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  No. Countries have legally defined area with distinct borders. The opinions, thoughts, etc, of the residents of that area aren't a factor in the definition.
  That actually is correct. No country is 100% one ideology or another, and it's cartoonish to insist that they might be. Almost everyone is living some sort of mixed market economy with plenty of socialism and capitalism to go around too.
  Only navel gazing "Americans" think that way. Outside of the USA, "America" absolutely is synonymous with the entirety of the Americas. Other countries are far more likely to refer to the USA as "The States" than as "America".
Probably a typo... must have meant iPod Touch.
  I've been to Cuba several times, they definitely are not communist. There's plenty of free enterprise going on there.    I have a Canadian friend who owns several businesses in China too, that's hardly a hallmark of Communism either.   Cuba and China are both State Capitalist, but neither has been communist for quite some time. It's debatable whether Cuba ever was.
  If you're lucky.
As much as this suit may seem somewhat frivolous, one still has to wonder who is doing Apple's trademark searching for them before they decide on a product's name. A little due diligence would side-step most of these kinds of claims.
  It's an improvement over the previous gloss screens, but the glare is still pretty bad. Much worse than screens I use right now.
I don't really care about iFixit or any other repair place's business model. The point they make is still the same, even for the end user. A machine you can't fix yourself in any appreciable way is a bad deal for the owner of the machine. A machine that requires extensive assemblies to be replaced in the event of a repair, rather than just the part that's broken, is a bad deal for the owner of the machine. 
  http://store.apple.com/ca/browse/home/shop_iphone/family/iphone   That's not the refurb store. That's a brand new $550 piece of tech that is a current model.   The excuses you guys are making for Apple here are pathetic. 
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