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  If you're lucky.
As much as this suit may seem somewhat frivolous, one still has to wonder who is doing Apple's trademark searching for them before they decide on a product's name. A little due diligence would side-step most of these kinds of claims.
  It's an improvement over the previous gloss screens, but the glare is still pretty bad. Much worse than screens I use right now.
I don't really care about iFixit or any other repair place's business model. The point they make is still the same, even for the end user. A machine you can't fix yourself in any appreciable way is a bad deal for the owner of the machine. A machine that requires extensive assemblies to be replaced in the event of a repair, rather than just the part that's broken, is a bad deal for the owner of the machine. 
  http://store.apple.com/ca/browse/home/shop_iphone/family/iphone   That's not the refurb store. That's a brand new $550 piece of tech that is a current model.   The excuses you guys are making for Apple here are pathetic. 
The original iPhone is not a current model. 
  Still a CURRENT model... is that too hard to comprehend? People are buying brand new iPhones today that will not be properly  upgraded to the next version of the OS. That's the kind of crap Android customers have to deal with, the kinds of things Apple is supposed to be better for.     You're assuming wrong.
No, I bought it the day it was released. (I have a white one). That was just a year ago. Besides that, the iPhone 4 is still a current model. They are pre-announcing that a product they are selling right NOW is not fully compatible with the software upgrade that's coming soon.   I'm not buying the network capability claim either. My wife also has a 4s, and there is no difference in performance whatsoever between the two phones for us. There's no "lag" with the the 4, just...
  I totally agree. These people who keep calling for iTunes to be broken up are crazy. iTunes is one of the very best pieces of software that exists for any purpose. It's specifically because everything is all in one place that it's so great. 
**** you Apple. My iPhone 4 is less than a year old, and you're trying to coerce me into buying new one already? Why, so you can put some random limit on that phone to drive sales of the next one in another couple of months?. It's my data plan, stop arbitrarily telling me what I can use it for. Enough with the 50mb app store dowload limits too.
New Posts  All Forums: