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Not even close.You're still using that word in the wrong context, but either way, that statement is nonsense. Creative people "steal" from each other all of the time. They often get sued for it too.
They DON'T work, and that's precisely my point.That may well be a form of theft (probably conversion), but it's not relevant to the argument -- because those movies will still be actually missing.Now you're getting warmer. Sneaking into a movie theatre is much closer to what I'm talking about. You're still wrong about it being theft though. Absolutely nothing was stolen. That doesn't mean an offence hasn't occurred though, clearly one has. Trespassing perhaps, perhaps...
It does matter. If I don't have it anymore, and have to find a way to replace it, that means it was stolen. If it's still there, it wasn't.That's a consistent theme for you on these boards: frequently wrong, but seldom in doubt.
You are still describing a completely different thing. If I take the chair, the actual chair is gone. That's theft. I'm talking about leaving the chair where it is, and making a copy of it.Who said anything about communism? This has nothing to do with politics or anyone's equal share. I'm talking about the meaning of a word. Now we can add synonym to the list of words you don't understand.I've created plenty. It's what I do for a living. Much of it is readily found on...
See that example is exactly why you (and other posters in this thread) are completely wrong about what is or is not theft. If I kidnap someone, the only example that exists of that child is now gone. Another kid, is a different kid. Making an unauthorized copy does not take the original away, it leaves it intact where and how it was.No it isn't, not at all. I am not in anyway saying that an offence has not occurred when someone makes an unauthorized copy of something.
I do not disagree with any of that. Not what I'm talking about.
They still have it, it wasn't stolen.
I didn't steal anything.
It's not theft. Nothing goes missing. All the original files are still on the server for someone else to buy.
This is nothing but an opportunistic price gouge. Canadian iTunes prices didn't go lower when our dollar was trading higher than the USD. No worries, back to torrents for me then.
New Posts  All Forums: