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Are you basing this on the previosus generation iMac G5? I believe that the stand on the new iMac G5, unlike the previous, is not designed to be removed. If I'm correct (can't check right now) and you did remove the stand and caused damage - your warranty would indeed be void.
My wish: I wish people wouldn't post software topics in Future Hardware. My wish is my command! Moving...
Apologies for the short outage. We have been experiencing an extraordinary amount of traffic recently due to upcoming Apple announcement and something seems to have fallen over (not the Cube that we were once hosted on ). More info soon but we're not going anywhere. J
Please have a look around at the huge number of threads that are already discussing this. Thanks
Motorola and Apple today announced the availability of the world's first mobile phone with iTunes, enabling music lovers to transfer up to 100 of their favorite songs from the iTunes jukebox on their Mac or PC to their mobile phone*. The Motorola ROKR features easy-to-use menus, simple navigation and playback, and the ability to simply switch from listening to music to talking on the phone and back again with the push of a dedicated music key. The new Motorola ROKR...
iChat in Panther doesn't support Jabber and therefore Google Talk. Use Adium
Ban you? Sure, no problem...
I have removed the completely off-topic, idiotic posts from this thread. Any further posts of this type will result in an immediate 1 month ban.
2001 called... They want their thread back.
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