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All this touch screen junk is just that in a car- junk. It all requires taking your eyes off the road and even more concentration on adjusting the on-screen control. Nothing works easier for humans than actual, physical tactile knobs, buttons, and sliders. I wish people would stop thinking that some touch screen can replace *everything*. Even iPhones have 5 distinct buttons that can't really be easily turned into virtual buttons and still work easily. For the "basics" I...
Who needs a wirelessly controlled light bulb? Is it so hard to get off the chair and turn off a light? This is absolutely one of the craziest products I've read about. Plus, $60 for a bulb! My gosh, my monthly entire house electric bill isn't that much most months! How much is this saving me over X years? Oh right, it's saving me all the extra weight in my wallet.
The relevant quote some of you are missing is:  It's especially sad when cities do that for sports teams. That is the biggest waste of money that could ever be. Without fail cities lose.   It's SPORT TEAMS that hose a city on taxes, not all businesses in general. There was an extensive report I saw in TV about how sports arenas get huge tax breaks or even gov't grants to build. They employ mostly low wage, save for the athletes. The city has to subsidize traffic...
It would be nice if they could keep the dock connector size the same. I don't want to have the confusion of "large dock connector" vs "small dock connector". or maybe they could just use mini USB instead, i've got 20 of those cables at home.
If you think that's bad (I sure do!) Just wait till you read about the "software subscription" plan. Where you never fully "own" it, must always have an internet connection, get forced updates, and pay more than it's worth monthly. That's how they are positioning "Muse"; the InDesign-builds-websites app.
You've got to be joking. European sockets have no advantage over US plugs. When I visited Europe, no plugs seemed sturdy, or more study. I'm not saying US plugs are better, just they all have their limitations. Actually US plugs might be better as we've got 1 pole oversized on a lot of devices now for polarity, plus US plugs can be a little more forgiving for being a tad bend or have oversize spades.
Harsh, but Hell Yeah!
So, you're saying: No one can find them to buy, no one knows how to sell them, no one wants to advertise them, they cost too much and have nothing useful you can do with them. OK I understand now.
Maybe if the BODs cut the CEO's pay they'd have some left for upgrades to their systems.
Apple should provide a way to update to any arbitrary version. My 3G was not updated for a long time. iOS4 came out and I did not want it. But I had to go through a bunch of steps to update from 3.1x to 3.1.3 (last version before 4). It should have been an option in the iTunes iPhone window. Like "Update to iOS 4, or choose a custom update to an older version..." etc.
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