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The obsession with thin for the iMac is grossly overdone. A much better use of their engineering time would be making opening the damn thing up easier. It should not be easier to upgrade my laptop than my desktop.
If they intend to market it as a reading device, and they don't do something to substantially reduce the glare that you get on the current models, they'll be setting themselves up for another round of the same thing that's happening with maps. There will be no end of over the top "man blinded trying to use iPad" type stories being carried my the mainstream press. And they'll actually have a point this time. My iPad is completely unusable outside because of the excessive...
Nobody lost street view. You can still use the stand alone Streetviewer app, as well as several other solutions.
I keep reading people saying this has to be a cheaper version. I don't want a cheaper model, I only want a smaller one. I'll buy it if it costs the same as the 10" version. What I won't buy, is one that has much of the iPad-ness stripped out of it just to make it cheaper.
When I type just "Columbia", "Columbia, SC, United States" is the very first option in the autocomplete list. The entire list is full of different "Columbias" all over the US. What it does not give me, is any South American options. Nor should it, since those places aren't even spelled the same.This is par for the course though. I've yet to see an example of a problem in iOS maps that I can actually replicate. Every time someone posts about some new crazy error, I go...
WORKING prototypes they don't get, but they do get non-functional dummy units to text the fit and function of the cases.
Not "any". It won't let me block you. I'm sure a lot of users of this forum are looking for that feature by now.
I was very worried that 7.85" would be too big to be a suitable replacement for my 7" Android tablet. If those measurements are correct though, the 5.3" width is actually narrower than my 4:3 ratio 7" tablet. That has got me very excited about this product again! Time to thaw out the Visa!
I use AppoDay regularly, I'd hate for it to be banned. It's given me access to many otherwise pay apps that I might never have given the chance without it. I've also had it give me apps for free that regularly cost as much as $25.
Count me among those that don't like things being broken up across multiple apps. I do not understand the people complaining about iTunes, having everything in one place is ALWAYS better, and iTunes as it is now is the best-of the best. It's breaking the iTunes functions up on iOS that ticks me off. I do not want to have to use 4 different apps to access the content that I have all together on one library on my Mac. It's bad UI, IMO.
New Posts  All Forums: