also rans (and increase their profit margins.)
New Posts  All Forums: