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^^THIS^^.Right from the beginning, Apple Maps was vastly superior to Google for calculating routes that you'd actually take. I'm nowhere near California either, and around here, the Apple maps are much more accurate.
Everything I ever write is a lie, including this statement..
You're buying an offshore product either way. If Chinese made is pretty much my only option, I at least want those saving passed on to me.
Same here. No issues ever with third party dock connector cables. My $3 un-certified lightning connectors are rock solid too.
I'm more interested in that touch screen-scroll wheel combination device in the picture. I'd love an iPhone like that!
Single payer gives you significantly greater levels on. All. Five. Of. Those. Words.
Apple already had a great service that did essentially the same thing, and they killed it off. I like Dropbox, but I liked iDisk a lot more.
iFixit teardown in 3, 2, 1....
This will be the last time I pre-order from Apple. My LTE Mini is still listed as shipping "late November". I pre-ordered in the first 20 minutes too.
Isn't that nice of Apple to be looking into way to help its users miss more calls?
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