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Hey Guys I have a 23" ACD which has got 2 weeks of AppleCare remaining but for some time I have noticed it intermittently flickers (but not the whole screen). It's wierd in that for example, the mini store on iTunes will flicker (but not the rest), but then if I turn either the monitor or my PC off for a while, then turn it back on, it won't flicker, but something else might (like a block of colour on a website). I phoned AppleCare and they were pretty unhelpful and...
Thanks for your reply...Think I'll do that
Hmm... I'm currently itching to buy a Mac. Not sure whether I want a Mac Book Pro or a 24" iMac but I want a Mac BADLY! I currently use a PC as I am studying IT at university but I have all the software for a Mac (as I used to own one, and miss it terribly). I'm really tempted however, to wait for Leapoard and a hardware upgrade and just buy a cheap G4 iBook or something for now. Any thoughts?
I do agree with you about the graphics. It's about time Apple brought the Macbooks into line with other similarly priced PC laptops (which majority of them have dedicated graphics). I think though, more important than the graphics, BRING BACK THE 14inch SCREEN! 13.3" Widescreen is far too small
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