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You guys are getting hosed if you think that's a good price. I pay a lot less than that, and I get unlimited data, tethering, and long distance too.
RAM still soldered on. :(   I understand why it is from a space perspective, doesn't mean I like it. I've had RAM go bad on me enough times that not being able to quickly swap it out and keep working makes me really nervous.
The allure of the 7" ipad for me is definitely the size, not the price. I'd buy one even if they were the exact same price as the 10: model.
  See my post earlier in this thread: I was in the same situation as you, wanting to see those same three movies for the same reason. I did watch them on Netflix. No Iron Man 1, and no Incredible Hulk though.   Regardless, you still have made a great point. The movie industry loses out on revenue specifically because of their restrictive models. I know you rejected piracy as an acceptable alternative, but the fact remains that piracy thrives primarily because it's...
Yes they do, they are in the "New Arrivals" section.   edit:   Here's the listing on Apple TV:     And on the Netflix website:  
I have to wonder what people who think Netflix content is limited are expecting? I'd heard that mantra many times before I had signed up for the free trial. If anything, we've been pleasantly surprised at how good the selection is. There's no way anyone could ever have enough time to even browse all of the titles available, never mind watch them. At 8 bucks a month, it's by far the best entertainment value that I've ever seen.   I also wonder how new people are...
They're also superior picture quality, especially for action and sports. I'll never settle for an LCD or LED again, and I sure as heck won't pay more money for lower quality.
  No kidding. Modbook was the prototype for what a tablet should be. Can you  imagine how great it would be if Apple were to build one from scratch, rather than an after-market rebuild of existing Macbooks?   Quote:   Pressure sensitivity really is the key. The iPad is virtually useless as a artists tool without that.
  But Real was the one who decided to make their files not work by putting DRM on them. If they were standard MP3s or AACs, they'd have worked fine. Real could turn around and blame their content providers, I guess, but ultimately  it was still their decision go forward with a business model that wouldn't work. 
The one thing I'm hoping that Digitimes IS wrong about is the 7.85" specific size. It has to be no  larger than 7" to be pocketable. My 7" Android tablet fits snugly into my back jeans pocket, but if it were even 1/16" larger  it would not.
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