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You've got it backwards. There's a big difference between recognizing someone's right to do or say something, and being forced to participate in it. Those who would force a baker to cater a gay wedding are the ones not respecting that baker's right to just be left to his/her own beliefs. He's not showing up to their weddings and telling them they can't do it, he's just asking to be excluded from having to be part of putting it together.
That girl is adorable.
I'm well aware of what the words mean. Opponents of this bill are bigots.
It absolutely is. There is a galling level of intolerance being displayed by many of the vocal opponents of this bill.
This thread is proof enough.
Absolutely not. The opponents of this law are bigots. The vitriol against it is proof that it's needed.
Tim Cook has exposed himself as a bigot.
I think the users on AppleInsider are not typical. Most people do not relentlessly defend an Apple technology. They may or may not like it. Touch ID is definitely one of those where it's VERY common for people not to like it. They are not very good for climates that get winter. If it's cold, it doesn't work. If your skin is too dry, it doesn't work. If you have lotion on your hands, it doesn't work. or me at least, the success rate is less than 50%. At least I gave it a...
This Podcast is not available in Canada. ???? That's the first time I've EVER seen that message for any podcast!
Studies show the opposite is true. The more people "pirate", the more content they buy.https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20121126/00590921141/dear-riaa-pirates-buy-more-full-stop-deal-with-it.shtmlhttp://mumbrella.com.au/pirates-buy-more-content-than-those-who-play-by-the-rules-claims-choice-study-266802http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/Another-Study-Pirates-Are-Industrys-Biggest-Paying-Customers-122852
New Posts  All Forums: