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Not locking just to spite DaveGee.
Relic - you have good taste! You must try this:
Before anyone spends time researching this - it wasn't a mess-up. It was a joke along the same lines as the "Do Not Eat iPod shuffle" foot note and still appears on some localised Apple sites (http://www.apple.com.sg/macmini/)."megaphone" refers to the picture used for "Tell a Friend". J
Kasper deals with the ads. Sometimes our ad distributors sneak in some ads like these, he'll take care of it.
Moving to Feedback.
I like this idea. I'll investigate how we could integrate this into the new forums. J
I doubt they will webcast this one. There was only a small number of people there, in a very small room and Steve didn't present.
You know what ASS-U-ME ing does?
I like cakes. I'm sure there are others here who do also
Hopefully they won't be down at all. Nobody is stopping you from not visiting unitl tomorrow though, so feel free.
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