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Please, keep believing that, it's very lucrative for me.
You may not understand it, but not supplying your photos in CMYK is taking money out of your own pocket. If the publishers you use are of any quality, colour management actually matters to them, which means they need to be working in the proper profile for the press that the book is going to be printed on. The gamut in RGB is much wider than the gamut in CMYK, which means there will always be colour shifting, sometimes drastically so. The publisher (or its contracted...
That is absolutely true. Pixelmator is nowhere near ready for that. This thing is still a toy. Wake me up when they get CMYK support, then it'll at least be worth a real professional's time to try using it to see what it really can and can't do. It's still nice to seen them constantly improving the application to the point that people who never really needed the full power of Photoshop do have an affordable alternative.It makes me laugh when I read of people saying that...
At first, I honestly thought it sounded like a terrible idea for Apple to buy Beats. Now I've changed my mind. If Gene Munster doesn't like it, it must be a REALLY good acquisition.
35% is what I've read that Comixology was getting. Do you have different information?
Was Comixology losing money?
It will be very interesting to see if the drop in Comixology sales is more than the 30% they're trying to save. This is very similar to the manufacturer of a consumer product that used to be available at major retailers deciding to go with direct sales only. They always forget to factor in that the convenience of being in the major retailer was a larger factor in their success than the product itself.
Anyone who tells me that they don't know people who hate iOS7 is lying. I'm just trying to find out what exactly it is that he's lying about.
So you don't actually know any real humans who use iOS devices then.
I wonder what the number of people who upgrades is who wish they could go back to iOS6? Outside of this forum, I don't know a single person who is even remotely happy with iOS7, and at least 90% of them would go back to iOS6 if Apple would allow it.
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