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Me neither. The old one was much easier to navigate, while still allowing for more options. This new one is too much "ooh shiny" for no reason. Unfortunately, my kids updated my aTV2 while I was out, so it looks like I might be stuck with the new interface.
I have a 7" Android tablet, and it fits in my back jeans pocket (albeit snugly), and easily fits in the pockets of most jackets that I own. It also fits in my glove box and my map pockets in my car. My iPad fits in none of those places.
Sure you can. Most things on my iPad are too big. Huge keyboard, giant icons, large spaces between elements, etc. Scaled down to 7", they'd be just about perfect. The size and functionality of my 7" Android tablet pretty much IS perfect except for the fact that I have to use Android when I'd rather be using iOS. My only worry about the current rumours is the constant mention of 7.85" rather than 7.0". I want it no larger than 7". Going from 9.7" to 7.85" isn't a big...
Hyperbole seems to be your forte. Apple does want you to use your own content, and it's ridiculously easy to do. Most of the use I get out of my aTV2 is from accessing my iTunes library from my computer. Sure, that computer has to be powered on, but so would any form of server to access any kind of content. The part you're right about, is it's ridiculous that I can't access that library if the iTunes application is not running on my Mac. Why can't it just see and use the...
Yikes. That new UI is bad. That is so un-Apple-like. I'm definitely NOT going to update my aTV2 any time soon until they fix this monstrosity. The only problem I had with the Apple TV UI as it was is that there are too many main column options. Merge some of them together so that Netflix, iTunes sales/rentals, and movies from my library are all under the same category (and similar for music, TV, etc), and it would have been great.Yet another reason not to upgrade! I almost...
That's because they aren't iPads. The 7" form factor is superior, it's just using Android that sucks.Why does it have to be cheaper? Make it exactly the same price, and I'll still buy it.
Absolutely. I'll buy a 7" iPad, even if it's the same price as the 10". It's the smaller form factor that I want, not a cheaper iPad.Sure you can. My 7" Android tablet fits in my back jeans pocket, as do many of the other 7" tablets out there. The only reason I even have that tablet is because of the size. I already have an iPad, but I leave it at home and take the Android tablet with me when I go out, simply because it's a more portable format.
I sure hope it's not any bigger than 7". That's the perfect size: you can still fit it into a pocket, it's the same size as a trade paperback. Much more usable for carrying around where ever you go than the current iPad size. People who complain that that is somehow too small don't know what they're talking about. There are plenty of very usable 7" tablets out there, some of them are actually really good. No one has any issues with needing sanded down fingers. The only...
The Creo division too. Apple should have bought that from Scitex in the first place!
The single guys I know all have the largest TVs. They're the only ones with disposable income to spend on something so frivolous.
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