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No, stylus input on OS X really IS great. It's an amazing increase in functionality and productivity. The problem is, you have to buy a second expensive external device to do it right now. Having that functionality built-in to at least some models of Mac would be a godsend. There is no reason the screen needs to be two arm lengths away. Most desktop pen input monitors utilize a base that acts as a tilting easel that brings the monitor as close as you want at any angle you...
Yes. I agree completely. If it were possible to install OS X on either a Surface Pro or a Wacom Cintiq Companion, I would buy one for that purpose in a heartbeat. Their hardware is EXACTLY what i want to use for my work, "Windows" is the only thing holding me back.The Pencil should have been developed for Macs, not iPads. (or for both I guess)
I think you're disregarding how consumer culture works. The vast majority of people who buy almost anything that is more expensive don't do so out of necessity, they do it because they want the "good one" (and/or the "cool one"), and they're willing to pay for that. Apple would not be the success it is today if people's buying habits (for home or business) matched with your proposed scenario. I don't "need" an iPhone, an iPad, a Macbook Pro, and an iMac. I bought them...
I don't think I could disagree more strongly. A lot of people absolutely do make that exact choice.
I think his position represents a lot of Adobe's customers. They probably don't need everything that Photoshop does, but they can make use of enough of it that they still will pay for it as long as they can keep the price somewhat in check. They don't need to upgrade regularly (Photoshop doesn't need to be up to date to open newer files like other Adobe apps).This demographic encompasses a lot of professionals, not just dabblers. It's still very common to see designers and...
I think you're probably right. I haven't had time to try Affinity out yet, but what I see so far certainly has my attention. Their page layout program look pretty good too.
I'm glad to see these Photoshop alternatives constantly getting better. While none of them are quite where they need to be to replace Photoshop in my workflow, I still buy and try almost all of them. Pixelmator still can't do CMYK, and is still pretty flaky when it comes to transparent backgrounds. If they fixed both of those things, I'd be tempted to try doing a project from start to finish with it.
OS X works very well with both touch and pen input, always has.
Yes. A thousand times, YES. The rMB and the iPad Pro should have been the same device.
Common problem, I see it a lot. No idea what causes it though.
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