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Common problem, I see it a lot. No idea what causes it though.
I think we are on the same page with that. On a previous thread about the iPad Pro/Pencil, I expressed that we likely won't see the full potential of this setup for a few iterations of the product line.
iFixit provides a great service to Apple's customers, but they're a thorn in Apple's side. It's bizarre they were even given a developer unit to begin with.
The Pixar comments are not exactly glowing. They really seem to be following the "if you can't say anything nice..." approach."Well, we like the.... uh... um... palm rejection! Yes, the palm rejection is nice."I still haven't read of anyone reviewing/playing with the pressure sensitivity settings. This is the first thing anyone who uses a Wacom tablet is going to want to know about.The software will decide if it really is a "Pro" device, rather than just a game and movie...
Sometimes, without actually using the products, you just don't know who is right. I think these products are the types you not only have to use, but use enough to know what the differences are. I expect a lot of reviews that seem to make sense only if you don't know enough to know the difference. Given how most people on this board scoff at the Surface Pro, (and styluses in general) it's really clear that they are not able to figure out that middle ground -- they just...
I'm sure we will! The hyperbole will be strong on both sides!
UBER driver DO do that. The difference is how you flag them. Instead of raising your arm, you use the app.
Linda Dong? Yeah, she's taken a lot of flack for not disclosing that she was part of the team that built the Pencil, and grossly misrepesenting how Wacom styluses do and do not work. It was PR, nothing more. She even took some of the glaring negatives of the Pencil like the lack of side switches and tried to paint those as positives.Again, I've not seen a single feature or function listed or demoed for the Pencil that I have not already been using for years with Wacom...
What did you see in the Pencil demo that isn't already being done by Wacom?
Unless and until YOU pay my data fees, I have the absolute right to decide what content I do not want coming over that connection.Casual viewers might decide to whitelist you if they feel that your content is valuable and they trust you won't assault them with an ad onslaught. If you block them right out of the gate, they'll never find that out and you'll never get those viewers. No one will link to your content, no one will discover it accidentally, and your installed...
New Posts  All Forums: