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Funding? WhoGAS about funding. The FAA should just order the airlines to do that testing and report the results by a set date if they want to continue to have the privilege of flying.
I'm a huge fan of Netflix. The $8/mo is such a small price to pay to keep my kids in line. "I'm cancelling Netfix" is a way more serious threat than any other punishment I could impose! The downside is, I can now recite every episode of iCarly line for line.
I'm using blueberry (2.2), and it automatically converts opened files to RGB - without even warning you -- and strips out any embedded profiles. There are no options for keeping files as CMYK.
I downloaded the demo and played with it a while. There's a lot to like. The interface is really good, I particularly like the effects browser palette, and the brush options. Unfortunately, it still doesn't do CMYK. That's a deal breaker. I don't see Pixelmator doing much damage to Adobe just yet. I don't think designers and photographers realize how often frustrated publishers end up sending their files to a colour house to fix them.
I don't know what pisses me off more. That Adobe is ripping its customers off this way, or that they are sending shills to register and post their first ever comments singing the praises of Creative Cloud.
I wonder if this might actually INCREASE piracy. People who might otherwise pay for a stand alone product might be more motivated to try out a crack to avoid the subscription model that Adobe is forcing on them. I know people who have cracked the free trial of CS6 downloaded from Adobe so that the trial just never ends. Probably not much different to stop the CC from calling home.
Adobe knows it has most of its customers by the short and curlies. It knows those who need the full Creative Suite, actually must have it even if they don't like the subscription model. I don't like it, I don't want it, but I have literally no choice, I'm going to have to do it. In fact it's only going to make my job tougher, because some clients will start using other products and some won't, so I'll have to buy and learn a lot more software than I otherwise need.
I don't know anyone who has gone the iMac route who didn't regret it. The issue is not the horsepower, it's the screen.
With a built-n screen? I hope that's not the answer, not unless they partner with NEC or Eizo.
I loved the form factor of my 9" HP Mini. The design and ergonomics were great, as was the feature-price ratio. At the time, I very sincerely wished that Apple would make a nearly identical machine that ran OS X, because the one thing I didn't like about it was that it ran Windows.I've since moved on to a Macbook Pro and an iPad Mini, but to this day I still would much rather have a Mac version of that HP Mini.
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