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Arrange a repair for your iPod online. If the iPod is faulty then that is all you need to return for repair/replace. The site is http://depot.info.apple.com/ipod/ I would also complain to the store's manager and/or Apple customer services. The person you have dealt with is not following correct procedures for iPod warranty repair. You would only be asked for all accessories and packaging if you were entitled to (or demanding) an immediate replacement.
Not to mention the fact that it has already been discussed here a zillion times before. Stop digging up old threads!!
The biggest giveaway for me was this line: "Say hello to the iPhone" Apple don't refer to their products as the iBook. the iMac, etc. just iBook and iMac, so a genuine Apple ad would read: "Say hello to iPhone"
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Your funny.
Yes. PDF, Word, HTML, RTF and Plain Text.
Nice! Congrats on graduating too
What if Apple licensed Mac OS X to Dell, Sony, hp, etc. but NOT iLife? That would be the clear differential between buying a Mac and a clone, that Apple's machine come bundled with iLife (and maybe even Pages, Numbers and Keynote) but either a) The customer would have to purchase these separately with a clone machine (Apple wins) or b) Dell, Sony, hp pay an additional license fee to bundle iLife and/or iWork (again Apple wins).
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