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I wish they would add the ability to change text color, not just drawing color, on mobile. It's always been in the desktop version, and I hope it's not removed, as it's handy for categorization.
Hmmm, perhaps wireless BEATS earbuds for iWatch: for music, and Siri informing you how many miles you jogged, heartbeat, etc. ?? Wireless speaker reception is usually pretty bad, but maybe Apple has found a way.
... and the music is the song "Chimes" by Hudson Mohawke.
I really like the "Designed by Apple in California" tagline, however, I don't think the tone or focus of the visuals works. It highlights the perception that people are glued to their device like an automaton, and they are ignoring you, the viewer. They are in their own world, cut off from yours (but really, we are not!). It highlights absorption and isolation of the device user, rather than demonstrating the social connections that are re-inforced by the use of device....
I agree. I love Apple, but Apple's ads, while once revolutionary, have, with the minimalist styling, cuteness, and trendy soundtrack, become stale, stale, stale. They're being quite the laggard to not come up with anything new since the Genius ads flopped, and they're letting Samsung catch up with image, if not product. Resting on their laurels needs to end asap.
Ordered from Sprint at 1:34 PDT, and they stated in email receipt: "Excluding extreme circumstances, we'll do our best to get it to you Friday, Sept. 21." Crossing fingers.
Just bought a new TV and had planned on buying a Samsung, but after their slimy behavior has been revealed, I went with LG. I'm so glad I don't have to look at the Samsung logo in my living room every day. 
Has Appleinsider EVER given 5 stars to any product? I don't recall ever seeing one.
Why were the Japan results poor? I thought iphone was doing better there since they added the customized/localized emoticons. Or is it just that Japan's economy is bad right now?
I'm not a programmer or anything, but I noticed that every time I run Disk Utility and repair permissions, almost every line of feedback notes that permissions have to be changed in relation to Java. Same thing after installing the latest OSX update. What, if anything, does this say about the code? Just curious.
New Posts  All Forums: