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See that example is exactly why you (and other posters in this thread) are completely wrong about what is or is not theft. If I kidnap someone, the only example that exists of that child is now gone. Another kid, is a different kid. Making an unauthorized copy does not take the original away, it leaves it intact where and how it was.No it isn't, not at all. I am not in anyway saying that an offence has not occurred when someone makes an unauthorized copy of something.
I do not disagree with any of that. Not what I'm talking about.
They still have it, it wasn't stolen.
I didn't steal anything.
It's not theft. Nothing goes missing. All the original files are still on the server for someone else to buy.
This is nothing but an opportunistic price gouge. Canadian iTunes prices didn't go lower when our dollar was trading higher than the USD. No worries, back to torrents for me then.
Playing and syncing Podcasts through the Music app was by far the best experience I've ever seen. The Apple standalone Podcast app broke most of what worked, and added a bunch of annoyances that keep coming back no matter how often you turn them off. I've yet to see a third party podcast app that just simply works the way podcasts in the Music app used to. All I want to see are just the five most recent unplayed episodes of the selected shows, and the selected playlists...
Just because the govt is investigating the allegations, doesn't mean there will be any charges. They probably will come to the same conclusion we all have already: nothing to see here.
Dre is skilled at hiring people who are musicians, at producing their products, and at talking while that music is playing. But a musician himself? Really? What instrument does he play? What octave range does he sing?
Even better, IMO, would be using the form factor of the 5th gen Nano (the last click wheel one) with a 128GB or larger flash drive inside that.
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