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O2 are currently offering £290 for my 64GB iPhone 5 (approx €400) and I imagine that will drop when the event is announced and the flood of handsets on the trade-in market begins. Some are offering slightly higher but their reputation suggests the offer isn't often matched when the item is received. I've used O2 in the past and have no complaints. Good luck with your sale
Based on the last two iPhones I've sold, that sounds a bit optimistic. You'd do well to get much more than €350-400
$600 for an alleged rear shell of a stolen prototype? Sheesh I'd be surprised if that auction still exists by the morning
With the timing, I wonder if this is possibly an iOS 7 compatibility issue with the 4th Gen iPod Touch. Or, as others have pointed out elsewhere, this frees up a production line for something else
The British version is quite shy, no pic of the device, just a plain brown box http://d.pr/i/d8Hs
Glossy doesn't bother me but I've already heard from friends who were potential buyers that it's still too reflective. Will hopefully get a look at one in the flesh this weekend.A retina MBAir would be great in the future, until then I'll stick with a retina iPad and a huge iMac
I've no doubt that Apple are/have been working on touch screen devices of many sizes and resolutions. Bringing a 5" device to market next year on the other hand, is pure speculation. The best case I've read for a size between 3.5" and 9.7" is the 163 story, linked to by Gruber on Daring Fireball. iPad Mini [or whatever] around 8" would scare Amazon & other Android tablet producers to bits if it came in at the right price
Good for him, well done Sir Jony
The roll-out continues, meanwhile here in the UK it's nigh on impossible to get one through an upgrade on O2 \
I never use the software that comes with WD drives, just delete it and format to Extended Journaled Have updated the firmware to the latest version and have been ejecting all external drives when inactive for any long periods. I caved in on Friday and installed SL and so far have had no recurrences. Fingers tightly crossed [I know I should've waited to diagnose properly but...]
New Posts  All Forums: