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So you don't actually know any real humans who use iOS devices then.
I wonder what the number of people who upgrades is who wish they could go back to iOS6? Outside of this forum, I don't know a single person who is even remotely happy with iOS7, and at least 90% of them would go back to iOS6 if Apple would allow it.
Absolutely. Many studies have shown that the people who pirate the most also buy the most content. They buy what they can get, and download what they can't.
You tube is making a much bigger difference than a lot of people think. My wife and daughter used to get me to buy them a lot of music that I'd otherwise never look into (different tastes), but they don't ask very much at all anymore because almost all of it is on Youtube for free. I know plenty of people who use Youtube as their primary audio source for their living room audio systems too. I was taken aback when I saw it, think the audio quality would be really bad. In a...
UFC launched a new network/service in January, hopefully we'll see that on Apple TV soon. I 'll pay for it.
Tiny Thief isn't really free either. When you finish a level, you have to pay to go to the next one.
I don't know what difficulties Nokia had specifically, but the app definitely does not function properly in iOS 7.
Don't stupid, the point is to reduce costs. People don't do it anymore because Apple is producing designed obsolescence. They used to, all the time, and it was quite inexpensive.
It does make a lot of sense. A couple hundred dollars for an incremental upgrade is a lot better than replacing the whole computer every couple of years.
Better for everyone, even if they don't choose to take advantage of it.
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