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Another Microsoft winner to go up on the shelf, right next to Clippy, Ribbon, Zune and Surface.  
The only Samsung product I own is a Home Theater system. All I'll say is I'll never buy another Samsung product again.
Good riddance to bad pennies. At least they dumped him. Other places would have just let him stay on for another year or two and destroy the whole thing. Think "What would Ballmer do?"
Doesn't "barely legal teen" mean that the teen is "legal?" Then why should it be filtered out? I am so confused.
I don't mind the missing optical drive. I do mind that these new iMacs do not have the ability for users to upgrade RAM ( please correct me if I'm wrong on this,) I thought I would get a new 27" IMac this year, but, maybe not, now.
Wake me up when your kid, your wife, or anyone you know tells you that they want a Surface.
Good luck.
That's why there's a Voir Dire. If your lawyers are incompetent, it isn't anyone's fault but your own.
Home user here. I sold my MBP a couple of months after I got an iPad. We now have two iPads in the house. I believe that within two or three more years, I won't even have my iMacs any more. The future is calling..
You didn't get your check yet? Me neither.sorta like those brokerage house fines.
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