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Am I reading that correctly? The second screen will always go blank, and you can't stop that? I use two monitors all the time, and I often full screen one app on one monitor while working normally on the other. If one of the screens really will go black, I seriously can't use the OS. It's starting to be a broken record, but it's infuriating that Apple always insists on removing an important feature to make way for one that's mostly useless but looks cool.
  Apple used to charge MORE for smaller laptops, they can do whatever they want, people will buy it.   My concern is if they chase the lower price instead of just the smaller form-factor, that they'll neuter the specs so much that people like me who really want a 7" iPad will not want the particular product that they come out with. I want a real full-reatured iPad, I just want it smaller. I'm more than willing to pay whatever that costs.           A rubber nub...
Why only 16GB? I was pretty excited about a 7" ipad, and I've already got my cash set aside to buy one (even if it's the SAME price as the 10" version), but I won't buy it if it's only 16GB.   I firmly believe that Apple should keep the price exactly the same, and the specs as close as possible, just reduce the screen size.
To hear this many people try to claim that the USA has dominion over a term that universally applies to millions of people outside of their border is hilarious. Never under estimate the United States capacity for being self-absorbed.
  Absolutely. A totalitarian state, by definition, is not communist. Neither is one that engages in international commerce, nor one that has private ownership of businesses or property.   Excellent point on what people choose to call their party/movement/nation not being the de facto definition too. It's generally the least democratic states in the world who choose to use the word Democratic in their name. Example: "Democratic People's Republic of Korea".
  No. Countries have legally defined area with distinct borders. The opinions, thoughts, etc, of the residents of that area aren't a factor in the definition.
  That actually is correct. No country is 100% one ideology or another, and it's cartoonish to insist that they might be. Almost everyone is living some sort of mixed market economy with plenty of socialism and capitalism to go around too.
  Only navel gazing "Americans" think that way. Outside of the USA, "America" absolutely is synonymous with the entirety of the Americas. Other countries are far more likely to refer to the USA as "The States" than as "America".
Probably a typo... must have meant iPod Touch.
  I've been to Cuba several times, they definitely are not communist. There's plenty of free enterprise going on there.    I have a Canadian friend who owns several businesses in China too, that's hardly a hallmark of Communism either.   Cuba and China are both State Capitalist, but neither has been communist for quite some time. It's debatable whether Cuba ever was.
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