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From the article: (Bolding mine)
One nitpick, the units in the linked page are in $US Millions, Apple trails Exxon by $70 billion. Exxon is a *hugely* valuable company/not that it invalidates your point in any way
Seconded. 5 years ago I worked at an Apple reseller/authorized repair shop for a summer, one of the biggest. We made very little off macs themselves, the price we paid Apple price was ~$50 less than the SRP for example for an iBook. We made most of our money off accessories, repairs, and third party parts (like memory). From what I hear that hasn't changed. That's the reason you don't see major discounts on macs all that often. I usually just buy online from Apple directly...
True, though in any system using i7s in the next iteration you're talking upper end, which means discrete GPUs. Still, I hope you're right, maybe we'll see a quad early 2011...I've been thinking about an iPad too, what stops me every time is I *want* one, but I can't come up with any reason why I *need* one.Given that I can't *quite* justify the $500 to myself, no matter how much I try :-p
Well, it does have nice quad i7s but at the 45w dissipation slot, not at 35w where Apple's current procs sit. That said, if they kill the optical drive they could have the cooling and battery for the extra proc power, maybe as a CTO/doubt it though//waiting for a quad to replace my '07 core 2///sept/oct 2011 with ivy bridge probably
I wouldn't be horribly surprised if they announce new MBPs at the event at the end of the month, maybe with 2 mini-DP ports (or a mDP and HDMI like the mini) with ATI cards, supporting eyefinity. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't too though A lot of people use 17" MBPs as lugables, they would benefit distinctly from it. Just because *you* don't want the option doesn't mean no-one does.To be fair, the HP Envy 14, which tasslehawf explicitly mentioned, is pretty damn...
Fair enough :-p
They're doing quite well in the supercomputing arena too, I'm working with some tesla cards right now and they really are fantastic pieces of hardware for anything that does lots of FP calculations.
The company I really miss is 3dfx, they made kick-ass cards, still have a voodoo3 kicking around somewhere...But they do put the names and logos in their marketing
Data can still be recovered, what you should do is boot off an installation CD, wipe the disk using disk utility with at *least* zeroing it, better would be the 7 or 35 pass runs (which take longer but are far more thorough). These options are under "Security Options" in DU (basically they do "dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/disk0 && dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/disk0" repeatedly), and then reinstalling the OS.
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