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The one thing I'm hoping that Digitimes IS wrong about is the 7.85" specific size. It has to be no  larger than 7" to be pocketable. My 7" Android tablet fits snugly into my back jeans pocket, but if it were even 1/16" larger  it would not.
  Thanks for that link. I don't remember Digitimes ever being right, but I was wondering if anyone had ever tracked it. You're right, according to Stupid Apple Rumors at least, Digitimes is quite literally never right.   I do have to question SAR not showing their work though. They are clearly flat out lying when it comes to 9to5Mac (and they seem to have some weird feud going on), so it makes me question if they are just playing a "see, we can make stuff up too" game.
Calling them "tools of the trade" doesn't justify the price gouge. The tools of most other trades don't cost nearly as much, they don't have to be replaced anywhere near as often, and multiple employees can share the same set of tools if that arrangement is feasible for your workflow.
There's a fundamental difference. Just because someone might vote for one party does not in any way mean that the party speaks for them. Most people don't know or even care who Ayn Rand is. They sure don't let Paul Ryan tell them how to think.
    Republicans might, that doesn't mean Conservatives do. If you meant Republicans, that's what your thread title should have said. 
The thread title does not even come close to matching the content of the post. Most Conservatives don't even know who Ayn Rand is. Who cares what Paul Ryan says anyway? He's just one guy, he doesn't dictate what anyone else thinks.
I'm not a fan of the update either. It's very inefficient. Far too much wasted space. The tighter design of the previous version allowed for scrolling through multiple replies very quickly, this is one is tedious.   The previous poster's response that he wouldn't come here might be extreme, but I understand the sentiment. I don't post much, but I do read the threads everyday. It's been a very quick and efficient way to get up to date on the goings on in the world of...
People still do often refer to any SUV as a "Jeep" though. I went on a "Jeep Jungle Safari" on vacation this winter, the "Jeeps" were all Suzukis. With huge stickers that said "Jeep" on the doors. Chrysler may own the registered trademark, but the name was public domain long before they bought it.
Yep, Bayer's brand of synthetic morphine. Their track record for keeping iconic trademarks is pretty weak!
Sure they do. Lots of people say they're "Googling" something when they're using Wikipedia, or PubMed too.People absolutely DO call their (insert cheap mp3 player here) an "iPod" though. I hear it all the time.
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