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We got a CoolPix 4500 for Christmas. I would reccomend getting the SanDisk 128MB Card, it seems to work plenty fast.
Try Move2Mac. It includes a special USB cord for transferring files, and it simpifies the process immensly.
[quote]Originally posted by Kickaha: The inconsistencies among the metal-skinned apps (iChat = recessed, iTunes = not) are because of how the apps are coded. The ones that all changed with the 10.2.3 update were programmed in Cocoa. You'll notice the others all run under 9 as well. Ie, they use Carbon.
Carbon apps can take advantage of the new appearance as well, but apps like iTunes, etc., have custom window code and don't use the...
Give OmniGraffle a shot. http://www.omnigroup.com/
[quote]Originally posted by shetline: I just found a new bug. I don't know how repeatable it is yet: Up until now, I've been using my TiBook exclusively with an external monitor since installing Jaguar Friday night. Just now, I'm using it for the first time on battery power, on Airport, using the built-in display and trackpad instead of an external display and mouse. I put my TiBook to sleep, disconnected the external monitor, USB hub, ethernet connection, and...
The iSub is designed to sit on carpets or other soft surfaces, not desks. See the user's guide.
Apple Federal Store: $64.50. But you have to work for the Federal, State, or County government to qualify.
OK, try this. Download Pacifist at http://www.charlessoft.com/Pacifist.dmg. Now put in your 10.1 CD, and use Pacifist to open the main install package. Locate /Applications/Address Book.app in Pacifist, and extract it to the Desktop. Put your old Address Book data file in the Library folder where it was in 10.1, and run the 10.1 Address Book. Drag all of the contacts to the Desktop, and quit. Open...
If you put it back in the Library folder where you found it, it should read it in. Check Address Book help for more information.
[quote]Originally posted by Nebagakid: I got to the Tysons one at 8 45 about.... and waited... i got in there, and got the family pack... there were only about THREE family packs I saw... i got me my mouse pad, OS X, and a t-shirt, also there were.... STICKERS! Yeah, i and my brother entered to win an iMac. The line extended to an exit of the mall at which it turned right back around. They were using the Genius Bar as Registers.... I did not stay long enough or...
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