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Anyone experiencing problems with Virtual PC 7.0.2 kernel panicing since 10.4.2 update?
http://www.artlebedev.ru/portfolio/optimus/ The keys can change depending on the user's language, application they are using, etc. I challenge anyone to find a cooler keyboard. Jambo PS As a side-note, rumors are the same type of technology will be used on the Nintendo Revolution's controller.
Very sad. My thoughts go out to all our members in London and anyone else affected by this brutal attack.
Oh yeah, lol.
Here here!!
Didn't want to trigger our AppleNova alert system. j/k
Of course we will, AppleNova rocks! Just not quite as much as AppleInsider
I moved the original AppleNove thread because of a comment made that was in total violation of posting guidelines. I feared retaliation posts to this and only had a short time to hang around so I took the decision to move the thread to "Gehenna", our spam filled forum.
Will probably ship first with new consumer Macs due soon and then as a standalone update soon after. We believe the timeframe is for release late-June/early-July. Jambo
Not so sure about this. We recently made a decision to keep AppleInsider forums few in number to ensure they will all stay busy. Look at the reaction to the short-lived Creative Corner and Retail Discussion forums. We will be updating our posting guidelines soon and I think we will probably have a dedicated "Newbie" section. Any suggestions as to the contents would be appreciated. Jambo
New Posts  All Forums: