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Don't stupid, the point is to reduce costs. People don't do it anymore because Apple is producing designed obsolescence. They used to, all the time, and it was quite inexpensive.
It does make a lot of sense. A couple hundred dollars for an incremental upgrade is a lot better than replacing the whole computer every couple of years.
Better for everyone, even if they don't choose to take advantage of it.
A better option would be to build machines that allow people to upgrade their video card.
In my area at least, Apple's maps have been significantly more accurate than Google from day one. It doesn't even cross my mind to use Google anymore.
They are still a very long way away from drawing professionals away from Photoshop (I certainly couldn't do any of my work with it), but Pixelmator is perfect for those people who only dabble in PS right now, and have no need for Adobe's pricing.
Hooray. Another guy who hasn't got a clue what he's talking about, but won't stop typing.I've been using Wacom tablets professionally for over 15 years. I know how they work, and I know the different models. The new Cintiq portable is not an add-on. It is a stand alone portable. And there absolutely is NOT a Mac version. If there was, I'd buy it.
You should really take your own advice and stop posting when you don't know what you're talking about. Using a Wacom tablet with OS X is a huge improvement over using a mouse or trackpad.
They should.Look at the new Cintiq portable that Wacom just announced. It's exactly what creative professionals have been waiting for, only you're forced to use Windows on it. That machine, running OS X is exactly what Apple should have already been making. If you've ever used an a Wacom tablet with OS X, you know that it works amazingly well, and that it's a big upgrade over other input methods.
Small keyboards don't _have to_ be unusable. Yes, many of the netbook keyboards were bad, but I used to have an HP Mini, and the keyboard on that was perfect. They somehow managed to make the key spacing feel as if it was normal sized.
New Posts  All Forums: