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I don't get this. You're paying for the data, and it's being throttled after you reach certain limits. How is it even any of their business what you DO with that data? That clause in the contract shouldn't even be enforceable. Imagine if they tried to tell you what rooms you're allowed to use your data in? Restricting where you can use it is not really any different than restricting what you can use it for. Do any of the US carriers offer unlimited tethering? I have that...
When is the last time you worked with a Cintiq (or any Wacom Tablet)? The first ones had some of those issues (though never to anywhere near the degree you're implying), but in the current versions of the tech precision is its hallmark. No one else has even comes close to designing a pen on screen solution that offers the kind of precision that Wacom has. Sensing the actual tip of the pen on the screen rather than tracking the device electronically is the reason why they...
Yes.. All the more reason not to have paired peripherals.
Wacom makes a 13" portable Cintiq device that has both a stylus and touch sensitivity. It does have a bit of a bezel, but not much. Even the regular Wacom tablets have touch as well.I've worked in a large studio with 30-40 people in one room using Wacom tablets at the same time -- that simply never happens.
The fact that so many of the rumours have the stylus being bluetooth has me worried. A proper pressure sensitive stylus does not need to be paired or charged.
Small nitpick: These aren't earbuds. They are in-ear headphones. There is a difference. Apple's earPods, for instance, are earbuds. They also sell in-ear headphones.
You've got it backwards. There's a big difference between recognizing someone's right to do or say something, and being forced to participate in it. Those who would force a baker to cater a gay wedding are the ones not respecting that baker's right to just be left to his/her own beliefs. He's not showing up to their weddings and telling them they can't do it, he's just asking to be excluded from having to be part of putting it together.
That girl is adorable.
I'm well aware of what the words mean. Opponents of this bill are bigots.
It absolutely is. There is a galling level of intolerance being displayed by many of the vocal opponents of this bill.
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