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Lightning audio is probably a good thing. It could conceivable bring higher quality audio to the device. iPhones, however, are already way too thin. We have long passed the threshold by which making the devices thinner is providing any real utility. All they are doing is making them more difficult to hold on to.
Why? Because most of these tasks are a restrictive pain in the butt on an iPad compared to doing them on a Mac. Even just web surfing is an exponentially better experience in OS X when compared to iOS.
I hope so. Wacom's got a huge head start, but I'd be delighted if Apple tries to catch them.
First review I've seen from a professional artist: http://business.financialpost.com/fp-tech-desk/personal-tech/ipad-pro-review-andrew-coyne-chip-zdarsky-and-daniel-kaszor-test-apples-massive-tablet Since Chip's workflow and subject matter are very similar to mine, I was especially interested to see if he thinks the iPad Pro and Pencil can be used professionally. His verdict? It's great for reading comics, but not for working on them. One of the things I still haven't...
This doesn't instil much confidence in me. It seems Adobe's plan with respect to the iPad Pro is the status quo. I was really hoping to hear them say they were working on bringing a full version of Photoshop to the iPad Pro. I sure hope Smith Micro is working on Manga Studio for iPad Pro. If not... yikes.
Please. Mac users have happily and safely been able to do this for decades. OLD versions of OS X still get security updates. Even classic Mac OS got one recently. Old versions of iOS still get security updates too. If anyone could do it, Apple can.Besides that, Apple does already "allow a bunch of people to easily run obsolete versions". Those would be the millions of people who don't even bother to update to the latest version. Because that's the flip side: if Apple won't...
I really wish Apple would stop doing this. Sometimes there's a really good reason why someone wants to go back to a previous version. Updates very often break something that was previously working fine, or take away a feature that you really liked. I can go back several versions in OS X, I should be able to do the same in iOS.
Modbook. They are amazing to use. They suffer from one problem only, the company has to buy retail Macbook Pros, and convert them, making the price astronomical.And the Surface is pretty good, it's major drawback is Windows. Same hardware running OS X = dream machine.
Yes, it absolutely would. It would be better than great.
New Posts  All Forums: